The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Erwin, Howard W.

Pseudonym For: Booth, O. H.; Chalmers, Stephen, 1880-1935; Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933; Foster, W. Bert (Walter Bertram), 1869-1929; Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924; Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904; Thorpe, William; Tozer, Alfred B.; Whitson, John Harvey, 1854-1936

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Items with "Erwin, Howard W." as Credited Author

Far West Library

80. Buffalo Bill and the Red Hand; or, The Mystery of Spook Canon
85. Buffalo Bill's outlaw hunt; or, The Terrors of Taos baffled
88. Buffalo Bill's bold play; or, Rounding up the Tiger of the Hills
90. Buffalo Bill's mystery man; or, The secret of Lost Lake
103. Buffalo Bill's Determination; or, A Pledge Redeemed
134. Buffalo Bill's clean sweep; or, Pawnee Bill rides the boundary
153. Buffalo Bill's Waif of the West; or, The Peril of Courage
156. Buffalo Bill and the Klan of Kau; or, Pawnee Bill and Old Porcupine
168. Buffalo Bill and the cattle thieves; or, The treachery of the rustlers
175. Buffalo Bill and Red Dove; or, The man without a heart
177. Buffalo Bill's Bravo Partner; or, The Art of Making Enemies
181. Buffalo Bill at close quarters; or, Run to earth
189. Buffalo Bill's yellow guardian; or, An enemy who was a friend
191. Buffalo Bill's best bet; or, A sure thing well done
195. Buffalo Bill in Harness; or, The Quest of the Golden Feather
199. Buffalo Bill's battle axe; or, When bullets failed
210. Buffalo Bill's war cry; or, When the foe lies low
211. Buffalo Bill and the lone camper; or, The meeting of the scouts