The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Clark, Charles Dunning, 1843-1892

Pseudonym: Hamilton, W. J., 1843-1892

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Items with "Clark, Charles Dunning, 1843-1892" as Author

The Banner Weekly

Captain Saul's Victory
The Coxswain's Pet
A Crazy Whale
A Floating Island
Forecastle Yarns
A Duel with Harpoons
A Hungry Tar
A Race for a Whale
A South Sea Island Welcome
Among the Cannibals
Bill Arden's Vengeance
On the Floe
The Cabin-Boy's Gratitude
The Death Ship
The Forecastle-man's Revenge
The High-Caste's Vengeance
The Island Sirens
The Kidnapper's Doom
The Mad Harpooner
The White Shark
Under the Upas
Handy Pat's Mistake
The Harpooner's Death
Harpooning a White Bear
In the Wilderness
The Krooman's Vengeance
The Loss of the Medora
A Race for Life
The Rival Harpooners
Saved By a Child
Taking a Scalp
Under the Glacier

Beadle's Dime Novels

124. Sumter's Scouts; or, The Riders of the Catawba. A Romance of the Revolution
138. Tim, the scout, or, Caught in his own toils
144. The Prairie Trappers; or, The Child of the Brigade
160. The Swamp Rifles. A Tale of the Revolution
177. The pale-face squaw, or, The last arrow
182. Jabez Hawk, the Yankee Spy. A Romance of Early Virginia
194. Graylock, the guide
228. The Mute Chief; or, The Witch of Cherry Valley. A Tale of Ninety Years Ago
242. Graybeard, the sorcerer, or, The recluse of Mont Royale

Beadle's New Dime Novels

2. The Dashing Dragoons; or, The Loyal Scouts
19. Tim, the scout, or, Caught in his own toils
140. Sumter's scouts, or, The riders of the Catawba
174. Graybeard, the sorcerer, or, The recluse of Mont Royale
196. Graylock, the Guide. A Romance of the Prairie
202. The pale-face squaw, or, The last arrow

The Saturday Journal

'Long Shore
A Noble Rival; or, The Chieftain's Sacrifice
Camp and Canoe; or, Life in the Canada Wilds
Captain Saul's Victory
The Castaway's Oath
The Chief's Pledge
The Coxswain's Pet
A Crazy Whale
The Crusader's Bride
The Death Struggle, A Legend of Hunter's Cove
The Diamond-Hunters; or, Adrift in Brazil
The Flyaway Afloat; or, Yankee Boys 'Round The World
Forecastle Yarns: A Duel On The Ice
Forecastle Yarns: A Hungry Tar
Forecastle Yarns: A Life For A Blow
Forecastle Yarns: A Race for a Whale
Forecastle Yarns: A South Sea Island Welcome
Forecastle Yarns: Bill Arden's Vengeance
Forecastle Yarns: Jim Bagley's Ghost
Forecastle Yarns: On the Floe
Forecastle Yarns: Running the Gantlet
Forecastle Yarns: The Cabin-Boy's Gratitude
Forecastle Yarns: The Death Ship
Forecastle Yarns: The Forecastle-Man's Revenge
Forecastle Yarns: The Harpooner's Death
Forecastle Yarns: The Harpooner's Prophecy
Forecastle Yarns: The High-Caste's Vengeance
Forecastle Yarns: The Infected Captain
Forecastle Yarns: The Island Sirens
Forecastle Yarns: The Kidnapper's Doom
Forecastle Yarns: The Mad Harpooner
Forecastle Yarns: The Mad Skipper
Forecastle Yarns: The Maid of the Lagune
Forecastle Yarns: The Mast-Head Tragedy
Forecastle Yarns: The White Shark
Forecastle Yarns: The Wrong Man
Forecastle Yarns: Under the Upas
Gilbert, the Guide; or, Lost in the Wilderness
The Hidden Treasure
In the Wilderness
The Indian Vendetta
The King's Dwarf
The Knight's Peril
The Krooman's Vengeance
The Lady of the Tower
The Lettre de Cachet
The Loss of the Medora
The Mad Lover
The Miner's Daughter
The Oath of the Tlascalan
The Old Sea Dog's Ward
The Peon's Message; or, The Sun-Child's Choice
The Price of a Blow
Recalled to Life: A Tale of Witchcraft
The Red Mafordi
Rod and Rifle
The Silent Witness
The Silver Belt
The Snow Hunters; or, Winter in the Woods
Tenting in the North Woods; or, The Chase of the Great White Stag
The Traitor Page
Trapped; or, The Baffled Royalist
Under the Glacier
The Vendetta
Walled Up
The White Outlaw; or, The Prairie Ambush
The Wrecker's Secret: A Tale of the Jersey Beach
Yankee Boys in Ceylon; or, The Cruise of the Flyaway
The Young Seal-Hunter; or, Adventures in the Arctic Regions

Saturday Night

Romance of Gold Bar