The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Harland, Henry, 1861-1905

Pseudonym: Luska, Sydney

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Items with "Harland, Henry, 1861-1905" as Credited Author

Arrow Library

165. Mademoiselle Miss

The Banner Weekly

Charley's Wife

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

62. The yoke of the Thorah
67. Grandison Mather, or, An account of the fortunes of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gardiner

Library of Popular Fiction

20. The Cardinal's Snuff-Box

Lovell's Illustrated Series

Mea Culpa

Perfection Series

8. Mea Culpa

Items with "Harland, Henry, 1861-1905" as Credited Translator

Lovell's Series of Foreign Literature

8. Fantasy