The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Handsome Harry"

Pseudonym For: Burrage, E. Harcourt (Edwin Harcourt)

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Items with "Author of "Handsome Harry"" as Credited Author

Handsome Harry

1. Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere
2. Handsome Harry's Peril; or, Saved By His Trusty Crew
3. Handsome Harry's Chase; or, On the Track of the "Vulture"
4. Handsome Harry in Africa; or, A Land Hunt for His Foe
5. Handsome Harry and the Slaver; or, Adventures with Friends and Foes
6. Handsome Harry's Return to Spain; or, Again with Juanita
7. Handsome Harry in Russia; or, Out in the Wastes
8. Handsome Harry and the Secret Police; or, Plot and Counterplot
9. Handsome Harry's Return to the Belvedere; or, Ching-Ching and Sampson in Trouble
10. Handsome Harry Against His Own Country; or, Two to One
11. Handsome Harry Fighting the Pirates; or, The Mystery of the Cliff
12. Handsome Harry in a Trap; or, The Belvedere and the Spitfire
13. Handsome Harry Captured; or, The Wreckof the Belvedere
14. Handsome Harry in London; or, The Man of Mystery
15. Handsome Harry's Trial; or, The Treachery of the Don
16. Handsome Harry and the Missing Bride; or, The Search for Juanita