The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Bechtle, Harry P.
Money, R. C., Major General
"Maguire and Smith"
Atkins, Edward
Eccleston, John A.
French, L. Virginia (Lucy Virginia), 1825-1881
Lermina, Jules, 1839-1915
Smucker, Samuel M. (Samuel Mosheim), 1823-1863
Manly, John James
"Dutch Mendels"
Lewis, Arthur
Bryant, John L.
Taine, Hippolyte, 1828-1893
North, Christopher
Wilson, John, 1785-1854
Hamburger, Dave J.
Manly, John J.
K., G. M., Jr.
Atkins, Edwin
Johnson, Julien
Presbrey, A. S.
"Foster and Dudley"
"Master Eddy"
Lewis, Frank
"Sparks Brothers"
McClernan, Thomas
Leland, Lester
Cavendish, 1831-1899
Daly, Daniel J.
Sohwenseck, Jos.
Mark, Chas. W.
Fyfe, William
Bloch, Isidore
Murphy, James M.
Kramer, John M.
La Pierre, J. E.
Byer, J. W.
Johnson, Julian E.
Nichols, James R. (James Robinson), 1819-1888
Hake, A. Egmont (Alfred Egmont)
Harrison, John, 1851-
W., W. H.
Author of "The Fight at Dame Europa's School"
Pullen, H. W. (Henry William), 1836-1903
Daughter and Wife, A Consul's
Yorke, Stephen
Foley, Mike
Curran, W. E.
Mace, James H.
Author of "Starboard Jack"

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