The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Meade, L. T., 1844-1914

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Items with "Meade, L. T., 1844-1914" as Credited Author

The Abbott Five Cent Novels

53. Frances Kane's Fortune

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

157. The Medicine Lady
161. Out of the Fashion

The Century Series

9. On the Brink of a Chasm: A Record of Plot and Passion

Eagle Library

218. A Life for a Love
442. Love Before Duty; or, Jill, a London Flower Girl

Electric Series

484. Frances Kane's Fortune

Fortnightly Series

8. Jill, the Flower Girl

Lovell's Household Library

79. Beforehand

Lovell's International Series

52. A Girl of the People
120. The Heart of Gold
139. The Honorable Miss
152. A Life for a Love

Lovell's Westminster Series

8. Frances Kane's Fortune

Mrs. L. T. Meade Series

1. A Girl in Ten Thousand
2. A Gay Charmer
3. The Daughter of a Soldier
4. Palace Beautiful
5. Jill, the Irresistible
6. Frances Kane's Fortune
7. Dr. Rumsey's Patient : A Very Strange Story
8. A Bunch of Cherries
9. A Wild Irish Girl
10. A Ring of Rubies
11. Wild Kitty
12. A Sweet Girl Graduate
13. The Honorable Miss : The Story of an Old-Fashioned Town
14. The Heart of Gold
15. Good Luck
16. A Girl of the People
17. Polly, A New-Fashioned Girl
18. Daddy's Girl
19. The Time of Roses
20. Girls of the True Blue
21. Their Little Mother
22. The Girls of St. Wodes
23. The Girls of Merton College
24. A Very Naughty Girl
25. A Girl of High Adventure
26. The Lady of Jerry Boy's Dreams : A Story for Girls
27. Rebels of the School
28. A Plucky Girl
29. A World of Girls : The Story of a School
30. Deb and the Duchess
31. Lady of the Forest
32. How it All Came Round

Neely's Classic Library

4. The Rebellion of Lil Carrington

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

A Life for a Love
302. David's Little Lad
450. Water Gypsies
1182. The Band of Three
1504. "Nobody's Neighbor"

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1295. A Girl of the People
1487. Frances Kane's Fortune
1572. How it All Came Round
1631. The Heart of Gold
1759. The Honorable Miss
1836. Beforehand
1865. A Life for a Love

Victor Series

7. A Soldier of Fortune