The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Howard, Adah M.

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Items with "Howard, Adah M." as Credited Author

All Star Series

81. The Child Wife

Clover Series

132. The Child Wife

Eagle Library

The Child Wife
Doubly Wronged
212. Doubly Wronged; and, The Child Wife
230. A Woman's Atonement, and A Mother's Mistake
343. Little Sunshine

Favorite Library

207. Doubly Wronged

Lovell's Household Library

157. A Woman's Atonement, and A Mother's Mistake
179. A Desperate Woman
180. A Haunted Life

Munro's Library (Pocket)

54. A Woman's Atonement
83. Irene Gray's Legacy
90. Sundered Hearts
107. Doubly Wronged
128. Uncle Ned's Cabin
131. A Blighted Home
132. The Child Wife
426. A Mother's Mistake
427. A Haunted Life
428. A Desperate Woman
429. Little Nana
430. By Mutual Consent
655. Little Sunshine

Munro's Twenty-Five Cent Edition

821. Little Sunshine