The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - French, Bella, 1837-1894

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Also written as Bella French Swisher.

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Items with "French, Bella, 1837-1894" as Credited Author

Good News

The Hut on the Mountain

New York Weekly

After Ten Years
The Angels Loved Her Better
Colonel Bowie's Revenge
Decoration Day
The Doomed Husband
The Flight of Hope
God Reigns
The Golden Key
Good-By, Dear Love, Good-By!
A Historical Pig
The Hut on the Mountain
I Have a Little World at Home
I'm Always Sending Ships To Sea
In the Swamp
John and I
Legend of the San Marcos River
Like The Waves
Love for Hate
Love's Judgement-Day
A Night at the Pawnbroker's
The Old Year Died The Other Night
On The Train
"Only In Fun"
The Persecuted Mother. A Strange Adventure
The Saddest Thing in Life
Selling a Birthright
The Story of Mount Bonnell
A Texas Episode
A Texas Wag
Two Remarkable Dreams
The Wakefield Tragedy
What Are We? [Written after hearing a lecture on the Immensity of Space]