The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Sheldon, Lurana W.

Pseudonyms: Norris, Stanley; Shirley, Grace

First name often misspelled "Laurana."

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Items with "Sheldon, Lurana W." as Cited Author

Diamond Hand Books

7. Heart Talks With the Lovelorn

Diamond Handbook Series

2. Shirley's Lovers' Guide
3. Women's Secrets; or, How to Be Beautiful
12. Heart Talks With the Lovelorn

Do and Dare Weekly

21. Phil Rushington's Enemies; or, Saving His Reputation
22. Phil Rushington's Smash-up; or, A New Recruit for the Sawdust Ring
23. Phil Rushington's Trust; or, The Child Trapeze Wonder
28. Phil Rushington's Hoodoo; or, Something Wrong with the Show

My Queen

1. From Farm to Fortune; or, Only a Farmer's Daughter
2. Marion Marlowe's Courage; or, A Brave Girl's Struggle for Life and Honor
3. Marion Marlowe's True Heart; or, How a Daughter Forgave
4. Marion Marlowe's Noble Work; or, The Tragedy at the Hospital
5. Marion Marlowe Entrapped; or, The Victim of Professional Jealousy
6. Marion Marlowe's Peril; or, A Mystery Unveiled
7. Marion Marlowe's Money; or, Brave Work in the Slums
8. Marion Marlowe's Cleverness; or, Exposing a Bold Fraud
9. Marion Marlowe's Skill; or, A Week as a Private Detective
10. Marion Marlowe's Triumph; or, In Spite of Her Enemies
11. Marion Marlowe's Disappearance; or, Almost a Crime
12. Marion Marlowe in Society; or, A Race for a Title
13. Marion Marlowe's Christmas Eve; or, The Treachery of a Factory Inspector
14. Marion Marlowe's Escape; or, A Dangerous Mistake "On the Road"
15. Marion Marlowe in Buffalo; or, Betrayed by a Rival Company
16. Marion Marlowe in Cleveland; or, The Mystery of the Red Rose
17. Marion Marlowe in Columbus; or, Accused of a Crime
18. Marion Marlowe in Indianapolis; or, The Adventure of Dr. Brookes
19. Marion Marlowe in St. Louis; or, A Forger's Bold Deed
20. Marion Marlowe in Chicago; or, Trapped by a Lunatic
21. Marion Marlowe in St. Paul; or, The Company's Mascot in a Double Deal
22. Marion Marlowe in Omaha; or, Held Up by Accident
23. Marion Marlowe on the Prairie; or, A Thrilling Ride Across Kansas
24. Marion Marlowe in Washington; or, Meeting the President
25. Marion Marlowe in Salt Lake City; or, A Bad Deal in Mormon Land
26. Marion Marlowe in Denver; or, The Tragedy of Pike's Peak
27. A Wonderful Secret; or, Marion Marlowe's Discovery
28. An Interrupted Wedding; or, Marion Marlowe as Maid of Honor
29. A Lover's Quarrel; or, Marion Marlowe's Deceitful Friend
30. Under Lock and Key; or, Marion Marlowe's Last Role

Twentieth Century Hand Books

5. Heart Talks With the Lovelorn

Items with "Sheldon, Lurana W." as Credited Author

Alliance Library

19. For Gold or Soul?

Diamond Hand Books

1. Sheldon's Twentieth Century Letter Writer
2. Sheldon's Guide to Etiquette

Diamond Handbook Series

1. Sheldon's Letter Writer
4. Guide to Etiquette

Eagle Library

211. As We Forgive
264. For Gold or Soul?

Leisure-Time Series

14. Death to the Inquisitive

Love Story Library

45. For Gold or Soul?
51. As We Forgive

New York Weekly

As We Forgive
For Gold or Soul? A Story of a Great Department Store
The Girl from Montana; or, On Peril's Verge

Twentieth Century Hand Books

1. Sheldon's Letter Writer