The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Zuri, Colonel

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Items with "Zuri, Colonel" as Author

Cricket Library

15. The African Trail; or, The Young Nimrods of the Dark Continent

Gem Library

v. 1, no. 14. Giant Pete, the Trailer; or, Saved by a Miracle
v. 3, no. 10. Giant Pete, the Trailer; or, Saved by a Miracle

Little Chief Library

38. Delaware Dave; or, The Half-Breed Trailer
66. Old Hays, the Detective; or, The First Sleuth of New York
72. Andy, the Boy Miner
83. Doe, the Detective; or, Trapping Bogue Money Makers
91. Rough and Ready's Spy; or, Through the Mexican Lines
93. The Shadowed Detective; or, The Pawnbroker's Plot
103. Crooked Pete; or, The Specter of the Haunted Canyon
109. The Swamp Smugglers; or, A Runaway's Luck
125. Old Hays' Great Case; or, The Stolen Diamonds
135. Hawks, the Detective; or, The Mystery of a Suicide
147. Wildcat, the Bushwhacker

Union Library

18. Crazy Pete the Avenger; or, Under a Cloud