The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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S., N. L.
Gray, Lillian
Lucas, Frank
Max, August
Towne, H. L.
Harrison, W. H.
Kennedy, A. E., Mrs.
Dickinson, Mary Lowe, 1839-1914
Howie, Hellen Morrison
Franklin, Sidney
Hale, J. H.
Sanford, Amelia
Meyers, Robert C. V. (Robert Cornelius V.), 1858-1915
Tees, Levin C.
Noble, Mary Ella
Boker, George H. (George Henry), 1823-1890
P., F.
Eastman, Sophie E.
Taylor, Atlanta Harlan
G., M. C.
Stearns, F. A.
Ford, Bert
Martine, Mary
Buckler, Laura M.
Morris, Ramsay
O., M. D.
D., M.
Q., E. J.
P., J. C.
Bassett, L. A., Mrs.
Foster, Charles W.
Ashland, F. P.
Vivienne, St.
D., M. E.
Seaton, Henry
Fontaine, Francis
Temple, John G.
Barnard, S. J.
Osgood, Azalea E.
French, Charles D.
Tomfret, John
S., E. S.
Poulsson, Emilie, 1853-1939
Booth, O. H.
Clarke, Alex.
Shoemaker, J. W., Mrs., 1838-1915
Shoemaker, J. W. (Jacob W.), 1842-1880

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