The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904

Pseudonyms: Burr, Dangerfield, Major; Dunbar, Noel, Dr.; King, Tom W., 1843-1904; Lounsberry, Lionel; Perry, Harry Dennies, Lieutenant; Stoddard, Henry B., Major

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Items with "Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904" as Author

Adventure Series (Max Stein)

3. The Rival Cousins

The Aldine Tip-Top Tales

77. Wizard Will, the Wonder Worker

Beadle's Dime Library

104. Montezuma the Merciless; or, the Eagle and Serpent

Beadle's Dime Novels

286. The Masked Avenger, or, Death on the trail
290. Captain of Captains; or, The "Broom of the Seas." A Story of the Moorish Captives
298. The Hussar captain, or, The hermit of Hell-Gate
302. The Cuban Conspirators; or, The Island League. A Romance of Cuba and Cuban Waters
314. The Rival Lieutenants; or, The Twin Cruisers. A Tale of the Second War with Great Britain

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

450. Wizard Will, the Wonder-Worker; or, The Boy Ferret of New York. A Romance of Mysteries in Metropolitan Life.

Beadle's New Dime Novels

43. The masked spy, or, The wild rider of the hills
96. Captain of captains, or, The broom of the seas
116. The conspirators, or, The island league
282. Adrian, the pilot, or, The island wreckers
285. The masked spy, or, The wild rider of the hills

Buffalo Bill Stories

1. Buffalo Bill, the Border King. A Story of Daring Deeds
5. Buffalo Bill's Gold Guard; or, Fort Fetterman's Girl in Gray
6. Buffalo Bill's Avenging Trail; or, the Secret of a Grave
8. Buffalo Bill's Prairie Police; or, The Decoy of Death Desert
9. Buffalo Bill's Black Scouts; or, The Trail of the Outlaw Band of Devil's Den
10. Buffalo Bill's Bravos; or, Trailing Through the Land of Death
12. Buffalo Bill's Secret Mission; or, The Fair Hermit of Mystery Valley
13. Buffalo Bill's Boy Bravo Pard; or, On the Texan Terror's Trail
14. Buffalo Bill's Saddle Sharps; or, The Pledged Pards of the Pony Express
15. Buffalo Bill's Unknown Ally; or, The Brand of the Red Arrow
16. Buffalo Bill's Pards in Gray; or, On the Death Trails of the Wild West
17. Buffalo Bill's Death Deal; or, The Queen of Gold Canyon
18. Buffalo Bill at Graveyard Gap; or, The Doomed Drivers of the Overland
19. Buffalo Bill's Death Graple; or, Shadowed By Sure Shots
20. Buffalo Bill in the Nick of Time; or, The Lost Troopers
21. Buffalo Bill in the Valley of Doom; or, Crossing the Dead Line
22. Buffalo Bill's Race for Life; or, The Attack on the Wagon Train
23. Buffalo Bill on the Trail of the Renegades; or, The Masked Marauders
24. Buffalo Bill's Lone Hand; or, Fighting Bandits and Redskins
25. Buffalo Bill's Warning; or, Malo, the Mexican's Death Deal
26. Buffalo Bill and the Prairie Whirlwind; or, The Three Avengers
27. Buffalo Bill Entrapped; or, The Phantom of the Storm
28. Buffalo Bill in the Den of the Ranger Chief; or, One Chance in a Thousand
29. Buffalo Bill's Tussle with Iron Arm, the Renegade; or, Red Snake, the Pawnee Pard
30. Buffalo Bill on the Roost Trail; or, The Redskin Heiress
31. Buffalo Bill's Peril; or, Going It Alone in Dead Man's Gulch
32. Buffalo Bill in Massacre Valley; or, The Search for the Missing Ranger
33. Buffalo Bill in the Hidden Retreat; or, The Captives of Old Bear Claw
34. Buffalo Bill's Disappearance; or, The Strange Guide of the Rio Grande
35. Buffalo Bill's Mission; or, The Haunt of the Lone Medicine Man
36. Buffalo Bill and the Woman in Black; or, In League with the Toll-Takers
37. Buffalo Bill and the Huanted Ranch; or, The Disappearance of the Rachman's Daughter
38. Buffalo Bill and the Danite Kidnappers; or, The Green River Massacre
39. Buffalo Bill's Duel; or, Among the Mexcian Miners
40. Buffalo Bill and the Prairie Wolves; or, Hunting the Bandits of Boneyard Gulch
41. Buffalo Bill at Painted Rock; or, After the Human Buzzards
42. Buffalo Bill and the Boy Trailer; or, After the Kidnappers in Kansas
43. Buffalo Bill in Zigzag Canyon; or Fighting Red Hugh's Band
44. Buffalo Bill's Red Allies; or, Hand to Hand With the Devil Gang
45. Buffalo Bill in the Bad Lands; or, Trailing the Veiled Squaw
46. Buffalo Bill's Trail of the Ghost Dancers; or, The Sioux Chief's Secret
47. Buffalo Bill's Deadliest Deal; or, The Doomed Desperadoes of Satan's Mine
48. Buffalo Bill's Secret; or, The Trail of the Traitor
49. Buffalo Bill's Phantom Hunt; or, The Gold Guide of Colorado Canyon
50. Buffalo Bill's Brother in Buckskin; or, The Redskin Lariat Rangers
51. Buffalo Bill's Trail of the Man Tigers; or, The Doom of the Branded Hand
52. Buffalo Bill's Boy Pard; or, Training the Buckskin Boy
53. Buffalo Bill's Vow of Vengeance; or, The Scout's Boy Ally
54. Buffalo Bill and the Mad Hermit; or, Finding a Lost Trail
55. Buffalo Bill's Bonanza; or, The Clan of the Silver Circle
56. Buffalo Bill's Mascot; or, The Mystery of Death Valley
57. Buffalo Bill and the Surgeon Scout; or, The Brave Dumb Messsenger
58. Buffalo Bill's Mysterious Trail; or, Tracking a Hidden Foe
59. Buffalo Bill and the Masked Hussar; or, Fighting the Prairie Pirates
60. Buffalo Bill's Blind; or, Running the Death Gauntlet
61. Buffalo Bill and the Masked Driver; or, The Fatal Run Through Death Canyon
62. Buffalo Bill's Still Hunt; or, Fighting the Robber of the Ranges
63. Buffalo Bill and the Red Riders; or, The Mad Driver of the Overland
64. Buffalo Bill's Death Shot Pard; or, The Will-o'-the-Wisp of the Trails
65. Buffalo Bill's Run-Down; or, The Red-Hand Renegade's Death
66. Buffalo Bill's Red Trail; or, A Race for Ransom
67. Buffalo Bill's Best Bower; or, Calling the Turn on Death Notch Dick
68. Buffalo Bill and the Gold Ghouls; or, Defying Death at Elephant Rock
69. Buffalo Bill's Spy Shadower; or, The Hermit of Grand Canyon
70. Buffalo Bill's Secret Camp; or, Trailing the Cloven Hoofs
71. Buffalo Bill's Sweepstake; or, Hunting the Paradise Gold Mine
72. Buffalo Bill and the Black Heart Desperado; or, The Wipe-Out at Last Chance
73. Buffalo Bill's Death Charm; or, The Lady in Velvet
74. Buffalo Bill's Desperate Strategy; or, The Mystery of the Cliff
75. Buffalo Bill and the Black Mask; or, The Raffle of Death
76. Buffalo Bill's Road-Agent Round-Up; or, Panther Pete's Revenge
77. Buffalo Bill and the Renegade Queen; or, Deadly Hand's Strange Duel
78. Buffalo Bill's Buckskin Band; or, Forcing the Redskins to the Wall
79. Buffalo Bill's Decoy Boys; or, The Death Rivals of the Big Horn
80. Buffalo Bill's Sure-Shots; or, Buck Dawson's Big Draw
81. Buffalo Bill's Texan Team; or, The Dog Detective
82. Buffalo Bill's Water Trail; or, Foiling the Mexcian Bandits
83. Buffalo Bill's Hard Night's Work; or, Captain Coolhand's Kidnapping Plot
84. Buffalo Bill and the Scout Miner; or, The Mounted Sharps of the Overland
85. Buffalo Bill's Single-Handed Game; or, Nipping Outlawry in the Bud
86. Buffalo Bill and the Lost Miners; or, Hemmed in by Redskins
87. Buffalo Bill's Tenderfoot Pards; or, The Boys in Black
88. Buffalo Bill and the Man in Blue; or, The Volunteer Vigilantes of Silver Thread City
89. Buffalo Bill and the Outcast of Yellow Dust City; or, Fighting for Life in the Blizzard
90. Buffalo Bill's Crippled Crew; or, Sunflower Sam of Shasta
91. Buffalo Bill and the Boy Scout; or, The Tenderfoot Tramper of the Overland
92. Buffalo Bill's Young Double; or, A Yankee Boy in the Wild West
93. Buffalo Bill and the Silent Slayers; or, The Arizona Crack Shot
96. Buffalo Bill and the Black Mustang; or, Dick Dearborn's Death Ride
97. Buffalo Bill's Tough Tussle; or, The Mystery of the Renegade Hermit
98. Buffalo Bill's Rush Ride; or, Sure-Shot, the High Flyer
99. Buffalo Bill and the Phantom Soldier; or, Little Sure-Shot's Lone Trail
103. Buffalo Bill's Pony Patrol; or, The Mysterious Boy of the Overland
104. Buffalo Bill in Disguise; or, The Boy Boomer at Danger Divide
108. Buffalo Bill's Drop; or, Dead Shot Ned, the Kansas Kid
109. Buffalo Bill's Lasso Throwers; or, Shadow Sam's Short Stop
110. Buffalo Bill's Relentless Trail; or, The Unknown Slayer of the Black Cavalry
111. Buffalo Bill and Silent Sam; or, The Woman of the Iron Hand
112. Buffalo Bill's Raid on the Midnighters; or, Following a Spectre Guide
113. Buffalo Bill at Beacon Rock; or, Drawing Lots with Death
114. Buffalo Bill and the Wolves of Mexico; or, Butterfly Billy, the Pony Detective
115. Buffalo Bill and the White Buffalo; or, The Black Horse Rider
116. Buffalo Bill and the Prairie Hercules; or, The Spectre Soldier of the Overland
119. Buffalo Bill's Grim Guard; or, The Chinaman in Buckskin
120. Buffalo Bill's Discovery; or, The Mystery of the Gold Treasure

The Chicago Ledger

The Fatal Trail
Links of Love and Gold; or, The Grey-Osmond Duel
The Red Machete
A Tell-Tale Scar
The Veiled Unknown; or, The Kidnaped Millionaire
The Wizard of the Waves; Or, The Black Flag Privateer

Keystone Library

362. Twixt Love and Duty
363. The Rival Cousins

Little Chief Library

55. The Eagle of the Sea; or, Prince of the Desert

New Buffalo Bill Weekly

1. Buffalo Bill's blind lead, or, Pawnee Bill and the Prairie Pirates

O'er Land & Sea Library

38. Montezuma the Merciless; or, the Eagle and Serpent