The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Howard, Capt. Charles

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Items with "Howard, Capt. Charles" as Author

The Banner Weekly

The Dead Traveler
The Lancer Colonel
The Lost Mine

Beadle's Dime Novels

315. Tiger-Heart, the Tracker; or, The Trapper of the Twin Cascades. A Romance of Indiana in 1811

Beadle's New Dime Novels

5. Old Crossfire, or, The trailers of the Everglades
40. The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
277. The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
280. The Elk-King; or, The Doom of the Twin Traitors
290. The wolf-queen, or, The giant hermit of the Sciota
294. The Mad Chief; or, The Skull Hunter
308. Merciless Matt, or, Red Thunderbolt's secret

Little Chief Library

48. The Boy Nimrods; or, The Tiger Killers of the Jungle

The Saturday Journal

$20,000 Reward, A Tale of the Crescent City
A Bold Game
A Brother's Blood; or, Luke Darrell's Vengeance
A Gallop for Life, An Adventure on the Plains
A Woman's Scheme, A Sketch of City Life
Adrift on a Raft
Alaska, the Cheyenne, A Story of Colorado
All for Gold
The Bank Clerk
The Bankrupt's Daughter; or, The Game That Did Not Win, An Episode of New York
Before the Wedding-day, A Story of Old New York
Bianca's Champion
The Black Spider, A Tale of the High Seas
Black-mailed; or, The Wife's Foe
The Boy-Witness
Brave Eulalie: A Story of To-Day
Claude Steele's Scheme: A Story of the Burned City
The Convict's Scheme
A Daring Deed
De Gama's Revenge
The Dead Traveler
The Death Shot; or, The Midnight Duel
The Demon of the Cliffs
The Dwarf's Warning, A Story of Ancient Mexico
Elroy Chase's "Man", A Story of Baltimore
The Fatal Cigar, A Story of a New Year's Eve
The Forged Letter; or, Not a Moment too Soon
Found Dead
Found on the Plains, A Hunter's Adventure
Ganelon's Rescue, A Sequel to "The Hunter's Peril"
The General's Ward
Hannibal's Oath
How He Won Her
Hung by Mistake
The Hunted Heroine; or, The Hawks of the Valley
The Hunter's Peril
Joel Canby's Hate, A Story of "Old Kaintuck"
The Lancer Colonel
The Lost Mine
The Loyal Dwarf, A Story of Cromwellian Days
Lucia, A Story of New Orleans
Maximilian's Spy
The Miner's Daughter, A Western Mystery
The Miser's Treasure, A Sketch of the War of 1812
My Rival's Revenge
Nethoto's Wooing
The Night-Hawks' Swoop
The Ninth's Major, A Story of India
Overheard; or, A Blow in the Dark
Owaisa's Warning
The Patriot's Daughter, A True Story of the Wataree
Paul Jones' Protégé, A Sea Story of 1778
The Pirate's Prize
Playing for a Legacy
Ranger's Revenge, A Story of Colonial Virginia
The Red-Skin's Request
The Regent's Rival, A Story of France
The Rigoletta's Engineer
The Rival Hunter; or, Starlight, The Shawanee Beauty
The Rover's Child
The Sailor's Daughters
The Senator's Crime, A Story of the Capital
Snowie, A Story of the Backwoods
The Spirit of the Forest; or, Clipping A Curl
The Step-Brothers, A Story of Colonial Times
The Toltec Prophetess
The Tragedian's Plot, A Story of New York
The Two Counts, A Story of Spain
Two Hundred Thousand, A Story of City Life
The Vailed Sorceress, A Tale of London
Walraven's Wooing; or, The Wages of Sin
What A Woman Did, A Story of San Francisco Life
Wicoochee the Seminoe, A Tale of Florida in '35
Wild Ned, The Boy Trapper; or, Lost in the Wilderness