The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Crommelin, May

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Items with "Crommelin, May" as Credited Author

The Fate of Fenella (1 edition)
For the Sake of the Family (3 editions)
The Freaks of Lady Fortune (3 editions)
Goblin Gold (2 editions)
Her Faithful Knight (1 edition)
In the West Countrie (2 editions)
A Jewel of a Girl (1 edition)
Joe; or, The Light of Colde-Home Ford (1 edition)
Joy; or, The Light of Cold Home Ford (1 edition)
The Luck of a Lowland Laddie (1 edition)
Midge (1 edition)
Mr. and Mrs. Herries (2 editions)
Violet Vyvian (2 editions)