The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Rexford, Eben E. (Eben Eugene), 1848-1916

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Items with "Rexford, Eben E. (Eben Eugene), 1848-1916" as Credited Author

"I Wish I Knew!" (2 editions)
Above A Grave (3 editions)
Adrift (2 editions)
Almost Immortalized, A Story Told in the Year 1900 (2 editions)
Alone (1 edition)
An Answered Prayer (2 editions)
An Apple Blossom (2 editions)
An April Fool (2 editions)
An April Shower (2 editions)
As Potter's Clay (2 editions)
The Aspiring Pollywog (1 edition)
At Last (2 editions)
At Sunset (2 editions)
At The Judgement Day (2 editions)
Autumn (6 editions)
An Autumn Day (1 edition)
Autumn Song (3 editions)
The Awakening (3 editions)
Away From Home (1 edition)
Back From the Dead (2 editions)
The Beautiful Angel (2 editions)
Before The Throne (3 editions)
Better Than Gold (3 editions)
Beyond The Gates (1 edition)
Bird of Love (1 edition)
Blind (1 edition)
Blue Violets (1 edition)
A Book of Poems (6 editions)
By and By (2 editions)
By The Sea (3 editions)
Cad's Correspondent (1 edition)
A Camp-Meeting Conversion (2 editions)
The Carrier-Boy's Dinner (1 edition)
Child and Man (1 edition)
A Child Shall Lead Them (1 edition)
A Child's Work (2 editions)
Choosing Occupations (2 editions)
Christmas Carol (5 editions)
The City On The Hill (4 editions)
Climbing Up The Hill Together (1 edition)
Come Back To Me (1 edition)
Compound Interest (1 edition)
Consistency (1 edition)
Cradle Song (3 editions)
Dandy Jim (1 edition)
Dead (2 editions)
A Dead Hope (2 editions)
A Dead Man's Story (2 editions)
A Dead Poet (1 edition)
The Dead Poet (1 edition)
Deaf as a Post (1 edition)
The Dear Old Chimney Corner (1 edition)
The Deathless Flower (2 editions)
Deceived (3 editions)
Defeated (1 edition)
Do The Dead Hear? (3 editions)
"Doin' Their Dooty" (2 editions)
Dolly Doleful (1 edition)
Don't Be Sorrowful, Darling (1 edition)
Doomed (3 editions)
A Dream (1 edition)
Dream, my baby (1 edition)
Dreaming (3 editions)
Dreaming At Four-Score (1 edition)
Dreaming At Fourscore (1 edition)
Dreaming By the Sea (1 edition)
Dreaming of Angels (3 editions)
Dreams (1 edition)
Drifting (2 editions)
Drowned (1 edition)
The Earth Grows Old (2 editions)
Eldorado (7 editions)
The Evening of the Year (1 edition)
The Everlasting Arms (3 editions)
A Faded Flower (2 editions)
Fallen (2 editions)
Falling Leaves (3 editions)
False (3 editions)
False and True (3 editions)
Fame (1 edition)
A Fancy (1 edition)
The Fate of a Bachelor (3 editions)
Fireside Ballads: Waiting for the Chimes, A Holiday Idyl (2 editions)
The First Gray Hair (3 editions)
A Flash of Lightning (1 edition)
Flo's Letter (1 edition)
The Flower That Died (2 editions)
Footsteps of the Dead (4 editions)
Fordyce's Proposal (1 edition)
Forever And A Day (3 editions)
Forever Young (1 edition)
Forevermore (6 editions)
Freed (3 editions)
Friends In Heaven (3 editions)
The Friends of Long Ago (2 editions)
G. T. (1 edition)
Gathered Home To God (1 edition)
Getting the Start of Him (1 edition)
A Ghost at the Wedding (3 editions)
Going Away (1 edition)
Going Away To-Morrow (1 edition)
Going Home (3 editions)
The Golden Age (2 editions)
Gone Away (1 edition)
Good-By (3 editions)
Grandmother (2 editions)
A Happy Day (5 editions)
A Happy Heart (2 editions)
The Happy Islands (4 editions)
Haunted (6 editions)
The Haunted House (1 edition)
The Haunting Thought (1 edition)
Heart-Disease (2 editions)
The Hearth of Home (1 edition)
The Hearthstone of Home (1 edition)
Her Answer (3 editions)
Her Choice (1 edition)
Her Coming Home (2 editions)
Her Letter (1 edition)
Her Punishment (1 edition)
Her Reward (1 edition)
Here or There (1 edition)
The Hidden Harmony (1 edition)
The Hills Beyond The Bay (3 editions)
His Business Creed (1 edition)
His Coming Home (1 edition)
Home (3 editions)
Home And Heaven (1 edition)
Home-Coming (1 edition)
How Bob Got Even (2 editions)
How Bob Won His Wife, An Authentic Ghost-Story (1 edition)
How Christmas Came to the Poorhouse (1 edition)
How Death Won (1 edition)
How Far? (2 editions)
How He Went Home (1 edition)
How Old? (3 editions)
How She Caught the Burglar (2 editions)
How She Got the Start of Him (1 edition)
How She Went Home (1 edition)
How She Went Home, A Christmas Story (1 edition)
How the Train Was Saved, The Story of a Dark Night's Work (2 editions)
How The Years Go! (1 edition)
A Hundred Years of Glory (1 edition)
I Know Not When (2 editions)
"I Wish I Knew!" (2 editions)
If It Could Be! (2 editions)
In a Thousand Worlds (1 edition)
In Battle Armor (3 editions)
In Exile (2 editions)
In Faith (2 editions)
In Fall (1 edition)
In Heaven (1 edition)
In Junetime (1 edition)
In Memoriam (3 editions)
In October Days (1 edition)
In Search Of A Man, After Joaquin Miller (1 edition)
In Sleep (2 editions)
In Spite of Himself (1 edition)
In Spring (1 edition)
In Summertime (1 edition)
In the autumn twilight (1 edition)
In The City Of The Dead (2 editions)
In The Depths (4 editions)
In The Golden Prime Of May (1 edition)
In The King's Army (1 edition)
In The Twilight, To Those Unseen Friends of Mine (2 editions)
In Time to Come (4 editions)
In Vain (1 edition)
In Weariness (3 editions)
Into Rest (1 edition)
It Will All Come Right Again, Song (3 editions)
Jamie's Letter (1 edition)
Joe's "No" (1 edition)
Josiah's Serenade (2 editions)
A June Day (1 edition)
June Roses (3 editions)
Just in Time, A Woman's Adventure (1 edition)
The King (2 editions)
A Kiss For A Song (2 editions)
A Last Look (2 editions)
The Last Voyage (1 edition)
The Last Word (3 editions)
Lend A Helping Hand (1 edition)
The Lesson Of The Past (2 editions)
Life's Happiest Day (4 editions)
Light At Eventide (2 editions)
Linger Near Me, Darling (1 edition)
The Little Old Peddler of Dreams (1 edition)
A Little Romance (1 edition)
The Longest Way Round (1 edition)
The Loom of Life (5 editions)
A Lost Day (2 editions)
A Lost Soul (5 editions)
Lost! A Boy! (1 edition)
A Lotus-Dream (3 editions)
A Love Song (3 editions)
Love's Beacon (2 editions)
Love's Language (1 edition)
Love's Logic (2 editions)
A Love-affair (1 edition)
Love-letter (1 edition)
A Love-Letter (1 edition)
A Love-Song (3 editions)
The Lover and the Rose (1 edition)
A Lover's Dream Come True (1 edition)
Lullaby (3 editions)
Luriel, A Story of the Sunshine Islands (1 edition)
Madrigal (3 editions)
Magdalen (3 editions)
The Man in the Moon (1 edition)
Margaret's Promise (1 edition)
Master or Man? (2 editions)
Maudie's Prayer (3 editions)
Memories (5 editions)
A Memory of Spring (2 editions)
A Memory of Twilight (3 editions)
A Memory (1 edition)
Memory-Haunted (3 editions)
The Message (2 editions)
Millennial (1 edition)
The Minister's Wife (1 edition)
A Miracle (4 editions)
Miss Casilear's Poem (1 edition)
Miss Leighton's Pride, A Christmas Story (1 edition)
Miss Payne's Love Story (1 edition)
Miss Professor Jones (2 editions)
Miss Smith's Burglar (2 editions)
Miss Susan's "Chance" (1 edition)
Monody (1 edition)
A Mother's Loss (5 editions)
A Mother's Memory (1 edition)
Motherless (1 edition)
Mr. Bliss' Narrow Escape, A Warning to Young Men (1 edition)
Mrs. Brown's Ride (2 editions)
Mrs. Gregg's New Dress (1 edition)
Mrs. Jones' Elopement (2 editions)
The Mustering of the Dead (1 edition)
"My Affinity" (1 edition)
My Castle In The Air (6 editions)
My Comforter (3 editions)
My Darling (1 edition)
My dream-face (1 edition)
My Love (1 edition)
My Lover (1 edition)
My Loving Little Wife (2 editions)
My Song (2 editions)
My Unlucky Ride (2 editions)
My Wish (1 edition)
My Wooing (3 editions)
A Mystery (5 editions)
Nest-Building (1 edition)
Never again (1 edition)
Not Dead (2 editions)
Not Lost (3 editions)
A Notable Failure, A Story from Match-Making Mothers (1 edition)
Of Royal Birth (1 edition)
Oh, To Forget! (3 editions)
The Old Clock's Secret (2 editions)
An Old Man's Darling (1 edition)
The Old Man's Dream Hour (1 edition)
An Old Man's Memory (3 editions)
Old Songs (3 editions)
On the Hill (1 edition)
One Sunday Morning (4 editions)
Only A Pansy Blossom (3 editions)
Our Dead (1 edition)
Our Household Nest (1 edition)
Our Temperance Battle-Cry (1 edition)
Out of the Shadow (1 edition)
Parting (3 editions)
Peace (1 edition)
A Persecuted Man (3 editions)
Phebe (1 edition)
A Plaint (2 editions)
Poem, Written for the annual banquet of the Phoenix Society of Lawrence University (1 edition)
The Poet's Rest (1 edition)
The Poor Man's Sheaf (3 editions)
The Prescription (1 edition)
The Price of a Woman's Soul (1 edition)
The Quest (3 editions)
Questioning (3 editions)
Rather Embarrassing (2 editions)
Remembrance Flowers (3 editions)
Remembrance-Flowers (2 editions)
Resurgam! (2 editions)
Reunion Poem, Read at the Alumni Meeting of Students at Lawrence University, 1875 (1 edition)
A Rhyme of Spring (1 edition)
Rise and Act (1 edition)
A Romance (3 editions)
A Rose From Her Hair (3 editions)
Roses and Dreams (1 edition)
Ruth's Legacy (1 edition)
Safe Where The Angels Are (1 edition)
Sailing Out (1 edition)
The Sailor's Coming Home (3 editions)
Saying Good-Night (1 edition)
A Scholar for Life (2 editions)
A Scottish Fancy (3 editions)
Selim's Search: And What Discouraged Him (2 editions)
Serenade (1 edition)
Side By Side (2 editions)
The Sign (2 editions)
The Singer (3 editions)
Sleep Sweetly (2 editions)
A Slight Mistake (1 edition)
Slumber Song (3 editions)
So Near (3 editions)
Some Day (2 editions)
Some Time (1 edition)
Sometime! (1 edition)
A Song for May (1 edition)
A Song of June Time (1 edition)
Spring Song (1 edition)
A Squandered Day (1 edition)
The Squire's Wooing (1 edition)
Star Of My Soul (1 edition)
Star of My Soul, A Love Song (1 edition)
The Story of a Song (1 edition)
A Strange Dream, And What Came Of It (2 editions)
A Strange Story (1 edition)
Strangers and Pilgrims (3 editions)
Summer and Fall (1 edition)
A Summer Day (1 edition)
A Summer Flower (1 edition)
A Summer Memory (1 edition)
The Summer of the Heart (1 edition)
Summer Song (2 editions)
A Sunday Walk (1 edition)
Sunrise (1 edition)
The Swamp Secret (2 editions)
The Tale Of The Streets (1 edition)
Tempted, but True (1 edition)
That Summer (2 editions)
Their Wedding Trip (1 edition)
There Is One Balm (1 edition)
There, Yet Here (2 editions)
Time Forgive Me! (2 editions)
Timson's Masquerade (1 edition)
Tired (1 edition)
To A Child (5 editions)
To A Dead Friend (1 edition)
To One In Heaven (3 editions)
To One Unknown (3 editions)
To The Dead (2 editions)
To-Day and To-Morrow (1 edition)
Too Late! (1 edition)
A Treasury Romance (1 edition)
Treed by a Bear (2 editions)
The True Story of Brown (1 edition)
A True Woman's Love (1 edition)
Trysting Memories (1 edition)
Twenty Years (2 editions)
A Twilight Memory (1 edition)
The Two Cities (3 editions)
Two Kisses (2 editions)
The Two Paths (3 editions)
The Two Slumbers (1 edition)
Two Voices (3 editions)
Unanswered Love (1 edition)
Uncounted Blessings (1 edition)
Under the Snow (5 editions)
The Undiscovered Shores (3 editions)
The Unfailing Love (1 edition)
The Unfruitful Tree (1 edition)
"Unknown" (3 editions)
Unseen (2 editions)
The Unseen Guest (1 edition)
An Unwritten Poem (1 edition)
Unwritten Poems (1 edition)
A Victim of Curiosity (1 edition)
The Violet (1 edition)
A Vision (3 editions)
The Voice From The Dead (1 edition)
The Voice In The Pine Tree (2 editions)
The Voice of the Sea (3 editions)
Voices (2 editions)
Wait Till the Trouble Comes (2 editions)
Waiting (3 editions)
Waiting On The Threshold (1 edition)
Was It a Spirit? (1 edition)
Wasn't it too Bad? (1 edition)
We Have Them Yet (2 editions)
We'll All Be Home Together (4 editions)
Weber's Waltz (1 edition)
What Was It? (1 edition)
When And Where? (3 editions)
When Dreams Come True (1 edition)
When I Am Dead (5 editions)
When I Go Away (2 editions)
When I Would Die (2 editions)
When It Was Too Late (1 edition)
When Rest Comes (3 editions)
When The Cows Come Home (1 edition)
When We Meet (3 editions)
Where Will It Be? (2 editions)
While Life's Summer Days Go By (2 editions)
The White Seam (3 editions)
Who Will Care? (2 editions)
Why And How (1 edition)
A Wife's Story (1 edition)
Winter And Spring (1 edition)
With Her Baby On Her Breast (3 editions)
Without And Within (3 editions)
A Woman's Jealousy (1 edition)
A Woman's Questioning (2 editions)
A Woman's Romance (3 editions)
A Woman's Whim (1 edition)
A Woman's Work (3 editions)
Wooed (1 edition)
Wooing (1 edition)
The Wooing (5 editions)
The Word That Was Not To Late (2 editions)
The Word That Was Not Too Late (1 edition)
A Work of Grace (1 edition)
Work! (1 edition)
Would Ye Enter? (4 editions)
Wrecked (2 editions)
Yes! (1 edition)
A Youthful Fancy (2 editions)