The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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"A Parson's Daughter"
"B" and "R"
"Baltimore Drummer"
"Celebrated Authoress"
"Clyde St. Claire"
"Coon Carter"
"Crape Myrtle"
"Daisy Dean”
"Eagle Eye"
"Fat Contributor"
"Good Scholar"
"Jack Harkaway"
"Kid Klyde"
"News" Man, the
"Special Officer 13"
"Texas Jack"
"Texas Joe"
"Th' Poet O' Ante-bar"
"The Amateur"
"The Attorney"
"The Country Cousin"
"The Editor"
"The Mustang Hunter"
"The Old Man's" Friend
"The Poet of Klickitat"
"The Reporter"
"The School-boy"
"The Truant Boy"
"The Yonkers Bard"
"The Young Man"
"Traveled Lectoorer"
"Veta Vernon"
"Waters," the Celebrated Detective

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(Buck) Lamb, Ruth, 1829-1916

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150 Women

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A "Legitimate" Actor
A Barcarole
à Becket, John J.
À Beckett, Arthur William, 1844-1909
A British Mother
A Detective
A Foreign Resident
A Foreign Resident
A Fresh Water Tar
A Government Ex-Scout
A Greenley Colonist
A Greer County Ranchman
A Gypsy Queen
A Headquarters Detective
A Kansas Cowboy
A Local Preacher
A Long Island Examiner
A Lumberman
A Maine Teacher
A Man Who Knows Him
A Member of "The Review" Club
A Miserable Wretch
A New York Reporter
A parson's daughter
A Philosopher
A Plainsman
A Poe-t
A poet
A Private Soldier
A Providence Amateur
A St. Louis Reporter
A Station-Agent
A Sufferer
A Teacher
A Victoria Settler
A Young Insurgent
A., C. A.
A., C. B.
A., D. D.
A., D. J.
A., E. L.
A., G. W.
A., H. E.
A., H. S.
A., J. H.
A., J. L.
A., J. S.
A., M. C.
A., N. S.
A., R.
A., R. U.
A., S.
A., S. S.
A., T.
A., W.
A., W. F.
A., W. R.
A., William
A. L. O. E., 1821-1893
A. W. Bellaw's Old Man
A.J. W.
Aaron, William (Willie) F.
Abarbanell, Jacob (Jacob Ralph), 1852-1922
Abbott, Edgar Wade
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877
Abbott, W. Scott
Abbott, Wenonah S.
Abernathy, Geo. N.
Abernethy, Arthur Talmage, 1872-1956
Abney, W. de W., Capt.
Abney, William de Wiveleslie, Sir, 1843-1920
Abott, Abott A.
About, Edmond, 1828-1885
Abrams, Corinne
Absinthe, Pere
Achard, Amédée, 1814-1875
Achmed, Abdullah 1881-1945
Adair, Ed. N.
Adair, Harry S.
Adam, G. Mercer (Graeme Mercer), 1830-1912
Adams Rev., Dr.
Adams, Bruin, 1840-1916
Adams, Charles Follen,1842-1918
Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886
Adams, Charles Josiah, 1850-
Adams, Chas. T.
Adams, E. E. (Ezra Eastman), Rev., 1813-1871
Adams, F. Colburn (Francis Colburn)
Adams, I. G.
Adams, Ida
Adams, J. F. C., Captain
Adams, James A.
Adams, James M.
Adams, Jean
Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848
Adams, John S. (John Stowell), -1893
Adams, M. J.
Adams, Martin
Adams, Reginald B.
Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803
Adams, Sarah Flower, 1805-1848
Adams, Tony
Adams, William
Adams, William
Adams, William F., 1838-1896
Adams, William T. (William Taylor), 1822-1897
Addison, G. P.
Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719
Ade, George, 1866-1944
Adee, David Graham, 1837-1901
Adeler, Max
Adkins, Thomas Percy
Adler, Harry
Adler, Max
Adsit, Byron D.
After Hood
Agee, George W.
Aguilar, Grace
Ah-Look, Commodore
Aide, Hamilton
Aiken, Albert W., 1846-1894
Aiken, George L., 1830-1876
Aikin, Arthur
Aimard, Gustave, 1818-1883
Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882
Air, Hungarian
Akers, Hi
Akerstrom, Ullie R.
Alarcón, Pedro Antonio de, 1833-1891
Albany, George
Albert, F.
Albert, Fred, 1844-1886
Alcalew, Maj. G. W.
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888
Alden, Ellen Tracy
Alden, Isabella Macdonald, 1841-1930
Alden, J. B.
Alden, Muriel
Alder, Will
Aldor, Hope
Aldrich, Anne Reeve, 1866-1892
Aldrich, Jennie M.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907
Alexander, Mrs., 1825-1902
Alexander, Douglas
Alexander, Mrs. Eliza
Alexander, R. E.
Alexander, Sigmund Bowman
Alger, Horatio, Jr., 1832-1899
Alice, Maud
Alien, 1856-1926
Allandale, Edith
Allanson, Edward G.
Allardyce, Alexander, 1846-1896
Allbee, Geneva E.
Allen, Charles P.
Allen, E. C., Maj.
Allen, Elizabeth Akers, 1832-1911
Allen, F. Lee
Allen, F. M., 1856-1937
Allen, Grant, 1848-1899
Allen, Hugh, of the New York Press
Allen, Ida Reade
Allen, James Lane, 1849-1925
Allen, John, active 1873-1891
Allen, Lavilla E.
Allen, Luman
Allen, Mary J.
Allen, Maud
Allen, Maude Muller
Allen, Richard
Allerton, G. A.
Alliger, L. G.
Allingham, H. J.
Allingham, William, 1824-1889
Allison, Philip M.
Allspice, Zekel
Allyn, Jack
Almores, Senor Juan y
Alpen, Blanche
Ames, Allan P.
Ames, C. C.
Ames, Fisher, 1758-1808
Ames, Frances
Ames, Mary Clemmer, 1839-1884
An Active Detective
An Agricultural Editor
An Amateur
An Army Officer's Daughter
An End Man
An Ex-Army Officer
An Ex-Army Scout
An Ex-Detective
An Ex-Operator
An Ex-Ranchman
An Ex-Settler
An Ex-Sheriff
An Oberlin Teacher
An Old Army Scout
An Old Contributor
An Old Coon-Hunter
An Old Engineer
An Old Teacher
An Old-School Man
An Operator
An Up-To-Date Detective
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875
Anderson, A., active 1894-1902
Anderson, Anthony E.
Anderson, Aristine
Anderson, Lindsay, approximately 1841-1895
Anderson, Maj. J.
Anderson, May M.
Anderson, P. Aug.
Anderton, E.
Andreae, Percy, 1858-
Andrews, Carl
Andrews, John C.
Andrews, William R.
Angell, Helen J.
Anstey, F., 1856-1934
Anthony, Eliza Edmonds
Anthony, Wilder
Antrobus, John, 1831-1907
Apostle's Wife, An
Applegate, George
Applegate, William W.
Appleton, G. Webb (George Webb), 1845-1909
Appleton, Horace
Appleton, Robert
Appleton, Victor
Arbuthnot, John, 1667-1735
Archer, A. A., 1899-1986
Archer, E. M.
Archer, Edward W.
Archer, Thomas, 1830-1893
Archibald, Amelia
Archibald, George, Mrs.
Ardmore, Victor
Ardor, Hope
Arey, H. E. G. (Harriett Ellen Grannis), 1819-
Arias, Ramiriz
Arizona Cy
Arkansas Dick
Arkell, William J.
Arlington, Barry
Armagnac, A. L.
Armstrong, Alexander
Armstrong, Frank P., Captain, 1846-1894
Armstrong, Le Roy, 1854-1927
Armstrong, Miriam, 1918-
Armstrong, Paul
Armstrong, William
Arnaud, Etienne, 1807-1863
Arnett, William W. (William Washington), 1823-1892
Arnfeldt, B. T.
Arnold, Allan
Arnold, Birch
Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904
Arnold, Edwin Lester, 1857-1935
Arnold, George
Arnold, Thomas, 1823-1900
Arrowpoint, Millicent
Arthur, Cecil
Arthur, Rosalie
Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885
Arthur, Timothy Shay, 1809-1885
Arthur, W. F.
Ascham, Roger, 1515-1568
Ashburton, Sarah Frances
Ashby, Hon. Evelyn
Ashland, Aria
Ashleigh, Rose
Ashley, C. B., Capt.
Ashley, John
Ashmore, Annie
Ashmun, S. H., Mrs.
Ashton, L.
Ashton, Warren T., 1822-1897
Ashwood, Clarence
Askham, John, 1825-1894
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin
Atherton, Kate
Atkins, Hannah
Atkinson, Blanche
Atkinson, H.H.S.
Atkinson, Lieut. W. H.
Atkinson, T. G.
Atkinson, W. H. S.
Atkinson, Walter E.
Atlanta Constitution
Aubert de Gaspé, Philippe, 1786-1871
Aubyn, Edward Fitz
Aubyn, St.
Audley, Allena
Aue, Gustav
Auerbach, Berthold
Auerbach, Berthold, 1812-1882
Augusta, Clara
Aunt Alice
Aunt Dorothy
Aunt Hatty
Aunt Mary, 1869-1953
Aunt Mary
Aunt Metta
Aunty Victoria
Auringer, O. C.
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817
Austin, Alfred, 1835-1913
Austin, Henry
Austin, Howard
Austin, James
Austin, Jane G. (Jane Goodwin), 1831-1894
Author of "A Brutal Saxon"
Author of "A Fatal Dower"
Author of "A Great Mistake"
Author of "A Railway Detective"
Author of "A Woman of Wax"
Author of "Ada, the Betrayed"
Author of "Addie's Husband"
Author of "Addie's Husband"
Author of "All for Him," "For Each Other"
Author of "Alone in the World"
Author of "Alphabetical Menagerie"
Author of "An Agreeable Profession," "How Uncle Josh, etc.," "The Society of the Delectables," "Dingbats," etc., etc.
Author of "Andy Luttrell"
Author of "As Common Mortals"
Author of "Aunt Polly," "California Uncle," "Mrs. Jonas Jones," etc., etc.
Author of "Battling for Life"
Author of "Before Petersburg"
Author of "Belle's Letters"
Author of "Betsy and I are Out"
Author of "Blessed Are the Peacemakers"
Author of "Blunders of a Bashful Man"
Author of "Buffalo Bill"
Author of "Cecil Carlisle," etc.
Author of "Charles Auchester"
Author of "Child of Song"
Author of "Clifton"
Author of "Denver Dan and His Mystic Band"
Author of "Diamond Dick"
Author of "Donald Dyke, the Yankee Detective"
Author of "Dora Thorne"
Author of "Dr. Edith Romney"
Author of "Ella, the Outcast"
Author of "Finished or Not"
Author of "For Mother's Sake"
Author of "Frank Merriwell"
Author of "Gentleman George"
Author of "Gentleman Joe"
Author of "Great Crimes and Criminals of America"
Author of "Guilty Without a Crime"
Author of "Hal Larkin"
Author of "Handsome Harry"
Author of "Harp of a Thousand Strings"
Author of "He"
Author of "Hester's Happy Summer"
Author of "His Wedded Wife"
Author of "His Wedded Wife"
Author of "Inhuman Monster," "Exorcising an Evil Spirit," etc.
Author of "Jack Harkaway's Schooldays"
Author of "Jessie"
Author of "Judith Wayne"
Author of "Juror no. 12"
Author of "Kit Carson's Last Raid"
Author of "Left Her Home"
Author of "Life of Boone," "Kit Carson," etc.
Author of "Lover and Lord"
Author of "Madge Wylde"
Author of "Mary Stuart"
Author of "Merle, the Mutineer"
Author of "Miss Slimmen's" papers
Author of "Miss Slimmens," "The Rasher Family," etc., etc.
Author of "Mrs. Podberry"
Author of "My Ducats and My Daughter"
Author of "My Second Self"
Author of "Nat Woods"
Author of "Nell"
Author of "Never Say Die"
Author of "Nick Carter"
Author of "No References," etc.
Author of "Now Then"
Author of "Old Broadbrim"
Author of "Old Cap. Collier"
Author of "Old Rafferty"
Author of "Old Spicer"
Author of "Patsey O'Dowd's Campaign,"
Author of "Pepe, the Scout"
Author of "Pique"
Author of "Prince of Detectives"
Author of "Quadroona"
Author of "Red Hatchet, The Crow Chief", "The Flying Falcon"
Author of "Seth Jones"
Author of "Shorty in Luck"
Author of "The Boy Miners"
Author of "The Bride of an Actor"
Author of "The Crack of Doom"
Author of "The Demon Hunter"
Author of "The Foiled Robbers"
Author of "The Garden of Eden"
Author of "The Gold-Guide"
Author of "The Heavenly Twins"
Author of "The Hero of Fort Dearborn"
Author of "The House with an L"
Author of "The King Discrowned" and "The Fairies' Prisoner"
Author of "The May queen," "Meeting of the muses," "The mission of the spirits," etc., etc.
Author of "The New Commandment"
Author of "The Ocean Queen"
Author of "The Old Dutch Blunderbuss," "The Secret Shot"
Author of "The Original Mr. Jacobs"
Author of "The Pirate Steed"
Author of "The Sailor Crusoe"
Author of "The Silver Bugle"
Author of "The Tallow family in America," "Miss Slimmens' window," etc.
Author of "The Wrecker's Victim"
Author of "What's His Offence"
Author of "Wit against wife," "Polly Ann," "The wrong man," etc. etc.
Author of "Yensie Walton"
Author of "Young Broadbrim"
Author of "Young Glory"
Author of "Young Putnam"
Author of "Young Sleuth"
Author of Almoni
Author of Almoni, Rosaline, Imogene Montague, The Night Watch
Author of Buffalo Jack, Trapper, Balck Bill
Author of Dr. Jack
Author of Frank Bolton's Chase
Author of G. Livingston
Author of Grim Dick
Author of Half a Truth
Author of Helen's Babies
Author of Jane Shore
Author of Leah the Forsaken
Author of Long-Legged Joe, Imps of the Prairie, Rattlesnake Dick, Squint-Eyed Bob
Author of Long-Legged Joe, Rattlesnake Dick, The Imps O' the Prairie
Author of Long-Legged Joe, Rattlesnake Dick, The Imps O' the Prairie, Joe, The Sarpint
Author of Long-Legged Joe, Rattlesnake Dick, The Imps of the Prairie, Joe, the Sarpint, Heavy Hatchet, the Bold Scout
Author of Long-Legged Joe, Squint-Eyed Bob, Rattlesnake Dick
Author of Long-Legged Joe, The Imps of the Prarie, Rattlesnake Dick, Squint-Eyed Bob, Heavy Hatchet, the Bold Scout
Author of Mad Mike
Author of Mad Mike, Mexican Joe, The Scout of the Rio Grande
Author of Philip Meyer's Scheme
Author of Silent Tom
Author of Squint-Eyed Bob, Heavy Hatchet, Eagle-Eyed Zeke, Rattlesnake Dick
Author of Squint-Eyed Bob, Heavy Hatchet, Prairie Jake, Eagle-Eyed Zeke
Author of the "Claude Duval" series, the "Jonathan Wild" series, and the "Nightshade" series
Author of the Elsie Books
Author of The Tory Outwitted, Zeke Sternum, the Lion-Hearted Scout
Author of Zeke Sternum
Author of Zeke Sternum, The Tory Outwitted, The Robber's Terror
Authors of "Napoleon Smith"
Averill, Charles E.
Avery, Albert E.
Avery, Delia
Avery, E. L.
Avery, Henry M.
Axford, M. B.
Axman, Dick
Axtell, Ajax
Ayers, Nelson
Aylmer, Mrs.
Ayres, Ruby M. (Ruby Mildred), 1883-1955
Aytoun, William Edmondstoune, 1813-1865

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B., A.
B., A. G.
B., A. H.
B., A. L.
B., A. M., Lt.
B., A. W.
B., Annie
B., B.
B., C.
B., D. K.
B., E. E.
B., E. N.
B., F.
B., F. F.
B., F. L.
B., G. M.
B., G. W.
B., J. D.
B., J. F.
B., J. P.
B., L. E.
B., L. F.
B., L. L.
B., M. E.
B., M. N.
B., Nellie
B., P.
B., R. J.
B., R. M.
B., S. M.
B., S. P.
B., T.
B., T. A.
B., V., Mrs.
B., W. C.
B., W. S.
Babcock, William Henry, 1849-1922
Bache, René, 1861-1933
Bachelor Ben
Bacon, Edgard M. (Edgar Mayhew), 1855-1935
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626
Baden, Frances Henshaw, -1911
Badger, Jos. E. (Joseph Edward), 1848-1909
Baer, Lucy A., Mrs.
Bahmer, William J., 1872-
Bailey, Alice Ward, 1857-1922
Bailey, Charles Starr, Rev.
Bailey, F. W. N.
Bailey, John H.
Baillie-Grohman, William A. (William Adolph), 1851-1921
Bain, F. W. (Francis William), 1863-1940
Bain, R. Nisbet (Robert Nisbet), 1854-1909
Bain, Waterford
Bainbridge, Bryant
Baines, M. W., Mrs.
Baird, Chester F.
Baird, Edwin, 1886-1957
Baird, Walter
Baker, Annie E.
Baker, C. W.
Baker, Col.
Baker, Colgate
Baker, Edwin
Baker, Emerson
Baker, Henry
Baker, Lyttelton L.
Baker, Robert Melville, 1868-1929
Baker, Samuel White, Sir, 1821-1893
Baker, Stacey E.
Baker, W. M.
Balch, E. D.
Baldwin, Anna Belle
Baldwin, Captain
Baldwin, Dwight
Baldwin, Harold
Baldwin, M. W.
Balestier, Charles Wolcott, 1861-1891
Balfour, Frederic Henry
Balfour, Jabez
Ball, B. W.
Ball, Robert S. (Robert Stawell), 1840-1913
Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894
Ballard, C. M.
Ballard, Frank Scott
Ballard, Harlan Hoge, 1853-1934
Ballin, Hugo, 1879-1956
Balling, Robert
Ballou, Clara E.
Ballou, Maturin M. (Maturin Murray), 1820-1895
Ballou, Washington
Ballou, William Hosea, 1857-1937
Balmer, William J.
Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850
Bamford, Mary E. (Mary Ellen)
Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse, 1840-1914
Bangs, John Kendrick, 1862-1922
Bangs, Robert J.
Banker, Jackson
Banks, A. F.
Banks, Charles Eugene,1852-1932
Banks, Edward
Banks, Nancy
Bannister, Chas.
Barber, Joseph
Barber, Samuel
Barbour, Ralph Henry, 1870-1944
Barclay, Bud
Barclay, Hayes
Barham, R. H. Dalton (Richard Harris Dalton), 1815-1886
Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine), 1834-1924
Barker, Colin
Barker, David
Barlow, George, 1847-1913 or 1914
Barlow, Lizzie J.
Barmby, Goodwyn, 1820-1881
Barnard, Charles
Barnard, Edward W.
Barnard, Hart
Barnard, L. K.
Barnes, Almont
Barnes, Anna Maria, 1857-
Barnes, Elliott, -1886
Barnes, G. H.
Barnes, Horace
Barnes, J.
Barnes, Police Inspector
Barnes, William
Barnes, Willis, 1843-
Barnett, Evelyn Snead
Barney, H. E.
Barnum, P. T.
Barr, Amelia E., 1831-1919
Barr, E. V.
Barr, Lillie E.
Barr, Luther, Capt.
Barr, Mary A.
Barr, Robert, 1849-1912
Barrett, Frank, 1848-1926
Barrett, John E.
Barrett, Magdalen
Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937
Barrington, F. Clinton
Barrington, Florry J.
Barrington, Jerry
Barritt, Frances Fuller, Mrs., 1826-1902
Barron, William P.
Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677
Barrow-North, H.
Barrows, W. (William), 1815-1891
Barry, Davis
Barry, J. J., Lieut.
Barry, James Matthew
Barry, John D. (John Daniel), 1866-1942
Barry, Josephine E.
Barry, M. J.
Bartholomae, Philip
Bartholomew, Grace R.
Bartlet, Charles, Editor
Bartlett, Emery W.
Bartlett, J. Gordon
Bartlett, Marcus
Bartlett, Mary Russell
Bartlett, Thomas
Bartlette, G. H.
Barton, Fanny M.
Barton, Olive Roberts, 1880-1957
Bartwick, Col. T. B.
Bartwick, William T.
Bashkirtseff, Marie, 1860-1884
Bassett, L. H.
Basso, Pro Phundo
Batchelder, C. B. (Clara Burbank)
Batchelor, E. F.
Batchelor, John M.
Bateman, E. W.
Bates, Arlo, 1850-1918
Bates, Bob
Bates, Josephine W. (Josephine White)
Bates, Katharine Lee, 1859-1929
Bates, L. J.
Bates, Lindon W., Mrs.
Bates, Margret Holmes, 1844-1927
Bates, Sidney T.
Batterson, Bartholomew
Battle, Catherine
Baughman, Theodore (Theodore H.), 1845-1926
Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919
Bauman, J. Howard
Baxley, Paul
Baxter, Zeke
Bay, J. Christian (Jens Christian), 1871-1962
Bayles, J. C., Dr.
Bazin, René, 1853-1932
Beach, Edgar Rice, 1841-
Beach, Frederick Harold
Beach, Henry D.
Beach, Juliette H.
Beach, Linda Woodruff
Beach, Rex (1877-1949)
Beachvogel, A. E.
Beaconsfield, Lord
Beadle, Irwin P. 1826-1882
Beale, Anne
Beale, Laura Ellen
Beale, Thorpe
Beall, Asa, 1824-1863
Beam, Jo, Ex-Scout
Bean, Richard R.
Beard, Frank, 1842-1905
Beard, James Carter, 1837-1913
Beard, O. T. (Oliver Thomas), 1832-
Bearn, G. W.
Beattie, Hans Stevenson
Beatty, Pakenham (Pakenham William Hengist Albert Mazzini), 1855-1930
Beaucé, F. A.
Beauclerk, Di, Lady
Beaufoy, P. (Philip)
Beauseigneur, Gustave
Bebel, August, 1840-1913
Béchard, Frédéric, 1824-1898
Beck, F. J.
Beck, Helen Watson
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913
Beckford, William, 1760-1844
Becks, Grace E.
Bedford-Jones, H. (1887-1949)
Beecher, H. W., Mrs., 1813-1897
Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887
Beecher, Lyman, Dr., 1775-1863
Beekman, Helen
Beeton, Samuel Orchart, 1831-1877
Belknap, Boynton, M. D.
Belknap, C. E.
Bell, Emerson
Bell, J. J. (John Joy), 1871-1934
Bell, Lenox, Mrs.
Bell, Lilian, 1867-1929
Bell, Malcolm
Bell, Mrs. Martin
Bell, Peter
Bell, Warren
Bellamy, Charles J. (Charles Joseph), 1852-1910
Bellamy, Edward, 1841-1891
Bellamy, Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth Whitfield), 1837-1900
Bellaw, A. W. (Americus Wellington), 1842-1916
Bellows, Henry W. (Henry Whitney), 1814-1882
Bellows, Isabel Frances
Bellows, Julia E.
Bellwood, Herbert
Belmar, Henry
Belot, Adolphe, 1829-1890
Beloy, A
Bendall, Mark J.
Bender, A. Lincoln
Benedict, Frank Lee, 1834-1910
Benjamin, S. G. W. (Samuel Greene Wheeler), 1837-1914
Benners, Will J., Jr.
Bennet, Robert Ames, 1870-1954
Bennett, A. L.
Bennett, Alfred
Bennett, Carl Ardmore
Bennett, Emerson, 1822-1905
Bennett, Julian, Colonel
Bennett, Marie Lyle
Bennett, Mary Belle
Bennett, Oliver, General
Bennett, R. A. R.
Bennett, R. T.
Bennett, U.S. Marshal
Bennett, W. C. (William Cox), 1820-1895
Bennett, Zelotes R.
Bensel, Annie B.
Bensel, James Berry
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic), 1867-1940
Benson, P., Sr.
Bentley, C. A., Mrs.
Benton, Joel, 1832-1911
Bentzon, Th., 1840-1907
Berard, Louis
Beresford, Max
Bergen, Helen Corinne, 1868-
Bernard, Caroline
Bernard, H.
Bernard, Louis
Berne, Elizabeth
Bernhard, Marie
Bernhardt, General
Bernhardt, Rachel
Berrick, Solon
Berry, Carlotta
Berry, Charles
Berry, Edward Payson
Berry, J. L.
Bertie, Ella A.
Berton, Bertha
Bertrew, Berton
Besant, R. E. W., Mrs.
Besant, Robin
Besant, Walter, 1836-1901
Best, Dard
Best, Susie M.
Betham-Edwards, Matilda, 1836-1919
Bethe, Ella A.
Bethune, J. G., 1840-1916
Bettany, J.G., 1857-1941
Beveridge, of Texas, T. H., Mrs.
Beyersdorf, Louis
Bibb, D. A.
Bibbs, Paul
Bickerstaff, Isaac, 1672-1729
Bickford, L. H.
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914?
Bierck, Emma J.
Bilby, T. (Thomas), 1794-1872
Bill, Author of Buffalo
Billings, Joseph
Billings, Josh, 1818-1885
Binder, William Earle
Bingham, Clifton, 1859-1913
Bingham, G. Clifton (Graham Clifton), 1859-1913
Binney, Horace, 1780-1875
Bird, Mary, 1800 or 1801-
Bird, Minnie F.
Birdseye, George W., 1844-
Birge, W. S., M.D.
Birkbeck, Elizabeth H.
Birkmaier, Elizabeth G.
Bisbee, Annie R.
Bishop, Bertha Thorne
Bishop, Julia Truitt
Bishop, Nathaniel H. (Nathaniel Holmes), 1837-1902
Bishop, William Henry, 1847-1928
Bisland, Elizabeth, 1861-1929
Bjursten, Herman
Bjørnson, Bjørnstjerne, 1832-1910
Black, B. Y.
Black, Henry L.
Black, William, 1841-1898
Blacklock, Martin S.
Blackmar, A. E. (Armand Edward), 1826-1888
Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900
Blackwell, Alice Stone, 1857-1950
Blackwell, Mrs. A. B.
Blackwood, Algernon, 1869-1951
Blagden, Isa
Blaine, Eleanor
Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893
Blair, Adrian
Blair, Colonel
Blake, E. B.
Blake, H. D.
Blake, Hamilton
Blake, John
Blake, Lillie Devereux, 1833-1913
Blake, Mary
Blake, Melville E.
Blake, Redmond
Blakelee, George E.
Blanche, Ella
Bland, E.
Bland, Fabian
Blaney, Charles E., -1944
Blaney, Harry Clay
Blatchford, P. L.
Blatherwick, Charles
Blauvelt, James
Bleakney, Cornelia
Blewett, Jean
Blind, Mathilde, 1841-1896
Blinn, Lucy M., Mrs.
Bliss, E.
Bliss, Edwin
Bliss, P. P. (Philip Paul), 1838-1876
Blomgren, Hannah
Bloomer, D. C. (Dexter C.), 1816-1900
Bloomer, Harvey N.
Bloomfield, Walter
Blossom, Bell
Bloundelle-Burton, John, 1850-1917
Blount, Margaret, 1835-approximately 1906
Blow, Jean
Bluegrass, Belindy
Blum, Emil, 1894-
Blume, Frederick
Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, 1840-1922
Bly, Nellie, 1864-1922
Blythe, Henry Treadway
Boardman, Henry A.
Bobbet, Betsey
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375
Bocock, John Paul
Bocock, Thomas S., Hon., 1815-1891
Bodenn, C. J.
Body, N. E.
Boggs, Martha Frye
Boggs, S. E.
Boggs, William
Bogy, Lewis V. (Lewis Vital), 1813-1877
Boisgilbert, Edmund
Boissière, Albert, 1866-1939
Bolden, G. A.
Boles, J. F.
Bolingbroke, Lord Henry, 1678-1751
Bolles, W. P.
Bolt, Ben
Bolton, Charles Knowles, 1867-1950
Bolton, Frances
Bolton, Sarah K.
Bomer, George H.
Bond, A. Curtis
Bonehill, Ralph
Bonner, Geraldine, 1870-1930
Bonney, Charles Carroll, 1831-1903
Bonney, Edward, 1807-1864
Bonney, Joseph Alfred
Bookstaver, James N.
Boone, Henry L., Lt.
Booram, George E.
Booth, Albert J.
Booth, Ballington, 1857-1940
Booth, William, 1829-1912
Boothbay, Linnie
Boothby, Guy, 1867-1905
Bosely, George
Boss, John C.
Boston, Pluto, Dr.
Boston, Ralph
Boston Globe Reporter, A
Bostwick, Col. W.T.
Bostwick, Helen L., 1826-1907
Boswell, Alexander, Sir, 1775-1822
Bosworth, Col. R. M.
Boucicault, Dion, 1820-1890
Boude, John Beckner
Boulger (née Havers), Dorothy Henrietta, 1847-1923
Bourget, Paul, 1852-1935
Bourne, Frederick William, 1830-1905
Bourne, George T.
Bournes, Carl
Boutelle, Clarence M.
Boutet, Frederick
Bowen, George E.
Bowen, James L. (James Lorenzo), 1842-1919
Bowen, Robert Adger, 1868-1972
Bowen, William A. (William Abraham), 1856-1921
Bowers, Talbot
Bowles, Andre
Bowles, Emily
Bowra, Harriette
Bows, Jo
Boxer, Billy
Boyce, Florence Josephine
Boyce, Genie L.
Boyce, Minnie Thomas
Boyce, S. Minerva
Boyd, Erskine
Boyd, Helen M.
Boyd, Kate J.
Boyd, Roger
Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth, 1848-1895
Boylan, Grace Duffie, 1861?-1935
Boyle, Esmeralda, 1840-
Boyle, Frederick, 1841-1914
Boynton, Anna
Boynton, Howard M.
Brace, Lt. Mayne
Braceland, John H.
Brackett, G. E.
Bradbury, William B. (William Batchelder), 1816-1868
Braddon, M. E. (Mary Elizabeth), 1835-1915
Braddon, Paul
Braden, Findley, Mrs.
Bradford, George Parsons
Bradford, N. K., Mrs.
Bradley, E. S.
Bradley, J. G.
Bradley, Kate A.
Bradley, Mark
Bradley, Mary E. (Mary Emily), 1835-1898
Bradley, Willard
Bradnack, Fowler
Bradshaw, Albert S., Mrs.
Bradshaw, Alden F.
Bradshaw, Annie
Bradshaw, William
Bradt, Edith Virginia
Brady, Cyrus Townsend, 1861-1920
Brady, Old King, the world-known detective
Braeme, Charlotte M.
Bragdon, Guy Fletcher
Bragg, Robert L.
Brain, Mark
Brainard, A. L.
Brainard, J. C., Major
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884
Branch, Edith Aylmer
Branson, George
Brant, A. F., Major
Brassey, Lady
Bratten, William
Braunhold, Louis
Braunlein, Louis
Bray, Claude
Bray, Mary Matthews, 1837-
Brayman, James O., 1815-1887
Brebner, P. J. (Percy James), 1864-1922
Breeden, Augustin Wilbur
Breedin, Frances K.
Bréhat, Alfred de
Breitmann, Hans, 1824-1903
Bremer, Fredrika, 1801-1865
Bremseth, Marlena E.
Brenan, Gerald, 1872-1906
Brenan, J. G.
Brenet, Colonel
Brenn, George J., 1888-
Brennan, George F.
Brent, Carl
Brent, Ernest
Brentford, Burke
Breton, Frederic
Breval, St. John
Brewer, L.
Brewster, Herbert L.
Brewster, Marian
Brewster, Zach
Brice, P. J.
Bridgenorth, F. W.
Bridges, A. F.
Bridges, George S.
Bridges, M.
Bridges, Madeline Susannah
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930
Briggs, T. Pearl
Bright, John
Brightman, Virginia Hudson
Brine, Mary D. (Mary Dow)
Brininstool, Earl Alonzo, 1870-1957
Brinton, J. D.
Brisbane, Maj. Walter
Brisbin, James S. (James Sanks), 1837-1892
Briscoe, Margaret Sutton, 1864-
Bristol, A. C.
Brittan, S. B., M. D.
Britten, Leonard
Britton, M. D.
Britts, Mattie Dyer
Broadaxe, Benjamin
Broadbrim, Old
Broadribb, W. J.
Brocade, Beau
Brociner, Marco
Brockway, O. P.
Brodhead, Eva Wilder, 1870-1915
Brodribb, William Jackson, 1829-1905
Bromley, George T.
Broncho John
Bronson, Lucy
Brontë, Charlotte, 1816-1855
Brooke, Arthur, -1563
Brooke, Emma
Brooks, Ed., Prof.
Brooks, Edward S.
Brooks, Edwy Searles, 1889-1965
Brooks, Phillips, 1835-1893
Brooks, Shirley
Brooks, Winfield S.
Brother Bell
Brotherson, F. B. M., Mrs.
Brougham, Henry
Brougham, J. T.
Brougham, John
Broughton, F. Lusk
Broughton, Rhoda, 1840-1920
Brower, Edith
Brown, Abbie Farwell, 1871-1927
Brown, Alice, 1857-1948
Brown, Almedia M. (Almedia Morton)
Brown, Charles
Brown, Cora
Brown, Dan, Major
Brown, E. E. (Emma Elizabeth), 1847-
Brown, Eli F.
Brown, Everit
Brown, Florence Scollard
Brown, Grant
Brown, Harry S.
Brown, Henry Armitt, 1844-1878
Brown, Herbert E.
Brown, Irving
Brown, J.
Brown, J. E.
Brown, John, 1810-1882
Brown, Lena Gilbert
Brown, Mahlon A., 1840-1916
Brown, Miss Lottie
Brown, Robert Carlton
Brown, S. H.
Brown, Stowell, Rev.
Brown, Vandyke
Brown, William Perry, 1847-1923
Browne, Emma Alice
Browne, Frances
Browne, Francis
Browne, G. Waldo
Browne, George Waldo, 1851-1930
Browne, H. K.
Browne, Paul Felix ("Felix")
Browne, Rufus K., Dr.
Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682
Browne, Yemmett
Brownell, H. H.
Browning, Robert, 1812-1889
Browning, Robert
Brownlee, Annie
Brownson, Orestes Augustus, 1803-1876
Brozik, Jerry
Brubaker, D. A.
Brubaker, D. R.
Bruns, Walter F.
Brunton, Mary
Brute, A.
Bryan, Clark W., 1825-1899
Bryan, Mary E. (Mary Edwards), 1838-1913
Bryant, Dan
Bryant, Walter H.
Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878
Bryce, Gene L.
Bryden, H. A. (Henry Anderson), 1854-1937
Bryn, M. L., Dr.
Bubble, Bob
Buchanan, Robert Williams, 1841-1901
Buckham, James
Buckham, R. H.
Buckley, Arabella B. (Arabella Burton), 1840-1929
Buckley, Emma J.
Buckley, F. R. (Frederick Robert) (1896-1976)
Buckskin Sam
Budd, Ida M.
Budge, Phineas
Buel, James W. (James William), 1849-1920
Buell, Margaret
Buell, Mary E.
Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917
Buffum, Carl C.
Buleigh, Graham, Mrs.
Bulfour, F. H.
Bulger, R. E.
Bullard, Laura Curtis
Bullen, Frank Thomas, 1857-1915
Bulwer Lytton, Edward Robert, 1831-1891
Bumstead, Eudora S.
Bumstead, S. J. (Samuel Josiah), 1841-
Bunce, John Thackray, 1828-1899
Bunce, Oliver Bell, Mrs.
Bund, F. J.
Bungay, George W. (George Washington), 1818-1892
Bunner, H. C. (Henry Cuyler) 1855-1896
Buntline, Ned, 1822 or 1823-1886
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688
Burbury, Mrs.
Burckhart, W. C.
Burdette, Amelia
Burdette, James
Burdette, Robert "Bob" Jones, 1844-1914
Burdick, Austin C.
Burford, Herman
Burgess, A. M.
Burgess, Neil, 1851-1910
Burgher, Rutherford
Burgin, G. B. (George Brown), 1856-1944
Burke, Christian (Christian Caroline Anna), 1857-1944
Burke, Cicily
Burke, Edmund, 1729-1797
Burke, Edward
Burke, Roger, Jr.
Burke, Thomas T.
Burleigh, Cecil, 1850-1921
Burleigh, William Henry, 1812-1871
Burlingame, F., Miss.
Burlington Hawkeye Man
Burn, Peter, 1830-
Burnaby, Fred, 1842-1885
Burnes, Edward Gaines
Burnett, Alf. (Alfred), 1824-1884
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924
Burnot, W.
Burns, Harry
Burns, Michael
Burns, Richard
Burns, Robert, 1759-1796
Burns, Tom
Burnside, Helen Maria
Burr, Aaron A.
Burr, Dangerfield, Major
Burr, George Thruston
Burr, William Norris
Burrage, E. Harcourt (Edwin Harcourt)
Burroughs, A. S.
Burroughs, John, 1837-1921
Burroughs, William Dwight, 1871-
Burrowes, E.
Burtnete, Harry
Burton, A., Major
Burton, Frederick R. (Frederick Russell), 1861-1909
Burton, H. Darwin (Henry Darwin)
Burton, Henry
Burton, J. D.
Burton, Jennie Davis, Mrs.
Burton, Miles, 1884-1964
Burts, Robert, -1839
Busbey, William H.
Bush, H.
Bushnell, William H., 1823-
Busteed, N. Wm. (Nicholas William), 1814-1872
Busy B.
Butler, Bishop, 1692-1752
Butler, Charles W.
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Ellis Parker, 1869-1937
Butler, Eugene
Butler, Gertrude Myddleton
Butler, J. E.
Butler, Rachel, Lady, 1826-1898
Butt, Beatrice May
Butterworth, Hezekiah, 1839-1905
Buttes, William Y.
Butts, I. T., Mrs.
Butts, J. T., Mrs.
By Himself
by Yours truly
Byam, W. W.
Bye, Bill
Byers, S. H. M. (Samuel Hawkins Marshall), 1838-1933
Byrne, Fairfax
Byron, Jr.
Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron, 1788-1824

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C. C., Frances
C. H. Ditson & Co. (Publisher)
C. M. Tremaine (Publisher)
C.J. Weldon of the International Detective Bureau
Caballero, Fernán, 1796-1877
Cable, George W.
Cabot, Col.
Cabot, Arthur Winslow
Caddy, Mrs. (Florence), 1837-, 1837-
Cadol, Edouard
Cadwallader, H.
Cafferato, Silvo
Caffyn, Mannington, Mrs., -1926
Cahill, Mabel Esmonde
Cahn, Edward
Cahoon, Frank
Cain, Johnny
Caine, Hall, Sir, 1853-1931
Caine, William, 1873-1925
Caird, John, 1820-1898
Caird, Mona
Cake, Lu B.
Calaveras, Delta
Caldor, M. T.
Caldwell, Ella
Caldwell, J. R.
Calhoun, A. R. (Alfred Rochefort), 1844-
Calhoun, John C.
Calkins, Frank W. (Frank Welles), 1857-1928
Calkins, Stella D. E.
Call, S.
Callahan, S. Alice, 1868-
Callaway, F. B.
Calloway, Artemus
Calm, Marie
Cambridge, Ada, 1844-1926
Cameron, Andrew
Cameron, Carl
Cameron, Emily Lovett
Cameron, H. Lovett, Mrs.
Cameron, J. Douglas.
Cameron, Jessie
Camp, Agnes Doris
Campbell, Bartley, 1843-1888
Campbell, Edwin R.
Campbell, Frank L.
Campbell, Helen, 1839-1918
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jim
Campbell, Scott, 1858-1933
Campbell, Thomas, 1777-1844
Campos, Remaldo
Candee, Flora N.
Cangi, Mona
Canney, H. C., Dr.
Canning, Josephine
Cannon, Tom
Cantacuzène-Altieri, Olga, princesse, 1843-
Cape, Damer
Capp, Mabelle P.
Capsadell, Lou
Capt. Sinclair
Captain King
Captain Tom
Captian, The
Caracalla, Emperor of Rome, 188-217
Carboy, John
Carew, Maud
Carew, Wilson
Carey, Capt., U.S.N.
Carey, Aimee
Carey, Olive
Carey, Robert J.
Carey, Rosa Nouchette, 1840-1909
Carey, Will Gage
Carey, Wymond, 1869-1948
Carleton, Cousin May
Carleton, L. C. (Latham C.)
Carleton, Lt.
Carleton, Will M., 1845-1912
Carleton, William, 1794-1869
Carlton, Lt.
Carlton, Christine
Carlton, Evangeline
Carlton, Gerald
Carlton, Will
Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881
Carman, Kittie
Carmen, Sylva
Caro, Madame
Carol, Kate
Caroli, Giuseppe
Carpenter, Christine H., Miss
Carpenter, James H.
Carpenter, W.
Carr, Alice, 1869-1953
Carr, Ernest A.
Carr, H. H.
Carr, Laura Garland
Carra, Emma
Carrere, F. B.
Carrigan, Franklin
Carrington, E. E.
Carroll, Florence May
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898
Carroll, Maud
Carroll, Rene
Carruth, Hayden, 1862-1932
Carsley, Josephine D.
Carson, Captain J.H.
Carson, Kate V.
Carson, Kit, Jr.
Carson, Lewis W., Major
Carson, Paul
Carson, Shirley
Carter, Barry
Carter, C.
Carter, Charles S.
Carter, Chickering
Carter, Coon
Carter, F. A.
Carter, Harold
Carter, Hollis
Carter, Nathaniel H.
Carter, Nicholas
Carter, Nick
Carter, R. D., Rev.
Carter, R. Kelso, Captain
Carter, W. P.
Carty, Caleb
Caruthers, Mazie Virginia
Carver, William F. (William Frank), 1840-1927
Cary, Agnes
Cary, Alice, 1820-1871
Cary, Apoth E.
Cary, Phoebe, 1824-1871
Case, Eugene
Case, Ira, 1820-1899
Case, J. J., Rev.
Case, Jr., E.
Casey, James Edmond
Casey, Robert J. (Robert Joseph), 1890-1962
Cashman, Major John
Cass, De Lysle Ferree
Cass, Josephine A.
Cassidy, Frank T.
Castle, Agnes, -1922
Castle, Egerton, 1858-1920
Castle, William R.
Castleknock, Nolan
Castlemon, Harry, 1842-1915
Castleton, Captain
Catherwood, Mary Hartwell
Catherwood, Mattie
Catlin, George L. (George Lynde), 1840-1896
Cattermole, E. G.
Causse, Frédéric, 1892-
Cavendish, Clara, Lady
Cavendish, Harry, 1819-1887
Cavendish, Margaret
Celebrated Actress, A
Celebrated Author, A
Chadwick, Henry, 1824-1908
Chadwick, John White, 1840-1904
Chafa, Sarah G.
Chaffie, Johnny
Challiss, James Courtney, 1860-1933
Chalmers, Dr.
Chalmers, Stephen, 1880-1935
Chamberlain, Arthur J.
Chamberlain, Charles, Jr.
Chamberlain, Dexter
Chambers, Augusta
Chambers, Haddon
Chambers, I. Mench (Isaiah Mench), 1865-1933
Chambers, Robert
Chambers, Robert W. (Robert William), 1865-1933
Chambers, William
Chamisso, Adelbert von, 1781-1838
Champ, Walter
Champlin, Edwin Ross, 1854-1928
Champlin, Virginia, -1885
Champney, Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth Williams), 1850-1922
Chandler, Bessie
Chandler, Peleg W. (Peleg Whitman), 1816-1889
Chaney, W. H.
Channing, Wilson
Channon, Frank E. (Frank Ernest), 1870-1920
Chapin, Rev.
Chapin Rev., Dr.
Chapin, C. H., Rev.
Chapin, E. H. (Edwin Hubbell), 1814-1880
Chapin, Will
Chaplin, F. P.
Chapman, Arthur
Chapman, E. R.
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Louise J. R.
Chapman, Mervyn
Chapman, William Gerard, 1877-1945
Charles, Elizabeth Rundle, 1828-1896
Charles, Louis
Charles, Marvin, 1854-1890
Charles W. Harris (Publisher)
Charley, Montana
Charlton, E. A.
Chase, A. P.
Chase, C. S.
Chase, Laura W.
Chatrian, Alexandre, 1826-1890
Chavette, Eugene
Check Clerk
Cheerful, Kitty
Cheever, H. A., Mrs.
Cheever, Henry P.
Chellis, Mary Dwinell
Cheney, John Vance, 1848-1922
Cheney, W. T. (Walter Thomas), 1859-
Cheney, Walter T.
Cherbuliez, Victor, 1829-1899
Cherry Blossom
Chesebro', Caroline 1825-1873
Chesney, George
Chester, Anson G. (Anson Gleason), 1827-1911
Chester, Cora
Chester, Deane
Chester, George Randolph, 1869-1924
Chester, Harry S.
Chester, Leland S.
Chevalier, Clinton
Child, Lydia Maria, 1802-1880
Child, Pearley Augustus, 1813-
Childs, Emery E.
Childs, J. Ward
Chipman, William P.
Chiptree, A.
Chisholm, William B.
Chittenden, Larry, 1862-1934
Choate, Isaac Bassett, 1833-1917
Choate, Rufus, 1799-1859
Cholmondeley, Mary, 1859-1925
Christy, E. Byron (Edwin Byron), 1837-1866
Chrystal, T. B.
Chunk, Curtis
Church, Alfred John, 1829-1912
Church, Ella Rodman, 1831-
Church, Mrs. Ross
Churchill, Lida A.
Churchill, William, 1859-1920
Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Cisua, Will R.
Clampitt, John W. (John Wesley), 1839-1906
Clancool, Clarence
Clare, Emilie
Claretie, Jules, 1840-1913
Clark, Rev., Dr.
Clark, Charles Dunning, 1843-1892
Clark, Charles Heber, 1841-1915.
Clark, Edward B.
Clark, Frederick Thickstun, 1858-
Clark, G. H.
Clark, George T.
Clark, Helen Whitney
Clark, James G. (James Gowdy), 1830-1897
Clark, Kate Upson, 1851-1935
Clark, S. D.
Clark, S. R. Graham (Susanna Rebecca Graham), 1848-
Clark, Susie C. (Susie Champney), 1856-
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Ednah Proctor
Clarke, F. M.
Clarke, H. Savile (Henry Savile), 1841-1893
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, Marcus
Clarke, Mrs. H.S.
Clarke, O. P.
Clarke, Walter C.
Clarrett, J.
Claxton, Sara
Clay, Bertha M.
Clay, Emma A.
Clay, Henry
Clayton, Cecil
Clayton, Edwin
Cleary, Kate M.
Cleary, Thomas S.
Cleator, Alice Jean
Clemens, William Montgomery, 1860-1931
Clement, Joe
Clements, D. D.
Clericus, Curtis
Clermont, Carrie
Clermont, Jack
Cleveland, E. C.
Cleveland, Lilian
Clewline, Capt.
Clifford, Harry
Clifford, Pearl
Clifford, W. K., Mrs., 1846-1929
Clifton, Howard
Clifton, J. Colfort
Clifton, L. Colfort
Clinch, Capt.
Cline, Ida Taylor, 1874-1974
Clingham, Clarice Irene
Clive, Frank
Close, B. A.
Clover, Sam T., 1859-1934
Cluseret, Gustave Paul, 1823-1900
Clyde, Alton
Clyde, Bernard
Clyde, G. Cahoun
Clyde, Kate
Clyde, Kit
Clyde, Miriam
Coates, James
Cobb, F. M.
Cobb, George Elmer
Cobb, N. H.
Cobb, Sylvanus, Jr.
Cobb, Weldon J.
Cobban, J. Maclaren (James Maclaren), 1849-1903
Cobbe, Rosser W.
Cochrane, H.
Cockerell, Albert
Cody, Al, 1899-1986
Cody, Nellie
Coe, Collin
Coe, Marion Frances
Coggeshall, E. M., Mrs.
Coggeshall, W. T. (William Turner), 1824-1867
Cohen, Harriet Lieber
Cohen, Jerry
Coit, Milton
Colburn, Frank H.
Colburn, G. F.
Colby, A. E.
Colby, Frederick Myron, 1848-
Colby, Mary B.
Colby, William L.
Cole, Carlota
Cole, Frances Marie
Cole, Mellen
Cole, Nina
Cole, Susan Hearle
Coleman, Charles Washington, 1862-
Coleman, Edward
Coleman, Minnie, Miss
Coleman, R. A., Mrs.
Coleridge, Christabel R. (Christabel Rose), 1843-1921
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834
Coley, Louis B.
Colin, M.
Collensie, Beatrice
Collier, Old Cap.
Collier, Thomas S. (Thomas Stephens), 1842-1893
Collingwood, Harry, 1851-1922
Collins, Clifton W. (Clifton Wilbraham), 1845-
Collins, E. Burke, Mrs., 1858-1902
Collins, E. Leuty
Collins, Edwin Ralph, 1859-
Collins, F. B., Mrs.
Collins, M. A., Mrs.
Collins, Mabel
Collins, Mortimer, 1827-1876
Collins, W.
Collins, W. Lucas (William Lucas), 1817-1887
Collins, Wilkie, 1824-1889
Collins, William
Collins, Wm.
Collyer, Robert, Rev., 1823-1912
Colman, George, 1762-1836
Colmore, G. (Gertrude), -1926
Colonna, John
Colquhoun, M. J.
Colquitt, Thomas
Colson, Elizabeth
Colson, Ethel Maude
Colton, Charles J.
Colton, Julia Maria, 1848-
Colton, Louis Drinker
Comfort, Lucy Randall, 1833-1914
Comfort, Will Levington, 1878-1932
Commelin, Anna Olcott
Commercial Phoenix
Compton, Martin J.
Comstock, Captain
Comstock, Augustus, 1837-
Comstock, J. L.
Comstock, Mary M.
Comstock, William, 1804-1882
Conant, S. G., Mrs.
Conant, S. S. (Samuel Stillman), 1831-1885?
Cone, Helen Gray, 1859-1934
Congdon, Charles T.
Conger, Janet C.
Conklin, Carrie, active 1871-1877
Conley, Warren F.
Connelly, J. H.
Connolly, Charles
Connolly, Chas. M.
Connolly, James H.
Connop, Felix
Connor, Ralph, 1860-1937
Conrad, Harrison
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924
Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924)
Conrad, Robert T. (Robert Taylor), 1810-1858
Conrad, Thomas W., Capt.
Conroy, J. D., approximately 1814-1884
Conscience, Blanche, Miss
Considine, John H.
Constellano, Illion
Converse, Charles C. (Charles Crozat), 1832-1918
Converse, Clarence C.
Converse, Frank H.
Converse, Harriet Maxwell, 1836-1903
Conway, Hugh, 1847-1885
Conway, John R.
Conwell, Joseph Alfred
Conybeare, William John, 1815-1857
Conyngham, Dane
Conyngham, J. Redmonde
Cook, Charles Emerson
Cook, Eliza, 1818-1889
Cook, Eliza Spear
Cook, George Cram,1873-1924
Cook, J. E. V.
Cook, Joseph, Rev.
Cook, P. Gilsey
Cook, W. Victor
Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933
Cooke, Edmund Vance, 1866-1932
Cooke, H. O.
Cooke, Ida M.
Cooke, John Esten, 1830-1886
Cooke, Rose Terry, 1827-1892
Cooke, Winslow C.
Cooley, Alice Kingsbury
Coolidge, Erwin L.
Coolidge, Susan
Coombs, Anne Sheldon
Coomer, George H.
Coomes, Oll, 1845-1921
Cooper, A. B.
Cooper, Edith Emma, 1862-1913
Cooper, Edward Henry, 1827-1902
Cooper, Frances L.
Cooper, George, 1840-1927
Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851
Cooper, Louise Battles
Cooper, Samuel Williams, 1860-1939
Copleston, Reginald Stephen, 1845-1925
Copp, Joseph Pettee
Copp, Lillian Grace
Coppée, François, 1842-1908
Corbett, E. T. (Elizabeth T.)
Corbett, James J.
Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924
Corey, Frank
Corey, Herbert, 1872-1954
Corey, Jean
Corinne, Eva
Corless, Tom K.
Corley, Mary Riddell
Cornell, Marie
Corning, J. Leonard (James Leonard), 1855-1923
Cornwall, Constance
Cornwell, Henry Sylvester, 1831-1886
Corporal Bullet
Corrigan, Thomas H., Jr.
Corrister, W. D.
Corwin, Thomas
Corwine, Mary R.
Coryell, Eleanor Hooper
Coryell, John Russell, 1851-1924
Cosham, I. L.
Costello, F. H. (Frederick Hankerson), 1851-1921
Cotlier, Thomas S.
Cottew, Sara
Cottew, Sarah
Cottin, Madame (Sophie), 1770-1807
Cotton, Frank W.
Cotton, Peter
Cottrell, Esther
Coulter, Ernest Kent, 1871-1952
Coursen, Charlotte H.
Court, S. V.
Courtenay, Carr
Courtney, Claudie Vincent
Courtney, Edward
Cousin Alice
Cousin Frances
Cousin Kate
Cousin Madge
Cousin Thinker
Cowan, Fletcher
Cowan, John F. (John Franklin), 1854-1942
Cowdrey, Robert H.
Cowdrick, J. C. (Jesse C.), 1859-1899
Cowles, A. F.
Cowles, Mildred Lancaster, 1876-1921
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667
Cowper, William, 1731-1800
Cox, Alpha
Cox, Angus
Cox, Asa D.
Cox, Beverly, Mrs.
Cox, N. S.
Cox, Richard K., Jr.
Cox, S. A. D.
Cox, S. S. (Samuel Sullivan), 1824-1889
Cox, Stephen Angus Douglas, 1863-1944
Coyle, H.
Coyne, Sterling
Crabbe, George, 1754-1832
Craft, Nellie P.
Craig, Charles, 1846-1931
Craig, Charles, Dr.
Craig, Charles J.
Craig, Isa
Craigholm, John R.
Craight, Frank H.
Craigie, Hamilton
Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887
Craik, Georgiana M. (Georgiana Marion), 1831-1895
Cramer, Robert Barnes
Cranch, Christopher Pearse, 1813-1892
Crandall, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1858-1923
Crandall, Charles S.
Crane, Clarence P.
Crane, Frank, 1861-1928
Crane, H. L.
Crane, Lucy, 1842-1882
Crane, Stephen
Crane, Walter Beverly
Crary, Edith Livingston
Crawford, A. M.
Crawford, A. Maria
Crawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion), 1854-1909
Crawford, Jack, 1847-1917
Crawford, James P., 1825-1887
Crawford, Julia
Crawford, Maria
Crawford, Oswald, 1847-1923
Crawford, Theron Clark
Creamer, Edward S.
Creasy, Edward Shepherd, 1812-1878
Creight, Frank H.
Cremer, John Dorland
Cressy, Harriet E. Stevens
Crett, A. C.
Crinkle, Nym
Crissey, Paul
Crittenden, John J. (John Jordan), 1787-1863
Crocker, Harrie F.
Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836
Crockett, S. R. (Samuel Rutherford), 1859-1914
Croffut, Bessie B., 1861-1935
Croffut, W. A. (William Augustus), 1835-1915
Crofton, Carl
Croker, B. M. (Bithia Mary), -1920
Croker, Mrs. John
Croly Rev., Dr.
Croly, George, 1780-1860
Cromie, Robert, 1856-1907
Crommelin, May
Crosman, Mary J.
Cross, Caroline
Cross, Charles B.
Cross, Victoria
Crosse, Marah T., Miss.
Crosstrees Capt.
Crossways, Diana
Crouch, Ida Estelle
Crow, John
Crow, L., Mrs.
Crowe, Catherine, 1790-1876
Crowell, Al. W.
Crowell, Mary Reed, 1847-1934
Crowell, Norman Henry, 1873-
Crowell, W. Alburn
Croy, Homer, 1883-1965
Crozier, M. P. A., Mrs., 1834-
Crozier, R. H. (Robert Hoskins), Rev.
Cruger, Mary
Crysler, Mary A.
Cuban insurgent on Rabi's staff
Cullem, Winifred H.
Cullen, Clarence Louis, -1922
Cumberland, Stuart
Cumier, Thomas J.
Cumings, Elizabeth
Cummings, Sidney
Cummins, Donna Aycock
Cummins, Maria Susanna, 1827-1866
Cummins, Ralph
Cunning, John N.
Cunningham, Alice
Cupples, George, 1822-1891
Cuppy, Hazlitt Alva, 1863-1934.
Curr, Allan, Rev.
Currie, Carl
Currie, J. Allister
Curry, Lily M.
Curtin, Jeremiah
Curtis, A. R.
Curtis, D.W.
Curtis, David A.
Curtis, Geo. H.
Curtis, George William, 1824-1892
Curtis, Harriot F.
Curtis, Johnnie
Curtis, Lizzie D.
Curtis, Newton Mallory
Curtis, Wardon Allan, 1867-
Curtiss, Annie M.
Curtiss, Fred H.
Curtiss, S. J.
Curtiss, William E.
Curwen, Camden
Curwood, James Oliver, 1878-1927
Cushman, Corinne
Cushman, H. Frank
Custer's Scout
Cuthbert, John (Dime novelist)
Cuthbert, M. Evelyn
Cuthbertson, George S.
Cuthell, Edith E.
Cutler, John
Cuyler, Duke
Cuyler, Theodore L. (Theodore Ledyard), 1822-1909
Cy, Arizona, 1859-1899
Czapski, Nepomuk, count

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D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 1863-1938
D'Apery, Ellen, 1842-1915
D'Chaney, Grace
D'Cheney, Grace
D'Ennery, R.
D'Esterre-Keeling, Elsa, 1857-1935
D'Vaughn, Amos M.
D., A. A.
D., A. J.
D., C.
D., C. A.
D., C. E.
D., C. P.
D., C. R.
D., C. S.
D., D. A.
D., E. J.
D., F. A.
D., H. L.
D., H. W.
D., J.
D., J. T.
D., K. C.
D., L. G.
D., L. S.
D., M. L.
D., N. T.
D., O.
D., P.
D., R.
D., S. L.
D., T. T.
D., W.
D., W. E.
Dabb, Johnnie
Dahlgren, Madeleine Vinton, 1825-1898
Dair, Spencer, Col.
Dakota Dan
Dale, Mrs.
Dale, Alan, 1861-1928
Dale, Alice M. (Alice Mary)
Dale, Darley, 1848-1931
Dale, Dash
Dale, Henry
Dale, Henry, Capt., U.S.A.
Dale, R. W., 1829-1895
Dallas, Mary Kyle, 1830-1897
Dallis, M. P.
Dalton, Emmet
Dalton, W. H.
Dalton, William, 1821-1875
Daly, Carroll John, 1889-1958
Daly, Myrtilla N.
Damarre, E.
Dana, Charles G.
Dana, Charles H.
Dana, Dimon, Colonel
Dana, Flossie
Dana, Richard Henry, Jr., 1815-1882
Danby, Frank
Dandridge, Danske, 1858-1914
Dane, Barry, 1852-1915
Dane, Daniel
Danforth, Annie
Daniel, Charles S.
Dannaker, Mary G.
Darcantel, Paul
Dare, Charles P., Esquire
Dare, Shirley
Daring, Hope, 1860-1943
Darley, H. A.
Darling, Eric A.
Darling, Flora Adams, 1840-1910
Darling, N. P.
Darling, T. A.
Darnell, Henry Faulkner, 1831-
Darrell, Charles
Darrell, Joyce, 1845-1926
Darrow, Julian F.
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882
Dasent, George Webbe, Sir, 1817-1896
Dash, Countess
Daudet, Alphonse, 1840-1897
Daudet, Ernest, 1837-1921
Davenport, Adelaide
Davenport, Frances Helen
Davenport, G. E.
Davenport, Henry E.
Davenport, Reuben Briggs
Daves, Frank
Davey, C.
Davic, Gordon
David, V. D.
Davies, Edgar W.
Davies, Marcia
Davis, C. C.
Davis, Catherine Rhodes, 1875-1944
Davis, E. A.
Davis, Etolie L. (T.)
Davis, Eugene, 1857-1897
Davis, Foxcroft, 1860-1916
Davis, Frederick C.
Davis, Frederick W.
Davis, G. G. B.
Davis, Gordon
Davis, Gussie
Davis, Julius
Davis, M.
Davis, Merwin
Davis, Miles A.
Davis, Rebecca Harding, 1831-1910
Davis, Richard Harding
Davis, Sarah F.
Davis, W. W.
Davis, Warren B., 1865-1928
Davis, Washington
Davitt, Michael, 1846-1906
Davy, E. M.
Davy, Sir Humphrey, 1778-1829
Dawley, J. Searle
Dawley, T. R. (Thomas Robinson), 1832-1904
Dawson, Edward W.
Dawson, Hezekiah
Dawson, M. Phleps
Dawson, Richard Lew
Dawson, Tom
Day, Alden H.
Day, Beth
Day, Charles Henry
Day, Edmund
Day, Holman F.
Day, Oscar F. G.
Dayle, Gilbert
Dayot, Paul
Dayton, A. Alphonso
Dayton, Will, Captain
Dazey, C. E.
De Armond, Lizzie
De Arnaud, Charles A., Col. , 1835-
de Beauvoir, Roger, 1806-1866
De Bodichon
De Bra, L.
De Bra, Lemuel L.
De Castro, Adolphe Danziger, 1866-
De Castro, Cal
de Celano, Thomas
De Conde, Henrietta E.
De Cordova, Rudolph
De F., A.
De Fontain, F. G. (Felix Gregory), 1832-1896
De Forest, J. W. (John William), 1826-1906
De Groot, A. J.
De Kroyft, Mrs.
De La Camp, Otto A.
De Lacy, L. W.
De Lacy, William Bishop
De Larmor, Virgie S.
De Leon, T. C. (Thomas Cooper), 1839-1914
de Lesdernier, Emily Pierpont
De Maupassant, Guy, 1850-1893
De Mille, Henry C., Prof.
De Mille, James
De Morgan, John
De Quille, Dan, 1829-1898
De Quincey, Thomas, 1785-1859
De Roche, Annie T.
De Vere, Aubrey, 1814-1902
De Vere, Mary Ainge
De Vere, Meta
Deacon, The
Deacon Stillwater
Deal, H. A.
DeAmicis, E.
Dean, Cecil
Dean, Deverell, Dr.
Dean, Frederick Alva
Dean, J. M.
Dean, Leon W.
Deane, Allan
Deane, Amos
Deane, Annie
Deane, Cecile
Deane, Cyril
Deane, Dorothy
Deane, Edwin S.
Dearborn, Andrew
Dearborn, Cyrus E.
Dearing, G. L.
Deatrich, George R.
Debans, Camille
DeCastro, Cal
Decker, Guy
Dee, C. A.
Dee, M. M.
Deems, Dorothea
Deer, Willie
Deering, Henry
Defoe, Daniel, 1661-1731
DeForrest, Barry, 1843-1892
Degroot, D. A.
Delancey, Maurice
Deland, Margaret, 1857-1945
Delaney, Walter Joseph
Delannot, Burford
DeLima, C. A.
Delmar, Dora
Delpit, Albert, 1849-1893
Delpit, Edouard
Demar, Juan
Dempster, Charlotte Louisa Hawkins, 1835-1913
Denike, C. Willett
Denison, Mary A. (Mary Andrews), 1826-1911
Dennett, Wm. Harrison
Denning, Marion
Dennis, Clara
Dennis, Ellen
Dennis, George W.
Dennis, J. A., Mrs.
Denny, Edward, 1796-1889
Denny, Lizzie
Denny, W. F.
Denton, Fred
Denton, Paul
Denver Doll
Dering, Ross George, 1846-1909
Derring, Mary
Desart, William Ulick O'Connor Cuffe, Earl of, 1845-1898
Desbon, Frank
Desmond, W. A.
Despard, Wheton B.
Desprez, Frank
Detective, A Private
Detective Fred
Detective Mac
Deuel, Charles
Deutsch, Hermann B. (Hermann Bacher), 1889-1970
DeVere, Howard
DeVere, Mary Ainge
Devere, Sam
Devyr, George E.
Dewall, Johannes Von
Deweir, Frank H.
Dewey, Frederick H.
Dewey, Orville, Rev., 1794-1882
DeWitt, A. Howard
Dexter, Will, 1845-1921
Dey, Frederic M.
Dey, Frederic Van Rensselaer, 1865-1922
Dey, Marmaduke, 1865-1922
Deyo, Dan, Dr.
Diadem, Eli
Dial-Torgerson, Edwin
Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814
Dick, Cotsford, 1846-1911
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
Dickens, Dickie D.
Dickens, Georgiana, Mrs.
Dickens, Mary Angela
Dickinson, A. J., Mrs.
Dickinson, Anna E. (Anna Elizabeth), 1842-1932
Dickinson, Daniel S. (Daniel Stevens), Hon., 1800-1866
Dickinson, E.E.
Dickinson, J
Dickinson, J. Bryan
Diehl, Alice M. (Alice Mangold), 1844-1912
Dill, Mabel
Dillon, David
Dingle, A. E., 1874-1947
Dinks, Beethoven
Disraeli, Benjamin, 1804-1881
Ditson, D.
Divine, Charles Harding
Dixey, Harry
Dixey, Wolstan
Dixon, Ella Hepworth 1855-1932
Dixon, Helena
Dixon, Thomas, 1864-1946
Dixon, William (Dime novelist)
Dobson, Austin, 1840-1921
Dockham, John A.
Dod, Charles Squire, 1814-1872
Dod, S. Bayard (Samuel Bayard), 1839-1907
Dod, Snowball
Dodd, Rev., Dr.
Dodd, Anna Bowman, 1855-1929
Dodd, Emily Harris
Dodd, Martha
Doddridge, Philip
Dodge, H. C.
Dodge, Mary, Mrs.
Dodge, Mary Abigail, 1833-1896
Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Dodge, Nicodemus
Dodge, Stephen G.
Dodge, W. L.
Doe, John, 1902-1959
Doer, Caroline
Doesticks, Q. K. Philander, 1831-1875
Dole, Nathan Haskell, 1852-1935
Dolson, Eugene A.
Domett, Alfred, 1811-1887
Donahoe, D. J.
Donald, William
Doner, M. L.
Donly, Charlie
Donne, William Bodham, 1807-1882
Donnell, Annie Hamilton, 1862-1943
Donnelly, H. Grattan (Henry Grattan), 1850-1931
Donnelly, Ignatius, 1831-1901
Donnelly, James
Donnelly, M. J. (Michael Joseph)
Donoho, T. Seaton (Thomas Seaton)
Donohue, Frank Laurence
Donovan, Prof.
Donovan, Dick, 1843-1934
Donovan, J. E.
Donovan, James W.
Dorothy, Pert A.
Dorr, Julia C. R. (Julia Caroline Ripley), 1825-1913
Dorrance, James French, 1879-
Dorrington, C.
Dorsey, Anne Vernon
Dortnay, Rheny
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881
Doten, Lizzie, 1827-1913
Doty, Walter G.
Doubleday, Dixon, Dr.
Doubleday, E. Stillman
Doudney, Sarah, 1843-1926
Dougall, L. (Lily), 1858-1923
Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917
Doughty, S. P., Mrs.
Doughty, Walter
Douglas, Alexander
Douglas, Amanda M., 1831-1916
Douglas, Charles Daly
Douglas, Dorothy
Douglas, Ford
Douglas, George
Douglas, Gertrude
Douglas, Josephine
Douglas, Letitia Virginia
Douglas, Malcolm
Douglas, Marian, 1842-1913
Douglas, Remson
Douglas, Stephen Arnold, 1813-1861
Douglass, Alexander
Douglass, Detective
Douglass, George E.
Doutrick, Charles H.
Dow, Sr.
Dow, Jr., 1813-1859
Dowd, F. B. (Freeman Benjamin)
Dowd, Jno. B. (John B.), 1841-1906
Dowd, S.E.
Dowe, Jennie E. T.
Dowie, Ménie Muriel, 1867-1945
Dowie, Muriel
Dowling, Richard, 1846-1898
Downey, Edmund
Downey, Mary A. G.
Downing, Andrew, 1838-1917
Downing, Hall
Downing, Major Walter
Downing-Throw, L. C.
Downs, Cora M.
Downs, George Sheldon, Mrs., 1843-1926
Downs, Lieut. Henry
Dowson, Ernest Christopher, 1867-1900
Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-1930
Drake, Deamor R.
Drake, Jeanie
Drake, Joseph Rodmen
Drake, Maurice, 1875-1923
Draper, Allyn
Drayton, Lillian R.
Drewry, Edith Stewart
Driscoll, Fanny
Drofraw, Ira
Dromgoole, Will Allen, 1860-1934
Droron, Frank H.
Druid, David
Drummond, E. W.
Drummond, Henry, 1851-1897
Drummond, William Henry, 1854-1907
Drury, Anna H.
Drury, Karl
Dryden, Charles
Dryden, John, 1631-1700
Du Bois, G. P.
Du Boisgobey, Fortuné, 1821-1891
Du Boys, Jean Charles 1836-1873
Du Maurier, George, 1834-1896
Du Roi, Stella
Dubut de Laforest, Jean-Louis, 1853-1902
Duchess, 1855?-1897
Dudley, Bicknell
Dudley, Walter B.
Duff, H. A.
Duff Gordon, Lucie, Lady, 1821-1869
Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple Blackwood, Marquis of, 1826-1902
Duffield, John William, 1859-1946
Duffy, Edward
Duffy, Richard
Duganne, A. J. H. (Augustine Joseph Hickey), 1823-1884
Dugro, F. G.
Dumas, Alexandre
Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870
Dumas, Alexandre, fils, 1824-1895
Dumont, Daniel Boone, Major
Dumont, Frank
Dunbar, E. C.
Dunbar, Noel, 1843-1904
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1906
Dunbar, Wallace
Duncan, Duke
Duncan, Sara Jeannette, 1861-1922
Dunk, Walter M., 1855-
Dunkerton, A. F.
Dunlap, Walter B., Col.
Dunn, Caleb
Dunn, J. Allan (Joseph Allan) (1872-1941)
Dunn, James
Dunne, P.F.
Dunning, Carlos B.
Dunning, Dan
Dupee, Louise
Dupuy, Eliza A. (Eliza Ann), 1814-1881
Durand, Edward Dana, 1871-1960
Durand, Emile, 1830-1903
Durbin, Harriet Whitney
Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881
Duroc, Paul
Durrant, Valentine
Durward, Mostyn
Dutton, Jonas
Duval, Harry C., Sergt.
Dwight, Annabel
Dwight, H. G.
Dwight, Henry O. (Henry Otis), 1843-1917
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817
Dyar, C. W.
Dyer, Oliver, 1824-1907

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E., A. J.
E., B.
E., E.
E., E. J.
E., E. W.
E., G.
E., G. W.
E., J. J.
E., J. N.
E., L.
E., R. P.
E., R. Y.
E., S. F.
E., W. R.
E. A. Benson (Music Publisher)
Eames, Eber
Earl, C. K.
Earl, Robert
Earle, F. J.
Earle, Hamilton
Earle, Mabel
Earle, Margaret
Earle, Orrin P.
Earle, W. J.
Earnshaw, Catherine
Earp, James W.
Easterbrooks, R. H.
Easterbrooks, R. W.
Eastland, Florence Martin, 1866-
Eastman, Chas.
Eastman, Elaine Goodale, 1863-1953
Eastman, Julia A. (Julia Arabella), 1837-1911
Eastwood, J. R.
Eastwood, Mark
Eaton, Charles B.
Eaton, Earle Hooker
Eaton, Ida
Eaton, Isaac F.
Eaton, Seymour, 1859-1916
Ebers, Georg, 1837-1898
Ebner-Eschenbach, Marie von, 1830-1916
Eccles, J. H.
Eccles, James
Ecilaw, Ary, 1853-
Eckles, Thomas B.
Ecob, Lottie
Eddy, Alice M.
Eddy, F.
Eden, Fannie
Edenhope, Detective
Edes, Robert T. (Robert Thaxter), 1838-1923
Edgar, James
Edgar Terhune, Belle
Edgerton, Ward
Edgeworth, Maria, 1768-1849
Edmunds, Alberta
Edouard, Jacques
Edston, C. W.
Edward Schuberth & Co. (Publisher)
Edwards, Amelia B. (Amelia Blanford), 1831-1892
Edwards, Annie
Edwards, C. L.
Edwards, Charles, Rev.
Edwards, Clarence E.
Edwards, Eleanor Lee
Edwards, Emilie
Edwards, Harry
Edwards, Julia, 1851-1924
Edwards, Lionel
Edwards, Matilda C., Mrs.
Edwards, Victor H.
Edwards, Ward
Edwards, Warren
Eflor, Orom, Col.
Egan, Maurice Francis, 1852-1924
Egan, Maurice T.
Egan, Pierce
Egbert, H. H.
Egbert, H. M., 1879-1960
Egerton, J. Kenilworth
Eggleston, Edward, 1837-1902
Eichler, Lillian
Eiloart, Mrs.
Eking, Max
El Aaronel
El Aronel
El Viajador
Elder, D. H., Mrs.
Elder, Edna, Mrs.
Eldred, Ellen E.
Eldredge, M. M., Miss
Eldridge, W. Tillinghast
Eliot, George, 1819-1880
Elkington, W. M. (Walter Mallett), 1872-1958
Elkins, Charles D.
Elkins, John
Ellet, E. F. (Elizabeth Fries), 1818-1877
Elliot, Charlotte
Elliot, Fanny
Elliot, Frances, 1820-1898
Elliot, J. H.
Elliot, Norman
Elliott, Humphrey
Elliott, J. Hal
Elliott, Lady Charlotte
Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840-1916
Ellis, J. Breckenridge (John Breckenridge), 1870-1956
Ellis, Marie
Ellis, Mollie Frank
Ellis, S. P.
Ellis, Samuel
Ellis, Sarah Stickney, 1799-1872
Ellison, Dick
Ellman, C. Eldridge
Ellsworth, L. C.
Ellsworth, Robert G., M.D.
Ellwanger, W. D., 1855-1913
Elmer, Adelia, Mrs.
Elmer, Alfred
Elmore, A. (Ann), Mrs.
Elmslie, Anna B.
Elmslie, Theodora C.
Elton, J. M.
Emanuel, V. R. (Victor Rousseau), 1879-1960
Emerald, John
Emerson, Edwin, active 1871-1890
Emerson, John, 1874-1956
Emerson, Mary S.
Emerson, N. S. (Nannette Snow), 1840-1884
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882
Emmens, Stephen Henry
Emmet, George
Emmet, H. C.
Emmet, R. T.
Emmett, Daniel Decatur, 1815-1904
Emmons, Earl H., 1888-1949
Enault, Louis, 1824-1900
Enders, Fanny
Endol, Victor O., Lieut.
Engelmann, Louis
England, George Allan, 1877-1936
English, Thomas Dunn, 1819-1902
English, William F.
Enix, Caleb
Ennery, Adolphe d', 1811-1899
Ensign, Amos M., 1851-1909
Ensign, E. N.
Enton, Harry, 1854-1927
Erckmann, Emile, 1822-1899
Erdby, Detective Sergeant
Errym, Malcolm J.
Eschstruth, Nataly von
Esfira, Marcella
Estabrooke, H. M.
Estee, P. G.
Estes, Irving
Estes, M.
Estes, Marion
Estes, Mignon
Estoclet, A.
Eubanks, Lionel Everett
Eugene, Marcellus
Evans, A. R., Mrs.
Evans, Augusta J. (Augusta Jane), 1835-1909
Evans, D. Scott
Evans, Sallie
Evans-Wilson, Augusta
Everett, Edward, 1794-1865
Evergreen, Eva
Everman, Paul
Evlis, R.
Ewell, M. L. B., Mrs.
Ewing, Edwin Evans, 1824-1901
Ewing, Juliana Horatia, 1841-1885
Ewing, Mrs.
Ex-Convict, An
Eyck, Edward E. Ten
Eyre, Archibald
Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918
Eytinge, Margaret
Eytinge, Pearl
Eytinge, Rose, 1834 or 1835-1911

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F., A. B., Professor
F., A. S.
F., C. F.
F., C. W.
F., E.
F., H. A.
F., H. P.
F., J. F.
F., K., Mrs.
F., L. M.
F., M. C.
F., P. J.
F., S. M.
F., WM. M.
Fabins, Hannah
Fabre, Julian
Fagan, James
Fahie, Geo. A. W. Langford
Fahy, Frank A.
Fair, Justin
Fairchild, C. M.
Fairfax, Eleanor
Fairfax, Ernest
Fairfax, Fred
Fairfield, Caroline E. (Corbin), 1835-1918
Fairfield, Francis Gerry, Mrs.
Fairie, Fannie
Fairleigh, Faith
Fairmon, Mary C.
Fairthorne, Dart
Faithful, Emily, 1836?-1895
Fales, E. S.
Falkner, John Meade, 1858-1932
Family Lawyer, The
Fane, Violet, 1843-1905
Fantasy Fancy
Faringham, Marianne
Farjeon, B. L. (Benjamin Leopold), 1833-1903
Farleigh, A. R.
Farmer, Ella
Farmer, Lydia Hoyt, 1842-1903
Farnam, E. L.
Farningham, Marianne, 1834-1909
Farnum, S. M.
Farquharson, S.
Farragut, Jack
Farrar, F. W. (Frederic William), 1831-1903
Farrar, Francis
Farrell, Roy
Fauley, Wilbur Finley, 1872-1942
Faulkner, Frank
Faust, H.
Fawcett, Edgar, 1847-1904
Fearing, Blanche, 1863-1901
Feiling, C. A.
Fellew, E. F.
Fellows, Isabel
Felts, George S.
Fendall, Percy
Fenelon, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe, 1651-1715
Fenn, Clive R.
Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909
Fenton, Charles E.
Fenton, Frank
Fenton, Ralph, Colonel
Fenton, Walter
Ferguson, Frank Alchester
Ferguson, Kate Lee
Ferguson, Mary
Ferguson, T.
Ferguson, W. B. M. (William Blair Morton)
Fern, Fanny, 1811-1872
Fernald, James C.
Fernleigh, Frances
Ferret, Leonce
Ferris, A. C.
Ferris, George T. (George Titus), 1840-
Ferris, William P.
Ferruggia, Gemma, 1868-
Fessenden, L. C. S.
Fessenden, Roy
Fessenden, Thomas Gray
Feuillet, Octave, 1821-1890
Féval, Paul, 1817-1887
Field, Professor
Field, Eugene, 1850-1895
Field, Hollis W.
Field, Kate
Field, Margaret
Field, Victor
Fielding, Clara
Fielding, Frank
Fielding, Henry, 1707-1754
Fielding, Howard, 1861-1929
Fields, Edwin
Fields, Fanny
Fields, James T., 1817-1881
Filson, Frank
Fink, W. W.
Finley, Martha, 1828-1909
Finn, Frank S. (Frank Stanislaus), 1840-
Finnigan, Tim
Firth, Pond & Co. (Publisher)
Fish, Everett W., 1845-
Fisher, Alice
Fisher, Carrie
Fisher, Delia F., Mrs.
Fisher, Ella
Fisher, Helen Corwin
Fisher, S. Ada
Fiske, Stephen, 1840-1916
Fison, Roger
Fitch, Anna M. (Anna Mariska)
Fitch, Clarke, Ensign, U.S.N.
Fitch, Fred F.
Fitch, Nina
Fitch, Thomas, 1812-1892.
Fitts, James Franklin, 1840-1890
Fitzgerald, Algernon S.
FitzGerald, Edward, 1809-1883
Fitzgerald, Geraldine Penrose
Fitzgerald, H.
Fitzgerald, Mary Small, 1875-1944
Fitzgerald, Percy
Fitzhenry, Walter E.
Fitzhugh, Clare
Fitzroy, Franklin
Flack, Captain
Flagg, William
Flammarion, Camille, 1842-1925
Flammer, Mary
Flanagan, T. J.
Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880
Fleming, Alice Macdonald, 1868-
Fleming, Alice May
Fleming, Arthur
Fleming, Geraldine, 1851-1924
Fleming, Hugh
Fleming, May Agnes, 1840-1880
Fléron, William
Fletcher, Julia A. (Julia Abigail)
Fletcher, Lisa A.
Fletcher, Robert Howe, 1850-1936
Flewellyn, Julia Colliton
Flicker, Irene
Fling, M. Glen
Flint, Elder
Flint, J. N., Captain
Flint, Joseph F. (Joseph Frederick), 1850-
Flisch, Julia A.
Florence, William Jermyn, 1831-1891
Flower, B. O. (Benjamin Orange), 1858-1918
Floyd, Flora
Floyd, Isabel Henderson
Flygare-Carlén, Emilie, 1807-1892
Flynn, John Joseph
Flynn, William J., (1867-1928)
Fogerty, J.
Fogg, A. L.
Foley, J. W.
Foley, P. G.
Follet, Fen
Follett, Frank
Folsom, M. M.
Fonblanque, Albany de Grenier 1829-1924
Fonerden, C. A. (Clarence Albert)
Foote, B. P.
Foote, Jane E.
Foote, Robert Ordway
Footner, Hulbert, 1879-1944
Forbes, Aleck
Forbes, Paul
Forbes, Rebecca
Forbes, William G.
Ford, Emily E., 1826-1893
Ford, I. N. (Isaac Nelson), 1848-1912
Ford, Laura C.
Ford, Paul Leicester,1865-1902
Ford, S. Watterson
Ford, W. W.
Forde, Gertrude
Fordham, M. L., Mrs.
Foreign Resident, A
Forest, Frederick
Forester, Guy Avenel
Forrest, Arthur
Forrest, Cris, Col.
Forrest, Edw
Forrest, Edwin Brooke
Forrest, Fanny
Forrest, Frank
Forrest, Gilbert
Forrest, H. P.
Forrest, R. E. (Robert Edward), 1835?-1914
Forrester, Mrs.
Forrester, Dexter J., 1879-1917
Forrester, Gilbert
Forsyth, Miss
Fort, Frank
Fort, Homer
Fortescue-Harrison, Nellie
Fortune, T. Thomas
Forward, Miss Ross
Foss, G. W.
Foss, Sam Walter, 1858-1911.
Foster, David Skaats, 1852-1920
Foster, E. W.
Foster, Fred F.
Foster, G. G.
Foster, George E.
Foster, Irene, Mrs.
Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826-1864
Foster, W. Bert (Walter Bertram), 1869-1929.
Fothergill, Jessie, 1851-1891
Fountaine, J. G.
Fourmen, Professor
Fourteen Clergymen
Fowle, William Bentley, 1795-1865
Fowler, C. H., Rev., Dr.
Fowler, Edwin
Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft, 1860-1929
Fowler, T. H.
Fox, Annie Briggs
Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806
Fox, Edward N.
Fox, Frank Hampton
Fox, Tom, Philadelphia Detective
Foxton, E., 1823-1914
Frailey, C. L. (Charles Leonard), 1870-
Frances, Harry
Francillon, R. E. (Robert Edward), 1841-1919
Francis, H. A.
Francis, John K., M. D.
Francke, Paul M.
Franklin, Augustus
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790
Franklin, Frank S.
Franklin, Julia
Franklin, Roy
Frantz, Will Walton
Fraser, Alexander, Mrs.
Fraser, John Arthur, 1838-1898
Fraser, Norman
Fraser-Tytler, C. C. (Christina Catherine), 1848-1927
Frazee, Martha L.
Frazer, Alex.
Frazer, Sarah Ellen
Frazier, S. M.
Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898
Frederick, Harold
Frederick, M. H.
Free, Mickey, Major
Freeanasy, Micky
Freelance, Frank
Freeley, Mary Belle
Freeman, James
Freeman, M. A., Mrs.
Freeman, Mattie
Fremont, Florence
French, A. W.
French, Bella, 1837-1894
French, C. D.
French, Charlotte Emma Georgina, 1818-1896
French, Frank
French, G.
French, Harriet W.
French, Harry W. (Harry Willard), 1854-1915
French, J. Clement (Justus Clement)
French, Minnie Reid
French, Miriam
French, Virginia
Frenchy, Col.
Frere, Mary, 1845-1911
Fried, Louis
Friedlander, J.
Friedrich, Friedrich, 1828-1890
Fries, Warner Willis
Frobisher, Mark, Captain
Frohman, Dan
From the French
From the German of Goethe
From the Persian
Frost, S. Annie (Sarah Annie)
Froude, James Anthony, 1818-1894
Fuentres, Will
Fuller, Alvarado M. (Alvarado Mortimer), 1851-1924
Fuller, Jane G.
Fullerton, Geo. H.
Fullerton, Georgiana, 1812-1885
Fullom, Steven Watson
Fun-Professor in Big-Flat University
Furbish, M. C.
Furman, Josephine
Furnas, B. E.
Fyles, Franklin, 1847-1911
Fytche, Maria Amelia, 1844-1927

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G., A. F. L.
G., A. N.
G., Angie V.
G., B.
G., C.
G., D. D.
G., E. S.
G., H. F.
G., H. G.
G., J. H.
G., J. N.
G., K.
G., Katie, Mrs.
G., L. L.
G., M. E.
G., N. Y.
G., P. M.
G., T. J.
G., W. S.
G. D. Russell & Co. (Publisher)
Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873
Gage, Frances Dana, 1808-1884
Gahan, A. C.
Gaillard, Stephen
Gaines, Albert Cecil
Gaines, Garry, 1841-1913
Gainor, Annie D.
Galbreath, C. B. (Charles Burleigh), 1858-1934
Gallaher, H. M., Rev.
Gallon, Tom, 1866-1914
Galloway, James M.
Gally, James Wellesley, 1828-1891
Gamp, Mrs.
Gannett, Abby M.
Gardener, Helen H. (Helen Hamilton), 1853-1925
Gardenier, Ed
Gardette, Charles Desmarais, 1830-1885
Gardiner, Adeline J.
Gardiner, Walter
Gardner, Brudder
Gardner, C. A.
Gardner, Celia E. (Celia Emmeline), 1844-
Gardner, George E.
Gardner, Judson S.
Gardner, Lewis
Gardner, Sarah M. H.
Garibaldi, Giuseppe
Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962
Garison, B. B.
Garland, Bettie
Garland, Grace
Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940
Garland, Luke
Garland, Will A.
Garlock, Arthur Edmund
Garne, Gaston
Garnett, R.
Garrett, Edward, 1843-1914
Garrison, Beverley B.
Garrison, Frederick, Lieut.
Garrison, Gertrude
Garrison, Isabel
Garth, Alvah Gordon, Mrs.
Garvice, Charles, -1920
Gasaway, Annie
Gaskell, Annie
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865
Gastineau, Edmond
Gastyne, Jules de, 1847-1920
Gates, Isabel Likens, -1942
Gätschenberger, Stephan
Gause, Gus.
Gaussen, W. (William), 1863-1893
Gautier, Judith, 1845-1917
Gautier, Théophile, 1811-1872
Gautier, Théophile, 1836-1904
Gavan, D. K.
Gawein, Madison
Gay, Lail
Gayler, Charles, 1820-1892
Gedney, Frederick G., active 19th century
Geduldig, Charles C.
Geer, Henry Burns
Geikie, Cunningham, 1824-1906
Geisse, Mary A.
Gennadius, J.
Gennevraye, A.
Geo. Molineux (Publisher)
Geo. W. Richardson & Co. (Publisher)
Geoghegan, William
George, H. M.
George, Millard
Gerard, Dorothea, 1855-1915
Gerard, E. (Emily), 1849-1905
Gerard, Lillian
Gerner, Richard
Gerrard, Paul H.
Gerry, C. F., Mrs.
Gerstäcker, Friedrich, 1816-1872
Gibbon, Charles, 1843-1890
Gibbs, Annie A.
Gibbs, D. Cecil
Gibbs, Marion F.
Gibbs, Rufus M.
Giberne, Agnes, 1845-1939
Gibney, Maud Somerville
Gibson, Ad. H.
Gibson, Cecelia K.
Gibson, Charles Dana, 1867-1944
Gibson, Frederick
Gidley, S. M.
Gidley, Will S.
Giesy, J. U. (John Ulrich), 1877-1947
Giffard, Pierre, 1853-1922
Giffin, W. M.
Gift, Theo, 1847-1923
Gilbert, George Darcy
Gilbert, Rosa M. (Rosa Mulholland), 1841-1921
Gilbert, William Schwenck, 1836-1911
Gilberte, Harry N.
Gilchrest, Willie F.
Gilder, William H. (William Henry), 1838-1900
Gildersleeve, C. H., Mrs.
Gildersleeve, Stewart, Professor
Giles, Frederick R.
Gillespie, Claude H.
Gillespie, Grace
Gillette, William, 1853-1937
Gilliat, John R. V.
Gillilan, Strickland W., 1869-1954
Gilman, Mrs.
Gilman, Caroline Howard, 1794-1888
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935
Gilman, Stella
Gilman, Wenona
Gilmer, E. M.
Gilmore, Ernest
Gilmore, James R. (James Roberts), 1822-1903
Gilmore, P. S. (Patrick Sarsfield), 1829-1892
Gilson, Chay
Giovannoli, Harry
Girard, Ida Linn
Gish, Lillian, 1893-1993
Gissing, George, 1857-1903
Givins, Robert C.
Glanville, Albert
Glanville, Ernest, 1856-1925
Glass, Frank Waterman
Gleason, George W.
Gleason, Oscar R. (Oscar Rudolph), 1856-
Gleikley, M. G.
Glendinning, William
Glendower, Owen
Glenn, Arthur
Glenn, Jas. P.
Glenn, Louie
Gloux, Olivier
Glover, S. T.
Glover, Stephen, 1813-1870
Glutzbeck, H. E.
Glyn, Elinor, 1864-1943
Glyndon, Guy
Gobineau, Arthur, comte de, 1816-1882
Goble, Orrin
Gocker, Emil A.
Goddard, Julia
Godwin, Parke
Goethe, Johanan Wolfgang, 1749-1832
Goldbeck, William F.
Goldbery, Edward
Golden Rod
Goldfrap, John Henry, 1879-1917
Goldsmith, Oliver, 1730?-1774
Goncourt, Edmond de, 1822-1896
Goncourt, Jules de, 1830-1870
Gonzales, Don Manuel
Gooch, Fani Pusey
Goodale, Dora Read
Goodall, W. R.
Goode, George W.
Goodfellow, Professor
Gooding, E. D.
Goodman, E. J., 1836-
Goodrich, Frank B. (Frank Bott), 1826-1894
Goodridge, B. A.
Goodridge, Mildred Caroline
Goodwin, E. A.
Gooft, Ofty
Gooft, Oofty, 1838-1893
Goomterbesser, Gottlieb
Gordan, G. C., Jr.
Gordon, A. C., 1872-1943
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, H., Mrs.
Gordon, Isabel
Gordon, James A., General
Gordon, John
Gordon, Julien
Gordon, Lawrence
Gordon, W. R.
Gore, Mrs.
Gorham, A. T.
Gosse, E. W. (Edmund William), 1849-1928
Gosse, P. H.
Gossip, E. X.
Gossip, John
Gotwals, Francis
Gough, John B., 1817-1886
Gould, Anthony
Gould, Nat
Gould, Tom
Goullaud, Louis P.
Gowenlock, R. S.
Grafton, Grace, Miss
Graham, Barbara
Graham, Carrie
Graham, John R.
Graham, Ned
Graham, Preston
Grahame, Laura
Grainger, Arthur M.
Grand, Sarah
Granger, Henry Francis 1868-
Granger, Leon
Granger, Will
Granniss, Anna J. (Anna Jane), 1856-
Granny Sharp
Grant, Albion F., Major
Grant, Alexander, 1826-1884
Grant, Alta
Grant, Gorden H.
Grant, James
Grant, Maria M.
Grant, Miss
Grant, Police Captain
Grant, Robert, 1852-1940
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885
Granville, Austyn
Granville, George W., Captain
Grason, Kate, Miss
Grattan, H. P. (Henry Plunkett), 1808-1889
Grattan, Thomas Colley
Grattan, Will H.
Graves, Alfred Perceval, 1846-1931
Graves, Charles
Graves, Clo., 1863-1932
Graves, Helen Forrest
Gray, Annabel
Gray, Asa R.
Gray, Avis
Gray, E. A.
Gray, Elsie
Gray, Evelyn
Gray, Felix
Gray, Halcoyn
Gray, Harold T.
Gray, James
Gray, Maxwell, -1923
Gray, Paul
Gray, Walter T., 1831-1885
Gray, Widett
Gray, William B.
Graydon, William Murray, 1864-1946
Grayson, Donald
Grayson, Jennie
Grayson, Pauline
Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872
Greeley, Robert F.
Green, A. G.
Green, Anna Katharine, 1846-1935
Green, Annie D.
Green, Coroebus
Green, Evelyn E.
Green, Greatorez
Green, P.
Green, U. B.
Green, Warren
Greene, Mrs.
Greene, Belle C.
Greene, Charles S. (Charles Samuel), 1856-1930
Greene, Fitz
Greene, Hiram
Greene, Homer, 1853-1940
Greene, O. Howe, Prof.
Greene, Roy Farrell, 1873-
Greene, Sarah McLean, 1856-1935
Greene, Talbot
Greenfield, Will H. (William Henry)
Greenleaf, Cora M. W.
Greenway, Nellie
Greenwood, Frederick
Greenwood, Grace, 1823-1904
Greenwood, Guy
Greenwood, James
Greenwood, Lucius C.
Greer, Hilton Ross, 1878-
Greer, Wilson
Greey, Edward, 1835-1888
Greg, H. A.
Gregory, Jackson, 1882-1943
Gregory, John Miller
Grenell, Fred Thorp
Grenville, H., Major
Gréville, Henry, 1842-1902
Grey, Barton
Grey, Lillian
Grey, Mrs. (Elizabeth Caroline), 1798-1869
Grey, Vivian
Grey, Winifred
Grey, Zane, 1872-1939
Grey, Zelia Gertrude
Greyson, Helen V.
Gribble, Francis Henry, 1862-1946
Gridley, Will S.
Griffin, G. W. H. (George W. H.), 1829-1879
Griffin, Gerald, 1803-1840
Griffin, Will F.
Griffith, Cecil
Griffith, Eduardo Hilario
Griffith, George Bancroft, -1883
Griffith, John Samuel
Griffith, Nicholas A.
Griffiths, Arthur, 1838-1908
Grigg, Helen Erwine
Griggs, Martha
Grigorovitch, Dimitri
Grimes, Owen
Grimm, Jacob, 1785-1863
Grimm, Wilhelm, 1786-1859
Grinstead, H. F.
Grinstead, J. E. (Jesse Edward), 1866-1948
Griselde, Patient
Grismer, Joseph R., 1849-1922
Grissom, Arthur C.
Griswold, A. Miner
Griswold, A. P.
Griswold, F. Burge (Frances Burge), 1826-1900
Griswold, Hattie Tyng
Griswold, Sandy
Groatsworth, Gustavus
Groc, Léon, 1882-1956
Grodno, Wilna
Grogan, Walter E.
Groser, Horace George
Gross, E. C.
Grosvenor, C. F.
Grosvenor, Fred C.
Grosvenor, Gerald
Grow, Galusha A. (Galusha Aaron), Hon., 1823-1907
Gruaz, Timothy
Grumbine, J. C. F. (Jesse Charles Fremont)
Guerard, Louis
Guernsey, Alfred H. (Alfred Hudson), 1824-1902
Guess Who
Guest, Isaac B.
Guest, Jennie
Guézenec, Alfred, 1823-1866
Guiner, W. B.
Guiney, Louise Imogen, 1861-1920
Gulick, Joe A.
Gunn, A. S.
Gunnison, E. Norman
Gunnison, J. W. (John Williams), 1812-1853
Gunnison, P. Y.
Gunter, Archibald Clavering, 1847-1907
Gurney, Gussie
Guthrie, E. M., Mrs.
Guyer, A. P.
Guyton, Emma Platt
Gwynne, Nell
Gyp, 1849-1932

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H., A. M.
H., B.
H., C.
H., C. T.
H., E. E.
H., E. H.
H., F.
H., G.
H., G. W.
H., H.
H., J. H.
H., L.
H., L. M.
H., M.
H., N.
H., O. W.
H., P. H.
H., P. S.
H., S.
H., W.
H., W. T.
H., W. W.
H. B. Dodsworth (Publisher)
H. M. Higgins (Publisher)
H. N. Hemptsed (Publisher)
Habberton, John, 1842-1921
Hackleton, Mrs. M. W.
Haco, Dion
Hadley, J. E. C.
Hadley, Lizzie M.
Hadley, Ozro A.
Haffner, Professor
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925
Hahn, Charles Curtis
Hailand, Clive M.
Haines, E. H.
Haines, Flora
Hake, Thomas St. E. (Thomas St. Edmund)
Hakluyt, Richard, 1552?-1616
Halbert, C. A. (Caroline A.), Mrs.
Haldin, Ralph Lee
Hale, E. H., Rev.
Hale, Sarah J. (Josepha Buell), 1788-1879
Hale, Will T.
Hale, William
Halévy, Ludovic, 1834-1908
Haley, Flora A., Mrs.
Haliburton, Judge
Halifax, F. X.
Halifax, John
Hall, Bishop
Hall, A. D. (Arthur D.)
Hall, Arthur Howard
Hall, Bert, 1886-1948
Hall, Dorothy
Hall, Edward H. (Edward Henry), 1831-1912
Hall, Emmett Campbell, 1882-
Hall, Eugene J., 1845-
Hall, Frank
Hall, G. W.
Hall, Howard, 1867-1921
Hall, J. Griffin
Hall, James Sheridan
Hall, M. J.
Hall, Mrs. Anna Maria
Hall, Mrs. S. C.
Hall, Rufus
Hall, Samuel Stone, 1838-1886
Hall, Sharlot N.
Hall, Theodore
Hall, Tom, 1862-1900
Hall, William Jared
Hall, William N.
Hallenbeck, A. B.
Hallenbeck, Flora M.
Haller, Gustave
Halliday, Ben, 1852-1929
Hallock, Charles, 1834-1917
Halpine, Mary Grace
Halsey, Harlan Page, 1839?-1898
Halstead, Murat, 1829-1908
Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804
Hamilton, C. V.
Hamilton, Dorothy M.
Hamilton, F. E.
Hamilton, Frank
Hamilton, Gail, 1833-1896
Hamilton, Harper, Colonel
Hamilton, Kathrine
Hamilton, Lt. W. R.
Hamilton, M., 1860-
Hamilton, M.
Hamilton, Major
Hamilton, Mark
Hamilton, Max
Hamilton, May
Hamilton, Mrs. C. G.
Hamilton, Paul R.
Hamilton, Rachel B.
Hamilton, T.
Hamilton, W. G.
Hamilton, W. J., 1843-1892
Hamilton, W. W.
Hamingber, E. W.
Hamje, Herman
Hamley, Sir Edward Bruce
Hammond, Edward Payson, 1831-1910
Hammond, Harry
Hammond, J. A.
Hammond, J. M.
Hammond, J. R. (Dime novelist)
Hammond, Jack
Hammond, John
Hammond, S. H. (Samuel H.), 1809-1878
Hammond, William A. (William Alexander), 1828-1900
Hampe, Theodor, 1866-1933
Hanaford, J. H., Mrs.
Hancock, Anson Uriel
Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922
Hancock, La Touche, 1860-
Hand, M. Y.
Handford, Thomas W.
Handy, M. P., Mrs.
Haney, Kate
Hank the Hunter
Hankins, Arthur Preston, 1880-1932
Hannaford, E. (Ebenezer), 1840-
Hannan, Charles
Hannay, David
Hansell, John
Hanshew, Frank J.
Hanshew, Thomas W., 1857-1914
Hanson, Glen
Hanson, J. W. (John Wesley), 1823-1901
Hanson, William
Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924
Harben, Will N. (Will Nathaniel), 1858-1919
Harbour, Jefferson Lee, 1857-1931
Harby, Lee Cohen, 1849-1918
Harcourt, Bertie
Hardcastle, S. W.
Harden, G.
Harden, Gerald
Harding, E. H.
Harding, Henry
Harding, W. W., Rev.
Hardinge, Lieut.
Hardinge, Paul
Hardinge, Seth, Capt.
Hardy, Eleanor
Hardy, Elizabeth
Hardy, F. A.
Hardy, H. H.
Hardy, Lady Duffus
Hardy, Philo Earle
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928
Hare, Francis Augustus
Hare, P.M., F. A.
Harger, Charles Moreau
Hargreaves, George T.
Harker, Harkley
Harlan, Jennie, Mrs.
Harland, Henry, 1861-1905
Harland, Marion, 1830-1922
Harman, Elizabeth
Harney, Will Wallace
Harold, Holly
Harper, Dion
Harper, F. S. W., Mrs.
Harper, Harry
Harper, Hattie
Harper, M., Mrs.
Harper, Olive, 1842-1915
Harper, S. M.
Harper, St. Clair
Harper, Thomas
Harraden, Beatrice, 1864-1936
Harrigan & Hart
Harriman, E. E.
Harriman, Edwin
Harriman, Karl Edwin, 1875-1935
Harriot, John
Harris, A. L.
Harris, Asa D.
Harris, Frank B.
Harris, Garrard, 1876-1927
Harris, Joel Chandler, 1848-1908
Harris, Kenneth
Harris, Kennett
Harris, Miriam Coles, 1834-1925
Harris, Thomas D.
Harris-Burland, J. B.
Harrison, A. Stewart
Harrison, Belle R. (Belle Richardson), 1856-
Harrison, Burton, Mrs., 1843-1920
Harrison, Carter H. (Carter Henry), 1825-1893
Harrison, Casper H.
Harrison, Jack, Dr.
Harrison, James Albert, 1848-1911
Harrison, Lewis
Harrison, W. B.
Hart, Caroline, 1850-1920
Hart, E. H. (Edward H.), active 1887
Hart, Eva Freeman
Hart, George G.
Hart, Robert M.
Harte, Frank Bret, 1836-1902
Harte, Tillie
Hartley, John M.
Hartman, Franz, M. D.
Hartman, Katherine
Hartshorn, Nancy
Hartwell, Mary
Hartz, Asa, Junior
Harvey, F. K.
Harvey, J. W., Professor
Harvey, James Clarence, 1859-1917
Harwood, John Berwick
Haskell, George
Haskell, Helen E.
Haskins, Jessie Alice
Hastings, George
Hastings, Henry
Hastings, Nellie C.
Hatch, Estelle M.
Hatch, M. D.
Hatch, Mary R. P. (Mary R. Platt), 1848-1935
Hathaway, Harriet N.
Hattie, Kyle
Hatton, Joseph, 1841-1907
Hauff, Wilhelm, 1802-1827
Havens, Mark
Havergal, Frances Ridley, 1836-1879
Hawkes, Clarence, 1869-1954
Hawkeye, Harry, 1850-
Hawkins, Willard E., 1887-1970
Hawks, Isaac
Hawley, Geoffrey
Hawley, Helen A.
Hawley, W. L.
Hawley, Walter F.
Hawthorn Captain U. S. N.
Hawthorne, Alice, 1827-1902
Hawthorne, Hattie
Hawthorne, Julian V., 1846-1934
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864
Hawthorne, R. M., 1840-1916
Hay, John, 1838-1905
Hay, Mary Cecil, 1840?-1886
Haycox, Ernest, 1899-1950
Haycraft, Margaret
Hayden, Sumner, Mrs.
Hayes, Clyde, Colonel
Hayland, Clive M.
Hayn, Fred H.
Hayne, Paul Hamilton, 1830-1886
Haynes, Emory J.
Haynes, Mary F.
Haynes, Thornwell
Hays, S. P. Messerve, Mrs.
Hays, W. B.
Hays, William Shakespeare, 1837-1907
Hayward, William Stephens
Hazard, Hap
Hazard, Harry
Hazel, Harry, 1814-1890
Hazeltine, Lieutenant Colonel
Hazeltine, Horace
Hazeltine, Miron J. (Miron James), 1824-1907
Hazelton, Harry
Hazen, Harry
Headland, Isaac Taylor, 1859-1942
Healy, Mary
Heath, Nathan B.
Heaton, William T. (William Tennyson)
Heaure, Bonne
Heavey, Bertha
Heavey, Rosa
Heavey, Rose B.
Heavy, Rose B.
Hecker, J. F. C. (Justus Friedrich Carl), 1795-1850
Hedd, Luke A.
Hedges, Z. T.
Hedley, Fenwick Yellowley
Hegmun, Ira
Heimburg, W., 1850-1912
Heins, Edward
Heisley, Eben
Hellman, Sam
Helm, Capt. Willard
Helm, Flora
Helmer, Jean
Helmhold, H.
Helmick, F. W.
Helps, Sir Arthur, 1813-1875
Hemans, Felicia Dorothea, Mrs., 1793-1835
Hemstreet, John D.
Hemstreet, Mary A. G., Mrs.
Hemyng, Bracebridge, 1841-1901
Hemyng, Philip H.
Henderschott, Frederic C., 1870-
Henderson, Florence L.
Henderson, H. F.
Henderson, J. Stanley, 1830-1889
Henderson, Joseph Franklin, 1852-1916
Henderson, Joseph L.
Henderson, W. J.
Hendryx, James B. (James Beardsley) (1880-1963)
Henkel, Friederike, (Frau), 1826-
Henley, James B.
Henley, William Ernest, 1849-1903
Henn, Peleg
Hennessy, W. B.
Henniker, Florence, 1855-1923
Henningsen, C. F.
Henry, Dr.
Henry, John, Dr.
Henry, M. H. (Morris Henry), 1835-1895
Henry, Patrick, 1736-1799
Henry McCaffrey (Publisher)
Henry Tolman (Publisher)
Henshaw, Sarah Edwards, 1822-1894
Henty, George Alfred, 1832-1902
Hentz, Caroline Lee, 1800-1856
Hentzner, Paul, 1558-1623
Herald reporter
Herbert, George, 1593-1633
Herbert, George B.
Herbert, Henry William, 1807-1858
Herbert, T.
Herbert, V., Miss.
Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron, 1583-1648
Hereford, W. R.
Herford, Kenneth
Hergesheimer, Joseph 1880-1954
Herman, Henry, 1832-1894
Hermann, Victor A.
Heron-Allen, Edward, 1861-1943
Herr, Horace Howard
Herrick, Lucy Wade
Hersey, J. L.
Hervey, Charles
Hervieu, Paul, 1857-1915
Hess, Carrie
Hetherington, Helen F.
Heuser, Adelaide
Hewes, Robert E.
Hewitt, Abram S. (Abram Stevens), 1822-1903
Hewitt, Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth),1807-1894
Hewlett, Franklin
Hewlett, Maurice (1861-1923)
Heyers, Faith Holmes
Heyligen, William
Heylyn, Edward, Mrs.
Heylyn, Eugenie A.
Heynton, John
Heyse, Paul, 1830-1914
Hickok, Wild Bill, 1837-1876
Hicks, C. Stansfield
Hicks, Helene
Hicks, John, 1847-1917
Higbee, D.
Higgins, D. Godfrey
Higgins, P. J.
Higginson, Ella
Higginson, J. A.
Higgs, William
Hilbrich, W. Karl
Hildreth, Charles H.
Hilkins, Jerry Fenworth
Hill, A. F.
Hill, Beveridge
Hill, C. S.
Hill, Florence Rowena
Hill, George Canning, 1825-1898
Hill, Headon, 1857-1927
Hill, Hilton
Hill, John, 1895-1960
Hill, K. F.
Hill, R. C.
Hill, Randolph
Hillard, Kate
Hillern, Wilhelmine von, 1836-1916
Hilliard, H. W.
Hilliard, John N.
Hills, Geo. F.
Hills, William H. (William Henry), 1859-1930
Hillyer, W. Sidney
Hilton, Alice
Hilton, Maud
Hinckson, W. A.
Hine, E. Curtiss
Hinman, Lydia F.
Hinman, Walter N.
Hird, Frank, -1937
Hitchcock, Georgina Wallace
Hives, Ophelia
Hixon, Bella D.
Hoadley, E.R.
Hoagland, Napoleon S.
Hobart, George V. (George Vere), 1867-1926
Hobart, Sarah D.
Hobbs, Aspasia
Hobbs, John F., Col.
Höcker, George
Hocking, S. K.
Hocking, Silas K. (Silas Kitto), 1850-1935
Hodder, Edwin, 1837-1904
Hodge, Katherine, Mrs.
Hodges, Mary
Hoey, Cashel, Mrs.
Hoffman, Elwyn Irving
Hoffman, H. C., Mrs.
Hoffman, J. Milton (John Milton), 1846-1928
Hofland, Mrs. Barbara
Hofman, Frederick B.
Hogeboom, Charles Lawrence
Holbrook, Amelia Weed
Holcomb, Thomas
Holcroft, Thomas, 1745-1809
Holden, E. G.
Holden, John
Holdsworth, Helen W.
Holford, Castello N.
Holland, J. J.
Holland, J.G. (Josiah Gilbert), 1819-1881
Holland, Paul
Holley, Ben, Captain
Holley, Marietta, 1836-1926
Hollingsworth, Alfred
Hollingsworth, Ona
Hollis, Lucille C.
Hollister, Edward P. (Edward Payson), 1839-1877
Hollister, G. H. (Gideon Hiram), 1817-1881
Holloway, William
Holly, Hope
Holly, Horace
Holm, Minnie V.
Holm, Saxe, 1830-1885
Holmes, Dr.
Holmes, Charles B.
Holmes, Clara H.
Holmes, Frederick M.
Holmes, George
Holmes, Georgiana Klingle, 1842?-1940
Holmes, Hamilton
Holmes, Howard, Captain
Holmes, Jennie S.
Holmes, Mary A., Mrs.
Holmes, Mary E.
Holmes, Mary J., Mrs.
Holmes, Mary Jane, 1825-1907
Holmes, Mary Johnson
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894
Holmes, Stephen, Jr.
Holmes, Wm. D.
Holroyd, Dorothy
Holt, Arthur F., Colonel
Holt, H. R.
Holt, Harry J.
Holt, Joseph, Hon., 1807-1894
Holt, Tex
Holzmeyer, Genie
Homan, Nellie
Home, F. Wyville
Home, Henriette
Homer, A.N.
Hon. Mrs. Norton
Honeywell, Frank
Honvani, Paola
Hood, Charles Newton
Hood, Frank J.
Hood, Henry, Mrs.
Hood, T.
Hood, Thomas, 1799-1845
Hoofnagle, Fritz
Hooker, Leroy
Hooper, Osman Castle, 1858-1941
Hoover, Francis Trout, 1841-1921
Hope, Andree
Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933
Hope, John E.
Hopewell, M. (Menra)
Hopkins, A. A., active 1864-1888
Hopkins, Araminta R., Miss
Hopkins, Ellen
Hopkins, Ellice
Hopkins, Mahetible, Mrs.
Hopkins, Mary Alden, 1876-1960
Hopkins, Seward W.
Hopkins, Tighe, 1856-1919
Hopley, Frank D.
Hopper, Hannah
Hoppin, Aug.
Hoppin, Emily Howland
Hoppin, William J. (William Jones), 1813-1895
Hoppus, Mary A. M.
Hopson, Dick
Hopson, K.
Horace Waters (Publisher)
Hore, G. H.
Hornblow, Arthur, 1865-1942
Hornibrook, Emma E.
Horning, E. W.
Hornung, E. W. (Ernest William), 1866-1921.
Horr, E. A.
Horr, Grace H.
Horry, P. (Peter)
Horsman, Kathleen
Horton, George R.
Hosey, Bart
Hosmer, James K. (James Kendall), 1834-1927
Hosmer, Margaret, 1830-1897
Hosterman, Arthur D.
Hotchkiss, Chauncey C. (Chauncey Crafts), 1852-1920
Hough, Alfred J.
Hough, E.
Hough, E. H., Mrs.
Houghton, Frank
House, Ben D. (Benjamin Davenport), 1844-1887
House, Roy Temple, 1878-1963
Housekeeper, M. R.
Housel, C. B., Mrs.
Houssaye, Arsène, 1815-1896
Houston, Barry L.
Howard, Police Captain
Howard, Adah M.
Howard, Barbara, 1851-1924
Howard, Bob
Howard, Captain
Howard, Charles, Captain
Howard, Constance, Lady
Howard, Edward, -1841
Howard, Emma
Howard, Eugene Belmont
Howard, Frank, 1833-1884
Howard, George Vronson
Howard, Gwinnet
Howard, Harvey
Howard, Herman D.
Howard, Hugh
Howard, J. H.
Howard, Jack
Howard, Jack
Howard, Jack
Howard, Mary Barrett
Howard, Police Capt.
Howard, Rollin
Howarth, Clementine
Howe, E. Everett (Edward Everett)
Howe, E. J., Mrs.
Howe, E. W. (Edgar Watson), 1853-1937
Howe, Frank Howard
Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910
Howe, Katherine
Howe, Manthei
Howe, Maud
Howell, Jeanne M.
Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920
Howells, William H.
Howitt, Mary (Mary Botham), 1799-1888
Howitt, William
Howland, Cora Roche
Howland, Marie
Howland, William Henry, 1831-1869
Howser, J. G.
Howson, J. S. (John Saul), 1816-1885
Hoyt, Ann E.
Hoyt, Ann M.
Hoyt, W. M.
Hubback, Mrs. (Catherine-Anne Austen), 1818-1877
Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915
Hubbard, Samuel R.
Hubbell, Walter, 1851-
Hudgins, Charles D.
Hudson, Thomas
Hudson, William C. (William Cadwalader), 1843-1915
Hudspeth, Rosa
Hughes, Daniel
Hughes, Lora Wood
Hughes, R. Franklin
Hughes, Thomas, 1822-1896
Hughson, Sam
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885
Huish, Robert, 1777-1850
Hull, James H.
Hull, Louise R.
Hume, Fergus, 1859-1932
Humphrey, Frank Pope, Mrs.
Humphreys, David
Humphreys, Eliza Margaret J. Gollan
Hungerford, Mrs. (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton), 1855?-1897
Hungerford, James, 1814-1883
Hunt, Albert E.
Hunt, Alfred William, Mrs., 1831-1912
Hunt, Bessie Bisbee
Hunt, G. W., 1854-1940
Hunt, J., Jr.
Hunt, Leigh,1784-1859
Hunt, Phil
Hunter, Clingham, M.D.
Hunter, Eliza
Hunter, M.
Hunter, Maj. F. C.
Hunter, Marcy, Capt., U.S.A.
Hunter, Ned, Lieutenant
Hunter, W. C.
Huntington, Prof.
Huntington, H. F.
Huntley, Florence
Huntley, Stanley, 1847?-1885
Hurlba, Alton (W. P. H.)
Hurlbut, Howard Russell
Hurlbutt, A. J.
Hurley, W. S.
Hurst, Fannie, 1889-1968
Hutcheson, Frank
Hutchings, Emily S.
Hutchins, Rev. B. F.
Hutchinson, Ellen Mackay, -1933
Hutchinson, Horace A.
Hutchinson, James
Hutchinson, Nellie M.
Hutt, Frank Walcott
Huxley, Thomas Henry, 1825-1895
Hyatt, Thaddeus
Hyde, Douglas, 1860-1949
Hyne, C.J. Cutcliffe

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I., C. X.
I., F. M.
I., P.
Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906
Ida, Bennett, Miss
Idle exile
Iliff, J. Edgar, 1852-1917
Imbrie, Frank M., Mrs.
Imbrie, Frank M. (Frank Morgan)
Imel, Eva
Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821
Ingalls, William, 1769-1851
Ingelow, Jean, 1820-1897
Ingelow, Paul
Ingersoll, B. C.
Ingersoll, Robert "Bob" Green, 1833-1899
Ingle, Ida
Inglehart, Mari
Inglis, G.
Inglis, James
Inglis, Mary
Ingoldsby, Dalton, 1815-1886
Ingraham, E. M.
Ingraham, J. H. (Joseph Holt), 1809-1860
Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904
Inkhorn, Izaak
Inman, Henry, 1837-1899
Inman, Robert Randolph
Ireman, A. F.
Iron, N. C. (Nathaniel Colchester)
Iron, Ralph, 1855-1920
Irons, Archie
Irons, Archie C.
Irons, Archie L.
Irons, Lettie Artley, died 1875
Irvine, Bryan
Irving, Frank
Irving, Harriet
Irving, Lucy
Irving, Minna, -1940
Irving, Minnie
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859
Irwell, Lawrence
Irwin, Harvey Samuel
Isabella Thackeray, Anne, Miss
Isler, Arnold, 1848-
Isley, Charles P.
Ives, Alice E.
Ivins, Anthony Coward
Ivins, D. S.
Ivins, N. H.
Izbelle, Clarice Lee

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J., A.
J., A. C.
J., B.
J., C.
J., C. E.
J., E. A.
J., Ernesta L.
J., G. H.
J., I.
J., J.
J., L.
J., L. C.
J., L. D.
J., Lewis
J., N.
J., N. S.
J., P.
J., P. P.
J., Susanna
J., W. S.
J. E. Ditson & Co. (Publisher)
J. H. Hidley (Publisher)
J. L. Peters (Publisher)
J. Marsh (Publisher)
Jackman, Abi S.
Jackson, Ajax
Jackson, F. G.
Jackson, George Russell
Jackson, Helen H. (Helen Hunt), 1830-1885
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, J.
Jackson, Margaret Crawford
Jackson, Stonewall, 1824-1863
Jackson, W. Francis, 1920-1997
Jacob Endres (Publisher)
Jacobson, Augustus
Jacolliot, J. L.
Jacot, Pauline
James, Annie E.
James, Capt. Lew
James, Charles (Charles Thomas Clement)
James, Cherry
James, E. C.
James, Edgar
James, Frances L. Brega
James, G. P. R. (George Payne Rainsford), 1801?-1860
James, Marian
James, Marquis
James, October
James, Orrin, Mrs., 1831-1885
James, T. P.
James, Thomas, 1809-1863
James, W. I., Jr.
James, W. I.
James, W. L., Jr.
James, Will S.
Jameson, Edward
Jamieson, James
Jamison, C. V. (Cecilia Viets) 1837?-1909
Janes, T. L., Conductor
January, Harry C.
Janvier, Thomas A. (Thomas Allibone), 1849-1913
Janvrin, Mary W. (Mary Wolcott),, 1830-1870
Jaquin, A. C.
Jardine, J. P.
Jarley, Jim
Jarvis, Charles, 1813 or 1814-1855
Jarvis, Thomas Stinson, 1854-1926
Jarvis, Tillie R.
Jay, Harriet
Jayne, R. H., Lt., 1840-1916
Jeaffreson, J. C.
Jefferson, Blind Lemon, 1897-1929
Jefferson, J. H.
Jeffrey, Rosa V.
Jelf-Sharp, C.
Jelley, S. M. (Symmes M.)
Jelly, J. M.
Jenardo, Don
Jenkins, Burke
Jenkins, Edward, 1838-1910
Jenkins, J. Joshua
Jenkins, Ruthven
Jenkins, Thomas Ed. V.
Jenks, Edward A.
Jenks, George C.
Jenks, Tudor, 1857-1922
Jenness, Theodore R.
Jenny, J. H.
Jephson, Philippa Prittie
Jermain, S. P.
Jerningham, Mrs.
Jerome, Gilbert
Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 1859-1927
Jerome, Leonard
Jerrold, Blanchard, 1826-1884
Jerrold, Douglas William, 1803-1857
Jessey, C. C., Captain
Jewel, John, 1522-1571
Jewell, J. H.
Jewett, Cathie, Mrs.
Jewett, Charles, Dr., 1807-1879
Jewett, Eleanore Myers
Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1849-1909
Jewsbury, Geraldine Endsor
Jocelyn, Jingle
Joe, Texas
Joe, The Jersey Mute
John, Cousin
John, Marion
John Church & Co. (Publisher)
Johnny, Our
Johns, E. M.
Johnsing, Julius, Rev.
Johnson, Captain
Johnson, A. G.
Johnson, Anna, 1860-1943
Johnson, Archibald 1859-1934
Johnson, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1905
Johnson, Charles F., 1843-1896
Johnson, Deidre
Johnson, E.
Johnson, E. H.
Johnson, E. L.
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Evelyn Kimball
Johnson, Fannie M.
Johnson, Francis, 1837-1908
Johnson, H. H.
Johnson, H. T.
Johnson, Helen Kendrick, 1844-1917
Johnson, J. Noel
Johnson, J. P.
Johnson, Josie Josephus
Johnson, Margaret, 1860-
Johnson, P.T.
Johnson, Philander Chase, 1866-1939
Johnson, Rossiter, 1840-1931
Johnson, Rye
Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784
Johnson, Sidney E.
Johnson, Stanley Edwards
Johnson, Tom
Johnson, Virginia W.
Johnson, W. F.
Johnston, Finley
Johnston, H. H.
Johnston, J. I. N.
Johnston, J. L., General
Johnston, M.
Johnston, R. M.
Johnston, W.
Johnstone, Charles Frederick
Johnstone, Herrick
Jókai, Mór, 1825-1904
Jolly, Emily
Jonas, Bill
Jones, A. Kate
Jones, Abner, 1772-1841
Jones, Alice I.
Jones, Amanda Theodocia, 1835-1914
Jones, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1848-1913
Jones, E. G.
Jones, Ebenezer
Jones, Edward F.
Jones, Emma Garrison
Jones, John Tracy
Jones, L. Edgar
Jones, Leoni Augustus
Jones, Major
Jones, Owen
Jones, Rosalie Fitzgerald
Jones, Rosaline E.
Jones, Sam
Jones, W. H.
Jones, Wallace, Lieut., U.S.N.
Jones, Walter
Jonothon's Widdow
Jonson, Ben, 1572-1637
Jordan, C. B., Mrs.
Jordan, Charles T. (Charles Thorton), 1888-1944
Jordan, D., Mrs.
Jordan, D. M.
Jordan, D. M., Mrs.
Jordan, Robert B.
Jorgennson, A. G., Jr.
Joscelyn, Archie, 1899-1986
Josiah Allen's Wife
Josselyn, Robert
Jot, Joe, Jr.
Joy, Jennie
Joy, Maurice
Joyce, John A. (John Alexander), 1842-1915
Judd, Abbie F.
Judkins, T. C.
Judson, A. C., Mrs.
Judson, E. Z. C. (Edward Zane Carroll), 1822 or 1823-1890
Judson, Jack, Captain
Judson, Jean
Jug, Wee
Julliot, F. De
June, Jennie

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K., E. G.
K., F. M.
K., H. S.
K., J.
K., M.
K., M. A.
K., T. H.
K., T. M.
K., W. L.
Kahn, Genghis
Kaime, George S.
Kallone, Conrad
Kane, Harry
Kappey, Sophie
Karl, Kenneth
Karpels, Herman
Kaul, A. E.
Kavanagh, Julia, 1824-1877
Kay, Francis
Kay, O. H.
Keal, W. H.
Keane, M. J. A.
Kearney, Jim
Keats, John, 1795-1821
Keble, John, 1792-1866
Keefer, Francis M.
Keeler, Harry Stephen, 1890-
Keeler, Hazel Goodwin
Keen, Charles Ross
Keen, Jule
Keenan, Henry F. (Henry Francis), 1850-
Keene, Inspector
Keene, J. Harrington
Keene, King
Keene, Samuel
Keene, Tom
Keene, U.S.A., Lt.
Kegley, Howard C.
Keith, Charlotte Adelaide
Keith, L. R.
Keith, Leslie (Grace L. Keith Johnston)
Kellar, Philip Rutherford
Keller, C.
Keller, H. S.
Keller, Harry
Keller, M. C., Miss
Keller, Tony
Kelley, E. E.
Kellogg, Elijah H., -1898
Kellogg, L. E., Lieutenant
Kellogg, Lieut. E. H.
Kellogg, Sarah Winter
Kelly, Bernard
Kelly, Fred C.
Kelly, G. Lombard (George Lombard), 1890-
Kelly, George C., 1849-1890
Kelly, Mary Agnes
Kelly, Mary L. J.
Kelly, Raymond
Kemble, Adelaide
Kemble, E. W. (Edward Windsor), 1861-1933
Kendall, E. D. (Estelle D.)
Kenealy, Arabella
Kennahan, Eva St. Clare
Kennard, Edward, Mrs.
Kenneday, Rosa A.
Kennedy, Capt.
Kennedy, Harry, ventriloquist
Kennedy, J. J.
Kennedy, J. L.
Kennedy, John P., Hon.
Kennedy, John Pendleton, 1795-1870
Kennedy, M. G., Mrs.
Kennedy, R. T.
Kennedy, Rose
Kennedy, Theresa C.
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, W. S., Rev.
Kennerly, Taylor
Kenneth, Esther Serle
Kenney, William Edward
Kennon, Beverley
Kent, Barbara
Kent, Bill
Kent, James, active 1877-1878
Kent, Philip
Kent, Richard
Kent, Warren F.
Kent, William Parmiter
Kenyon, E. C. (Edith C.)
Ker, David
Kerbey, Joseph Orton, d. 1913
Kernahan, Coulson, 1858-1943
Kerr, Alvah Milton, 1858-1924
Kerr, Joe
Kerr, Laura Garland
Kerr, Maxine
Kerr, Orpheus C., 1836-1901
Kerr, W. S.
Kerr, William Melville, 1860-
Kerr, Wm. A., Rev.
Ketchum, John Buckhout, 1837-1914
Key, Francis Scott, 1779-1843
Keyes, E. L. (Edward Lawrence), 1843-1924
Keyes, Edward Livingston
Keys, Jim
Keys, Jim
Khayyam, Omar
Kidd, Benjamin, 1858-1916
Kidder, Edward E., 1846-1927
Kidder, J. G., Mrs.
Kidder, M. A. (Mary Ann), 1820-1905
Kilman, Julian
Kilmer, George L.
Kilpatrick, Lewis H.
Kimball, Hannah Augusta
Kimball, Horace
Kimball, Ira A.
Kimball, M. S.
Kimball, Richard B. (Richard Burleigh), 1816-1892
King, Cashel, Mrs.
King, Charles, 1844-1933
King, E. A.
King, E. A.
King, Ed
King, Edward, 1821-1885
King, Florence M.
King, General Charles
King, George Beers
King, Gertrude Evans
King, H. Irving
King, Jeannette
King, Jo
King, John
King, Katharine
King, Katherine
King, O. B.
King, Richard Ashe, 1839-1932
King, Roland
King, Sam C.
King, Starr, Mrs.
King, Tom W., 1843-1904
King, Willis C.
Kingdon & Boyd (Firm)
Kingsford, Eugene
Kingshack, H.
Kingshead, K.
Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875
Kingsley, Charlotte
Kingsley, Charlotte May
Kingsley, Florence Morse, 1859-1937
Kingsley, Henry
Kingston, Dash
Kingston, L. C.
Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880
Kinkead, Alexander
Kinne, Abbe
Kinney, Coates, 1826-1904
Kinsburn, Emart, 1880-1932
Kinsella, James E.
Kipling, Alice, 1837-1910
Kipling, Beatrice
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
Kirby, Elizabeth
Kirby, Mary, 1817-1893
Kirby, William, 1817-1906
Kirk, Eleanor, 1831-1908
Kirk, James Barrett
Kirk, Kane
Kirk, L. E.
Kirke, Geneviève
Kirkland, Joseph, 1830-1894
Kirkpatrick, T. J. (Thomas Jefferson), Mrs.
Kirlicks, John A. (John Anskies), 1851-
Kiser, Samuel E. (Samuel Ellsworth), 1862-1942
Kit, Wyoming
Kitchin, William Charles
Klapp, H. Milnor, M.D.
Klaus, Jens
Klein, Charles, 1867-1915
Klingle, George, 1842?-1940
Knapp, Lucille Hollis
Knapp, Mary Clay
Knapp, Penelope Gleason
Kniel, Sara M.
Knife, Bowie
Knott, William Wilson
Knowles, Frederic
Knowles, James Sheridan, 1784-1862
Knowles, Roger
Knowles, Wm. E. C.
Knox, J. Armoy (John Armoy), 1851-1906
Knox, Jackson
Knox, John
Knox, Thomas Wallace, 1835-1896
Koch, Leo Hugo
Kock, Paul de, 1793-1871
Koehler, Charles
Koenig, Ewald August, 1833-1888
Kofoed, Jack, 1894-
Kofoed, William H.
Korolenko, Vladimir Galaktionovich, 1853-1921
Kraszewski, Józef Ignacy, 1812-1887
Kremer, Theodore, 1873-1923
Kronsbein, Mary A.
Kummer, Frederic Arnold, 1873-1943
Kurz, Frederick C.
Kyle, George W.
Kyle, Prof. Charles
Kyle, Ruby Beryl

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L'Abbé, M.
L'Estrange, Maude
L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704
L'Homme Qui Rit
L'Oiseau, Amelie
L., A. S., Jr.
L., A. T.
L., B.
L., C.
L., C. A.
L., E.
L., G.
L., G. S.
L., H. J.
L., I. D.
L., J.
L., J. E.
L., J. J.
L., L. A.
L., M.
L., M. A.
L., M. E.
L., M. L., Mrs.
L., M. S.
L., M. W.
L., P. P.
L., S. P.
L., T. C.
L. Marshall (Publisher)
La Chappell, Joe
La Manna
La Mark, Mary
La Motte-Fouqué, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de, 1777-1843
La Pierre, Julien
La Roe, J. Guillaume, Jr.
La Roque, Marie
La Rue Brown, Nellie
La Vincendière, Emile de
Lacroix, Arda
Ladd, Marie S.
Lady, A
Laffan, May
Lafitte, Col. Leon
Laforest, Dubret Le
Laforest, Lafayette
Lajetchnikoff, Ivan Ivanovich
Lajos, Kossuth, 1802-1894
Lake, Ellen
Lakeland, Harry
Lakey, C. D.
Lamartine, Alphonse de, 1790-1869
Lamartine, Frances
Lamb, Charles
Lamb, Mary, 1764-1847
Lamb, Mrs. Martha J.
Lambert, Louis, 1829-1892
Lambert, Mary E.
Lamont, Alexander
Lamorie, Louis
Lampton, William J. (William James), -1917.
Lamson, Mary A.
Lancaster, Amelia C.
Lancaster, Carrie F.
Lancaster, Dorothy
Lancaster, Ruby A.
Land, J. D.
Landon, Melville D. (Melville De Lancey), 1839-1910
Landon, Walter Savage, 1775-1864
Lane, C. H.
Lang, Andrew, Mrs
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912
Langbridge, Frederick, 1849-1922
Langdon, Sophia
Langlotz, E.
Lanier, Sidney, 1842-1881
Lansdown, Lewis E.
Lansdowne, Hetty C.
Lansing, S. G., Lieut.
Lanyon, Frances Elizabeth
Lanza, Clara, Marquise, 1859-1939
Lapius, S. Q.
Larcom, Lucy, 1824-1893
Larder, Alfred
Largion, John C.
Larke, J. K. (Julian K.)
Larkin, J. M.
Larkins, Mark Wilton
Larned, Augusta, 1835-1924
LaSalle, Charles E., 1840-1916
LaSalle, Geo. E.
Latham, H. J. (Henry J.)
Lathe, Milo S.
Lathrop, George Parsons, 1851-1898
Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555
Latting, E.
Lattis, D. R.
Laughlin, J. Laurence (James Laurence), 1850-1933
Laviers, James
Lawford, Louisa A.
Lawless, Emily, 1845-1913
Lawless, Eve
Lawless, Margaret H.
Lawrence, C. E. (Charles Edward), 1870-1940
Lawrence, Edmond
Lawrence, George A. (George Alfred), 1827-1876
Lawrence, Lore
Lawrence, Lottie A.
Lawrence Jr., George Washington
Lawson, W. B.
Lawther, J. D.
Lawton, Wilbur, Capt.
Laying, J. B.
Lazarus, A. G.
Le Baron, Marie
Le Cato, N. J. W. (Nathaniel James Walter), 1835-
Le Clerc, M. E.
Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan, 1814-1873
Le Grand, Dr.
Le Jemlys
Le Queux, William, 1864-1927
Le Row, Caroline B. (Caroline Bigelow), 1843-
Le Strange, Rose
Lear, Edward, 1812-1888
Lear, Paul H.
Leary, Luke
Leavitt, M. M.
Leavitt, Samuel
Leavitt, Sarah E.
Lebhar, Bertram
LeBlanc, Maurice
Ledwidge, Francis, 1887-1917
Lee, Ed. T
Lee, Edgar Thurston
Lee, Ellis
Lee, Emma
Lee, Eva
Lee, Franklyn W. (Franklyn Warner), 1864-1898
Lee, Genevieve
Lee, George B.
Lee, Georgie, Mrs.
Lee, Harry, Lieut.
Lee, Holme
Lee, K.
Lee, Kenneth
Lee, Lona
Lee, Lucy E., Mrs.
Lee, M. A., Mrs.
Lee, M. L.
Lee, M. L., Mrs.
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary Holland
Lee, Old Cap
Lee, Robert Greene, 1886-1978
Lee, Vernon, 1856-1935
Lee & Walker (Publisher)
Leeds, Arthur
Leeds, Blanche Rosalie
Leffel, Alla
Legaré, Hugh Swinton, 1797-1843
Legge, Arthur J.
Leggett, M., Miss.
Legrand, Louis
Leicester, Margaret
Leigh, Arrah
Leigh, Felix
Leigh, Henry S. (Henry Sambrooke), 1837-1883
Leigh, Jennie
Leigh, Jenny
Leigh, Lester
Leigh, Oliver Herbrand Gordon
Leinster, Murray, 1896-1975
Leith-Adams, Mrs.
Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1824-1903
Leland, Gertie E. D.
Leleu, Paul
Lemaire, Madeleine-Jeanne Coll, 1845-1928
Lemaître, Jules, 1853-1914
Lemcke, Gesine, 1841-1904
Lemmey, T. L.
Lemon, Orange, Ph. D
Lemonnier, Camille, 1844-1913
Lemore, Clara, -1898
Lempfert, J. E.
Lemuel, George
Lennox, Launce
Lennox, Robert
Lente, E. A.
Leon, Eugene
Leon, Louis
Leonard, Lorena
Leonidas, Marion
Leroy, Leon
Leroy, Marion
Leroy, Theo
Leslie, Emma
Leslie, Laura
Leslie, Lawrence J.
Leslie, Madeline, 1815-1893
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim, 1729-1781
Lester, C. Edwards (Charles Edwards), 1815-1890
Lester, Ewing
Lester, Frank
Lester, H. F. (Horace Frank), 1853-
Lester, Mary A. L., Mrs.
Lester, May
Lever, Charles James, 1806-1872
Levering, Arthur
Levett Yeats, S. (Sidney)
Lewald, Fanny
Lewes, G. H.
Lewis, Benjamin, Mrs.
Lewis, C. B. (Charles Bertrand), 1842-1924
Lewis, C. E.
Lewis, C. J.
Lewis, E. G.
Lewis, Enrique H., 1863-
Lewis, Harriet, Mrs.
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Henry Harrison, 1863-
Lewis, J. M.
Lewis, James B.
Lewis, John, 1784-1858
Lewis, Juan
Lewis, Julian Warren
Lewis, Leon, 1833-1920
Lewis, Leon, Mrs.
Lewis, Matthew Gregory, 1775-1818
Lewis, Mrs.
Lewis, Mrs. Benjamin
Lewis, S.
Leybourne, George, 1842-1884
Libbey, Laura Jean, 1862-1924
Libby, Annie M.
Lichtenstein, Ulrich V.
Liddell, E. Louise
Lieb, Hermann
Liebe, Charles Haven
Liebe, Hapsburg
Lieber, Dr.
Liés, Eugene
Life, William
Light, Lu
Lightner, Adna H.
Lighton, William R. (William Rheem), 1866-1923
Lilac, Lily
Lillibridge, Will, 1878-1909
Lillie, Lucy C. (Cecil)
Lillis, William H.
Lin, Frank, 1857-1948
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Lincoln, Howard, 1849-1924
Lincoln, J. Willard
Lincoln, Joseph C.
Lincoln, Philip (Dime novelist)
Lindau, Paul
Lindau, Rudolf, 1829-1910
Linden, Annie
Lingard, William Horace, 1839-1927
Link, Willis E.
Linley, George, 1798-1865
Linn, H.
Linsdale, T. S.
Linskill, Mary, 1840-1891
Linton, E. Lynn (Elizabeth Lynn), 1822-1898
Linton, Ethel Lynn
Lippard, George, 1822-1854
Lippman, Julie M.
Lippmann, Julie M., 1864-1952
Lipscomb, Mary Louise
Lipsher, Geo.
Lisenbee, Payne
Lisenbee, William
Lisle, Annie
Little, C.
Little, Patience, Mrs.
Little, Richard Henry, 1869-1946
Little Tot
Livingston, Francis
Livingston, James Henry
Livingston, Maddy
Livingston, William, 1723-1790
Livingstone, E. G.
Livingstone, Win C.
Lizzard, Elihu
Lloyd, Abraham
Lobo, Jerome, 1596-1678
Lochner, Elsie
Locke, Elma Iona
Locke, John, 1632-1704
Locke, William John, 1863-1930
Locker, Arthur, 1828-1893
Locker-Lampson, Frederick, 1821-1895
Lockhart, Laurence W. M.
Locksley, William
Lockwood, C. T.
Lockwood, E.
Lockwood, Ingersoll, 1841-1918
Lodge, Mrs.
Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625
Logan, Alice
Logan, Belle V.
Logan, Celia
Logan, John, 1748-1788
Logan, John E. (John Edward), 1852-1915
Logan, Olive, 1839-1909
Loizeaux, Cecelia A.
Lomer, C. L.
Lomon, Charles
Long, Andrew
Long, Frank Carleton
Long, Lily A. (Lily Augusta), 1862-1927
Long, William M.
Long, William W.
Longbow, Dr.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882
Loomis, Ben, Capt.
Loomis, Charles Battell, 1861-1911.
Loranger, Alexina
Lord, J. K.
Lord, James Judson
Lord, Jesse H.
Lord, Susie M.
Lord, William S. (William Sinclair), 1863-1925
Lord Commissioner
Loring, Emilie Baker
Loring, F. W. (Francis William)
Loring, George B. (George Bailey), Dr., 1817-1891
Lorqugen, Alexina
Lorrette, Grace
Loti, Pierre, 1850-1923
Loughead, Flora Haines
Louis, George Henry
Lounsberry, Lionel
Louthan, Hattie Horner
Love, J. M.
Lovegood, Sut
Lovejoy, Lillian
Lover, Samuel, 1797-1868
Lovewell, L., Rev.
Low, J. Barney
Lowden, Esther A., Mrs.
Lowe, Paul E. (Paul Emilius), 1850-
Lowell, Hal
Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891
Lower, Clarence L.
Lowrey, D. M., Mrs.
Lowrey, Rosewell G.
Lowry, David
Lowther, Laura
Lubbock, John, Sir, 1834-1913
Lubomirski, Józef, książę, 1839-1911
Luck, Carl
Lucy, Henry W. (Henry William), Sir, 1845-1924
Ludlum, Jean Kate
Luff, Milo
Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 1859-1928
Lunt, George, 1803-1885
Lushington, Franklin
Lusk, R. J.
Luska, Sydney
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546
Lyall, Edna, 1857-1903
Lyall, Jean
Lyle, Agnes Gerald
Lyle, Lincoln
Lyle, William
Lynch, Gertrude
Lynch, Hannah, 1859-1904
Lynch, J. Bernard
Lynch, John G.
Lynch, Lawrence L.
Lynch, Lawrence T.
Lynde, Francis 1856-1930
Lynn, Maud
Lynn, Vera
Lyon, A. D., Mrs.
Lyon, Douglas, Captain
Lyon, Gilbert Lee
Lyon, Sylvanus
Lyon & Healy (Publisher)
Lyons, Edmund
Lyons, J. P.
Lyons, Lizzie
Lyons, Sophie
Lyons, T. Rogers
Lyster, Frederic
Lyte, Henry Francis, 1793-1847
Lyttelton, Edward, Hon.
Lyttelton, George Lyttelton, Baron, 1709-1773
Lytton, Edward, 1854 or 1855-1885
Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron, 1803-1873
L’Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704
L’Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704

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M'Allister, Bella D.
M'Alpine, R. W.
M'Blain, James
M'Cann, John E.
M'Caslin, Mattie
M'Cawley, M. F., Mrs.
M'Cormack, M. P. C.
M'elhone, Nell K.
M'Elwell, Flora
M'Faden, Mildred S.
M'Gee, Lizzie
M'Glynn, M. J.
M'Gregor, Donald R.
M'Keever, Abbie C.
M'Lane, S. A., Mrs.
M'Laughlin, Rose
M'Lean, W. Hector
M'Nall, Lura
M., A.
M., A. K.
M., A. L.
M., A. P.
M., C.
M., C. A.
M., C. F.
M., C. O.
M., D. B.
M., D. C.
M., E.
M., E. P.
M., F.
M., G. E.
M., G. J.
M., Geo S.
M., H. L.
M., Harry
M., J.
M., J. C.
M., J. R.
M., L.
M., Lulu
M., M.
M., M. L.
M., M. W.
M., N. Y.
M., R. E.
M., T.
M., Tillie
M., U.
M., W. E.
M., W. H.
M., W. K.
M., W. M.
M., W. R.
M., W. Y.
M., Z.
Maartens, Maarten, 1858-1915
Maberly, Mrs.
MacArthur, Adella R.
Macarthy, Daniel
Macarthy, J. M.
Macaulay, James, 1817-1902
Macaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron, 1800-1859
Maccabe, Frederic
MacCulloch, James Hunter
Macdonald, George, 1824-1905
Macdonald, W., Professor
MacDougal, Frank H.
Macé, G. (Gustave), 1835-1904
Macevily, Thomas
Macfadden, Bernarr, 1868-1955
MacFarlane, Margaret Russell
Macgowan, R. W.
MacGrath, Harold 1871-1932
MacGrath, Harold, 1871-1932
MacGregor, Angus
MacGregor, Duncan, 1787-1881
Machray, Robert, 1857-1946
Mack, Deber
Mack, John A.
Mackay, Archibald
Mackay, Charles, 1814-1889
Mackay, Eric, 1851-1898
MacKaye, Steele, 1842-1894
Mackenzie, Henry, 1745-1831
Mackenzie, R. Shelton (Robert Shelton), 1809-1880
Mackey, R. J.
Mackie, Clarissa
Mackie, John
Mackinnon, Albert Glenthorn, 1871-1939
Mackintosh, Lieut.
MacKnight, James Arthur, 1855-1923
MacLaren, Gordon
MacLaren, Ian, 1875-1952
MacLean, Charles A. (MacLean, Charles Agnew, 1880-1928)
Maclean, Clara Dargan
MacLeod, Norman, 1839-1929
Maclure, David
MacManus, S. B.
MacManus, Seumas, 1869-1960
Macnab, Frances
Macon, J. A. (John Alfred), 1851-
Macquoid, Katharine S. (Katharine Sarah), 1824-1917
MacVane, Edith
Macy, Howard W., 1843?-
Macy, W. H. (William Hussey), 1826-1891
Mad-Cap Ina
Madame Anderson
Madison, James, 1751-1836
Madison, Lucy Foster
Magargel, Percy F.
Magee, Knox
Magnay, William, Sir
Magoon, E. L. (Elias Lyman), 1810-1886
Magoon, Jas. (James)
Maher, William H., 1846-1913
Mail, N. Y.
Mainsail, Captain
Mairet, Jeanne, 1843-
Maitland, C. V.
Maitland, Clive
Majendie, Margaret, Lady, 1850-
Major Larrabee, Mrs.
Malcolm, Evelyn
Malcolm, Florence
Malcolm, Sir John, 1769-1833
Malden, H. Eliot (Henry Elliot)
Malen, M. E. O.
Malet, L.
Malet, Lucas, 1852-1931
Mallock, William Hurrell, 1849-1923
Malot, Hector, 1830-1907
Malott, Josie C.
Malott, W. W.
man, A Plain's
Man Who Discovered the murderer, The
Mandeville, John, 1654 or 1655-1725
Maningher, E. W.
Manlove, Oliver Perry
Manly, Ellen
Manly, J. G., Jr.
Manly, Marline, 1854-1938
Mann, Horace, 1796-1859
Manners, Charles T.
Manning, Bessie F.
Manning, James, Captain
Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929
Manship, Charles Eldridge
Manson, George J.
Mantegazza, Paul, 1831-1910
Manton, W. P.
Manville, Helen A., 1839-
Manzoni, Alessandro
Maquenoise, Raoul De
Mar, Helen
Mara, Frank
Marble, Callie Bonney
Marble, Earl
Marble, Reade H.
Marblestone, Harry
March, Anne
March, Diana
Marchmont, Arthur W., 1852-1923
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180
Marden, Leslie
Marean, Beatrice
Margetson, George Reginald
Marigold, Maggie
Marion, Frank
Marion, Frederick Howe
Markell, C. F. (Charles Frederick), 1855-1941
Markham, Lucius
Marks, Mary A. M.
Marks, Nora
Markward, Frank
Marley, Clement R.
Marlin, Sylvester
Marlitt, E. (Eugenie), 1825-1887
Marnan, Basil
Marnell, Garnett
Marr, Kate Thyson, -1907
Marriott, Crittenden, 1867-1932
Marryat, Captain
Marryat, Florence, 1837-1899
Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848
Marsh, Annette
Marsh, Charles L. (Charles Leonard), 1854?-1930
Marsh, Inez
Marsh, Laura B.
Marsh, Rhuddlan
Marsh, Richard
Marsh-Caldwell, Anne, 1791-1874
Marshall, Edison 1894-1967
Marshall, Emma, 1830-1899
Marshall, Frank
Marshall, Frederic
Marshall, John J.
Marshall, Mildred
Marshall, Nelly Miss, 1845-1898
Marston, Ellis
Marston, Philip Bourke, 1850-1887
Martin, A. M.
Martin, Ada Louise
Martin, Ella
Martin, George P.
Martin, Helen Reimensnyder, 1868-1939
Martin, Mrs. Hebert
Martin, R. D.
Martin, Theodore, 1816-1909
Martine, Max, Major
Martineau, Harriet
Marvel, Ik., 1822-1908
Marvin, Constance
Marvin, Frederic Rowland, 1847-1918
Marvin, Jennie
Marvine, M. J.
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883
Mary, Jules, 1851-1922
Mason, Caroline A. (Caroline Atherton), 1823-1890
Mason, Charles Welsh
Mason, Edward Wilbur
Mason, Edwin D.
Mason, Elizabeth
Mason, Elmer Brown
Mason, Frank E.
Mason, Grace S., 1877-
Mason, Louis Bond
Mason, T. B., Rev.
Mason, Tom
Masson, George H.
Masson, Thomas L.
Masteller, Jean Carwile
Masterman, G. J.
Masterson, Kate
Mathers, Helen B. (Helen Buckingham), 1853-1920
Matheson, E.
Mathews, Frances Aymar
Mathews, W. G., Mrs.
Matthews, Brander, 1852-1929
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, J. N.
Matthews, J. W.
Matthews, James Newton
Matthews, Stanley F.
Matthews, Stanley R.
Maude, F.W.
Maurice, Richard S. (Richard Steel), 1827-1868
Maurice, Sidney
Mauris, Maurice
Maury, Magruder
Mawder, Chas. L.
Maxwell, (William Babington)
Maxwell, Cecil
Maxwell, G.
Maxwell, Henry
Maxwell, Peter Benson, 1817-1893
Maxwell, W. B. (William Babington) 1866-1938
Maxwell, W. H. (William Hamilton), 1792-1850
Maxwell-Converse, Bracebridge
Maxwell-Converse, Harriet
May, Caroline
May, Cora
May, Ethel
May, Fanny
May, Florence Edna
May, George T. (George Thomas), 1816-1893
May, Julia
May, Margery Land
May, Nellie
Mayington, Lewis
Maylie, Nora
Maynard, Robert, Capt.
Mayne, John, 1759-1836
Mayo, Earl
Mayo, Isabella, 1843-1914
Mayville, Eda
McAllister, Ward, 1827-1895
McArthur, Alexander
McArthur, P.
McB., J. C.
McBlain, James
McBlain, Jas.
McBride, H. Elliott
McCabe, James D., 1842-1883
McCable, Lida Rose
McCain, Mack
McCallum, D. C.
McCann, John E.
McCann, Richard
McCants, Elliott Crayton, 1865-1953
McCardell, Roy L. (Roy Larcom), 1870-
McCarthy, Justin H. (Justin Huntly), 1860-1936
McCarthy, Louise
McCartney, Florence
McCarty, P. J.
McCay, S.C.
McClelland, J. W.
McClelland, M. G. (Mary Greenway), 1853-1895
McCleneghan, Alexander
McColl, Evan
McComb, D. M., Mrs.
McCormick, Brooks, 1822-1897
Mccormick, Stephen
McCowan, Archibald
McCoy, John F.
McCrae, John, 1872-1918
Mccray, Frank
McCulloch, Robert W.
McCullough, Annie Willis, active 1889-1916
McCurdy, James Kyrle
McDonald, Bertha R.
McDonald, George
Mcdonald, R. J.
McDougall, Walter Hugh, 1858-1938
McElroy, K. G.
McEvily, T. J.
McFadden, Mildred S.
McFlimsey, Flora
McGaffey, Ernest, 1861-
Mcgee, Howard Hawthorne
McGee, Robert, approximately 1848-
McGinty, Dan
McGlasson, Eva Wilder, 1870-1915
McGonigle, John J.
McGovern, John, 1850-1917
McGregor, Archie
Mcgregor, Donal F. R.
McGuire, H.
McGuire, H. N.
McHenry, Wm. R.
McIellan, Isaac, 1806-1899
McIntyre, John T. (John Thomas), 1871-1951
Mcintyre, L. J.
McIntyre, Samuel D.
McKee, John
McKeen, Captain
McKellar, Harriet
McKenna, Evelyn, 1899-1986
McKenna, Stanley
McKenzie, Donald J.
Mckenzie, James, Capt.
McKenzie, Jos. G.
Mckeone, Lucy
Mckey, Ada J.
McKinley, A.
McL., G. A. H.
McLain, T. J.
McLane, Alexander, Colonel
McLaws, Lafayette, 1863-
McLean, Charles Agnew
McLean, Sally Pratt, Miss
McLellan, Isaac, 1806-1899
McLoughlin, Maurice E.
Mcluew, David
McManus, G. B.
McManus, L.
McMillan, Alec, Mrs.
McMillan, W. F.
Mcnally, John T.
McNeal, Everett
McNeil, Walter Norris
McNutt, William Slavens, 1885-1938
McPhelim, E. J.
McPoet, Pat
McV, W. R.
McVeany, James Edward
McWade, Robert M.
Mead, Harry M.
Mead, Leon, 1861-
Mead, Reginald F.
Mead, W. Leon
Meade, C. F.
Meade, L. T., 1854-1914
Meade, Willis S.
Meadows, John
Meagher, Thomas Francis, 1823-1867
Mearson, Lyon, 1888-1966
Meehan, John James
Meeker, N. C. (Nathan Cook), 1817-1879
Meeser, G. F. (George F.)
Meguire, Abby Swain
Meikleham, E. A.
Meinhold, Wilhelm
Mellen, William H.
Melton, Ada C.
Melville, Charles K.
Melville, May
Melville, Velma Caldwell
Melville, Victor
Member of the Signal Corps, A
Mendum, Bedloe
Menger, R. (Rudolph), 1851-1921
Menke, L.G.
Menken, Isaac
Mercer, Frank
Meredith, C. Leon
Meredith, George, 1828-1909
Meredith, Hugh
Meredith, Maud
Meredith, Owen, 1831-1891
Meredith, William T.
Merideth, Maud
Merighi, Caroline A.
Mérimée, Prosper, 1803-1870
Merivale, Herman Charles, 1839-1906
Meriwether, Lide
Merrick, Mark
Merrie, Tom
Merrill, Fannie
Merrill, George E. (George Edmands), 1846-1908
Merrill, J. M. (James Milford), 1847-1936
Merrill, Meg
Merrill, Milford J.
Merriman, Effie W., 1857-
Merriman, Henry Seton, 1862-1903
Merritt, James C.
Merritt, Paul
Merriweather, Jasper
Merron, Eleanor
Merryfield, Frank
Merwin, Samuel, 1874-1936
Meserve, Arthur H.
Meserve, Arthur L. (Arthur Livermore), 1838-1890
Messenger, Lillian Rozell, 1843-1921
Metcalf, David B.
Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton), 1847-1929
Michels, Philip Verrill
Michener, Carroll Kinsey, 1885-
Michener, Fanny L.
Mickles, Mary W.
Middlemass, Jean
Middlemore, Mary
Midnight, Mollie
Miers, Charlie J.
Milburn, W. H. (William Henry), Rev., 1823-1903
Mildon, J. M.
Milecete, Helen
Miles, Sarah L.
Milford, J. M.
Millard, Harrison, 1830-1895
Millbank, H. R., Captain
Miller, A.
Miller, Alex. McVeigh, Mrs.
Miller, Annie (Jenness), Mrs., 1859-
Miller, Charles W. (Dime novelist)
Miller, Elvira Synder
Miller, Emily Huntington, 1833-1913
Miller, Fanny
Miller, Freeman E.
Miller, Harry
Miller, Hazel
Miller, Henry T., Rev
Miller, Hettie E.
Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913
Miller, Joseph D.
Miller, Martha Carolyne Keller
Miller, Maud, -1901
Miller, Theo. D. C., M. D.
Miller, Warne, M.D.
Miller & Beacham (Publisher)
Milligan, Mrs.
Million, M. J.
Mills, Harrie Estelle
Mills, Harry
Mills, Joe
Milman, E. A. (Edward Augustus)
Milman, Harry DuBois
Milton, John, 1608-1674
Minto, William, 1845-1893
Minton, Maurice M.
Minturn, Edward
Miss J. B.
Missimer, Wilson Clay
Mitchell, Prof.
Mitchell, Agnes Lewis
Mitchell, Allan P.
Mitchell, D. W., Mrs.
Mitchell, Donald Grant, 1822-1908
Mitchell, Lalia
Mitchell, Lige
Mitchell, Lilliace Montgomery
Mitchell, Mary, Mrs.
Mitchell, Mott
Mitchell, O. M. (Ormsby MacKnight), Major-General, 1809-1862
Mitchell, Violet Etynge
Mitford, Bertram, 1855-1914
Mithcell, Agnes E., Mrs.
Mizzen, Mat.
Moberly, L. G. (Lucy Gertrude), 1860-
Modricker, A. H. (Albert H.)
Moffett, Cleveland, 1863-1926
Mohawk, Major
Molden, Jack
Molesworth, Mrs., 1839-1921
Mollering, F.
Molloy, J. Fitzgerald (Joseph Fitzgerald), 1858-1908
Molloy, J. L.
Molnar, Terence
Monfort, Harry
Monkland, Mrs.
Monroe, Harriet, 1860-1936
Monson, A. C.
Monstery, Thomas Hoyer, 1824-1901
Montague, Charles Howard, 1858-1889
Montague, Clinton, Esq.
Montague, Jas. D.
Montague, Pauline
Montcalm, Henri
Montcalm, Marguerite
Monteverd, Paul
Monteverde, Frank L.
Montford, N. A.
Montfort, Thomas P.
Montgomery, A. B.
Montgomery, Allan
Montgomery, Frank, 1870-1944
Montgomery, George Edgar
Montgomery, H. L.
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud), 1874-1942
Montgomery, Laura Reid
Montgomery, Richard R.
Montrésor, F. F. (Frances Frederica), -1934
Montrose, Marie
Monty, Flora A.
Moodey, Martha Livingston
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899
Moody, Martha Livingston
Mooney, Herbert Ridley
Mooney, James
Moore, Arthur, 1866-
Moore, Bernard Francis
Moore, Frank B.
Moore, Frank Frankfort, 1855-1931
Moore, George, 1852-1933.
Moore, H. A.
Moore, Harry
Moore, Julius
Moore, Marvin
Moore, Millie
Moore, R. J.
Moore, Thomas, 1779-1852
Moorhead, Frank Graham, 1876-
Moorlan, Kate
Moqué, Alice Lee, 1863-1919
Mora, Orlando R.
Moran, John
Moran, Jos. F.
Moran, William J.
Morange, N. B., Mrs.
Mordeaux, Humphrey
More, Coralyn
More, E. Anson (Enoch Anson), 1854-1932
More, Ellen
More, Hannah, 1745-1833
More, K. Temple
More, Thomas, Saint, 1478-1535
Moreau, Émile, 1850-1920
Morehead, George
Morgan, Commodore
Morgan, Carrie Blake
Morgan, Charles P.
Morgan, Curtis C.
Morgan, Ed. Nash, Mrs.
Morgan, Gerald
Morgan, J. O.
Morgan, Thomas P.
Moritz, Karl Philipp, 1756-1793
Morley, Susan
Morrell, Arthur
Morris, Anthony P. (Anthony Paschal), Jr., 1849-1921
Morris, C. D.
Morris, Charles, 1833-1922
Morris, Charles B.
Morris, Clara, 1848-1925
Morris, G. W.
Morris, George Pope, 1802-1864
Morris, Gouverneur, 1876-1953
Morris, Ida Goldsmith
Morris, Wilfred
Morrison, Arthur, 1863-1945
Morrison, Hetty A. (Hetty Athon)
Morrison, Mary
Morrow, Abbie Clemens
Morrow, Sadie O.
Morrow, W. C., 1854-1923.
Morse, A.
Morse, George Henry
Morse, J. Cutting
Morse, Philip
Morse, Robert E.
Mortimer, Grace
Mortimer, Ruth
Morton, Clara
Morton, Henry
Morton, John Maddison, 1811-1891
Morton, Martha, 1865-1925
Morton, Ralph
Morton, S. S. (Susan S.)
Mosby, John Singleton, 1833-1916
Mosen, Julius, 1803-1867
Moser, Maurice
Moss, Garry
Motley, John Lothrop, 1814-1877
Mott, Edward Harold, 1845-
Mott, Walter Fenton
Mott, Winfield F.
Moulton, Lewis H.
Moulton, Louise Chandler, 1835-1908
Mr. Henderson
Mrs. Abby
Mrs. Barbauld
Mrs. Diehl
Mrs. Rogers
Mudge, Zachariah Atwell, 1813-1888
Mühlbach, L. (Luise), 1814-1873
Muir, Alan
Muir, Olive Beatrice
Mulford, James M.
Mulgrove, Dayton
Mulhern, Lizzie M.
Muller, Billex
Muller, William
Mulock, Miss (Dinah Maria), 1826-1887
Mumford, Ethel Watts 1878-1940
Mundt, Theodore
Mundy, Talbot 1879-1940
Munger, Charles A. (Charles Alanson), 1830-1873
Munkittrick, R. K. (Richard Kendall)
Munro, David, Mrs.
Munro, Duncan
Munroe, Kirke
Munson, George
Munson, Ida Norton, 1877-
Murdock, Philip
Murphy, Maggie
Murphy, Nicholas P.
Murray, Lieutenant, 1820-1895
Murray, Captain
Murray, Charles Augustus
Murray, David Christie, 1847-1907
Murray, F. F.
Murray, Hamilton
Murray, Inspector
Murray, M. M., Lt.
Murray, Sidney J.
Musick, John R. (John Roy), 1849-1901
Musset, Alfred de, 1810-1857
Muzzey, Annie L.
Muzzy, Annie L.
My Young Wife's Husband
Myers, Cortland, Rev., D. D.
Myers, D. G.
Myers, D. J.
Myers, Ella E.
Myers, Frederick W. H.
Myers, P. Hamilton (Peter Hamilton), 1812-1890
Myers, Robert C. V.
Mylne, Miss
Myrick, Herbert, 1860-
Myrtle, Mon

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N., C.
N., E. A., Doctor
N., E. D., Mrs.
N., G. H. F.
N., I.
N., P.
N., R. M.
N., W. D.
Naismith, Andrew M.
Nash, Jolly
Nathan, Ray Trum
Neal, Alice B.
Neal, John, 1793-1876
Neale, W. J.
Nealley, Rose D.
Nealy, Mary E.
Neaves, Lord, 1800-1876
Nebraska Ned
Ned, Uncle
Needell, J. H., Mrs., 1830-1922
Needham, Henry Beach, 1871-1915
Neele, F. Woodward
Neeson, Victor E.
Neihardt, John G., 1881-1973
Neil, Miss E.
Neil, Ross
Neill, E.
Neill, M. E.
Nelson, D.
Nelwoure, Arthur
Nemo, 1852-1933
Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924
Nesbit, Wilbur D. (Wilbur Dick), 1871-1927
Nevada Ned
Nevin, D. E.
New, Archey Cameron
New, Clarence Herbert, 1862-1933
New Contributor, A
New York detective
New York gentleman
Newberry, Fannie E. (Fannie Ellsworth), 1848-1942
Newbolt, Henry John, Sir, 1862-1938
Newcomb, 1847-1888, Bobby
Newell, R. H. (Robert Henry), 1836-1901
Newman, C. T.
Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890
Newman, Maude
Newman, Mrs.
Newmarch, F. P.
Newton, Harry L., 1872-
Niblo, George
Nichols, Bowyer, 1859-1939
Nichols, Clifton M. (Clifton Melvin), 1830-1903
Nichols, I. M.
Nichols, J. B. B. (John Bowyer Buchanan), 1859-1939
Nicholson, J. Shield (Joseph Shield), 1850-1927
Nicholson, James L.
Nicholson, Meredith, 1866-1947
Niemann, August
Niffin, Peggy
Nigel, Fitz
Niles, Eva M.
Niles, Nathaniel, 1741-1828
Nipper, Nick
Nisbet, Hume, 1849-1923
Niven, Edwand A.
Nixon, Neal
Noak, Pompey
Noble, Annette Lucile, 1844-1932
Noble, Edward
Nobles, Milton, 1847-1924
Noblit, Dell
Noe, Mary L.
Noel, Henry Taylor
Noel, Lady Augusta
Norcross, John E.
Nord, Emil von
Nordau, Max Simon, 1849-1923
Norec, A.
Norman, Maria Mona
Norris, Charles
Norris, Edith Mary, 1858-
Norris, Frank, 1870-1902
Norris, Kathleen (1880-1966)
Norris, Maria Mitchell
Norris, Mary Harriott, 1848-1919
Norris, Stanley
Norris, William Edward, 1847-1925
North, Barclay, 1843-1915
North, Franklin H.
North, Ingoldsby
North, Jael
Northrup, Fannie
Norton, Andrews, 1786-1853
Norton, Clara
Norton, Frank H. (Frank Henry), 1836-1921
Norton, Hon. Caroline
Norton, S. F. (Seymour Francis), 1843?-1912
Nosirrom, M. E.
Nostwell, E. K.
Not Hans Breitmann
Notley, F. E. M. (Frances Eliza Millett), 1820-1912
Notlimah, Knarf
Nott, Dr.
Nox, Bill
Noyes, E. S.
Nuff, Noah
Nugent, James, Inspector
Nunes, Joseph A., 1818-1904
Nyce, Arthur W.
Nye, Bill, 1850-1896
Nye, Isabel Clifton

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O'Boyle, Grace
O'Brien, Barbara
O'Brien, Fitz James, 1828-1862
O'Brien, Lawrence, Major
O'Brien, William
O'c, Jas
O'Connor, Arthur, 1763-1852
O'Connor, M.
O'Connor, T. P.
O'Dod, Terence
O'Donnell, Sergeant
O'Donoghue, Nannie Power
O'Flaherty, Pat
O'Gunn, Teddy
O'Hanlon, Alice
O'Meagher, Edward, Capt.
O'Neill, Buckey
O'Neill, James
O'Neill, Moira, 1864-1955
O'Neill, William Owen, 1860-1898.
O'Reardon, Wm. J.
O'Reilly, G. R.
O'Reilly, John Boyle, 1844-1890
O'Rell, Max, 1848-1903
O'rielly, Henry
O'Rouke, L.
O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar, 1844-1881
O'Sullivan, D. M.
O'Sullivan, Dennis
O'Toole, Thady
O., C. I.
O., J. M.
Oakey, John
Oakleaf, Francis
Oakley, Hester Caldwell
Oaks, Dave
Ober, Frederick F.
Ogilvie, J.S.
Ogilvie, Will H., 1869-1963
Ohl, Bessie J.
Ohmart, S. M.
Ohnet, Georges, 1848-1919
Oil City Derrick
Olafson, Hans
Old author
Old Baldy
Old Contributor
Old Cross Cut
Old Foggy
Old Hand, 1831-1913
Old Hunter, An
Old Hutch
Old Ironnerve, Jr.
Old Knickerbocker
Old Miner, 1850-1917
Old Paper
Old Person, An
Old Plainsman, An
Old Salt
Old scout
Old sea captain
Old Sleuth, 1839?-1898
Old stager
Old Tecumseh
Old trapper
Old Trapper, An
Oliphant, (Margaret), Mrs., 1828-1897
Oliphant, Laurence, 1829-1888
Oliver, James
Oliver, Marie
Oliver, N. T.
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Publisher)
Ollivant, Caroline
Ollivant, Charles
Olmis, Elizabeth
Olmstead, M. H.
Olney, Mary Allan
Ommannoy, P. G. N.
Omohundro, John Burwell, 1846-1880
One of His Victims
One of the "C. T." Corps
One of the Boys
One of the girls
One of the Kendall Troupe
One of the most gifted authors
One of the Pinkerton's Detectives
One of Them
One Who Has Been There
One Who Heard Them
One who knows
One Who Saw It
One who was "Thar"
One Who Was There
Operator No. 10
Oppenheim, E. Phillips (Edward Phillips), 1866-1946
Opper, Emma A.
Opper, Frederick Burr, 1857-1937
Optic, Odin
Optic, Oliver, 1822-1897
Orange, O. O.
Orcines, Henri d'
Ordronaux, John, 1830-1908
Ordway, N. M.
Ormsby, George F.
Orne, Caroline
Orpen, Adela E. (Adela Elizabeth Richards)
Orr, Adam C.
Orr, John W.
Orr, N., Mrs.
Orr, Nathaniel
Orred, Meta
Orsay, Harriet Anne Francis Gardiner d'
Ortmann, Reinhold, 1859-
Orwig, C. B.
Osband, Lucy A.
Osbon, John W.
Osborne, Emma Monroe
Osborne, Granville
Osborne, J. L.
Osborne, L. A.
Osborne, William
Osborne, William Hamilton, 1873-1942
Osfield, Leo G.
Osgood, Frances Sargent, 1811-1850
Osgood, Kate Putnam
Otis, James
Ottolengui, Rodrigues, 1861-1937
Ouida, 1839-1908
Our "Sibyl"
Oursler, Fulton, 1893-1952
Outcault, Richard Felton, 1863-1928
Overdeer, J. A.
Overgaard, G. F.
Overholtzer, Eliza
Overton, Gwendolin
Overton, Horace
Owen, Albert K.
Owen, Mary L.
Owens, Oliver Prof.
Owens, William E.
Oxenford, Ina
Oxenford, John
Oxley, J. Macdonald (James Macdonald), 1855-1907
Oxon, S.
Ozallo, The Incan-Pancho
Ozias, M. H., Mrs.

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P., A. B.
P., A. G.
P., C.
P., C. E.
P., D. C.
P., D. F.
P., D. N.
P., G. A.
P., H. T.
P., J. L.
P., K. A.
P., M. A.
P., N. O.
P., N. Y.
P., P.
P., S. A.
P., S. R.
P., V. G.
P., W.
P., W. C.
P. E. S., active 1868-1876
P. L. U. G.
Packer, Gay
Pad, Peter
Paddock, A. G., Mrs.
Paden, Mamie S.
Paeon, Jupiter, Dr
Page, Ann
Page, Anna Dyer
Page, Emily Rebecca
Page, G. H.
Page, Halsey
Page, Thomas Nelson, 1853-1922
Paige, Elbridge Gerry, 1816-1859
Pain, Barry
Pain, James
Paine, Albert B.
Paine, Arthur
Paine, Horace
Paine, Jennie Maxwell
Paine, Mary L.
Paine, Robert Treat, 1731-1814
Paine, Timothy Otis, 1824-1895
Palacio Valdés, Armando, 1853-1938
Palen, J. E.
Palfrey, Sara Hammond, 1823-1914
Palgrave, Francis Turner, 1824-1897
Palliser, George, 1849-1903
Palmer, Ada
Palmer, Bell Elliott
Palmer, C. R.
Palmer, Eva Pearl
Palmer, H. W.
Palmer, Lynde, 1833-1915
Palmer, Rose
Palmer, W. H., Mrs.
Palmer, William Pitt, 1805-1884
Pannell, C. H. H.
Pansy, 1841-1930
Panton, J. E. (Jane Ellen), 1847-1923
Parallel, Paul
Pardo Bazán, Emilia, condesa de, 1852-1921
Parish, Lucius H.
Park, Mungo, 1771-1806
Parke, Joseph H.
Parker, A.
Parker, Bentley
Parker, Clara
Parker, F., Jr.
Parker, Gay
Parker, George F. (George Frederick), 1847-1928
Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932
Parker, J. C.
Parker, J. M.
Parker, Jane
Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860
Parker, W. Polyblank
Parmelee, H. S.
Parnell, Delia Tudor, 1816-1898
Parr, Louisa, Mrs.
Parrish, M. B. W., Mrs.
Parrish, Mary
Parrish, Randall, 1858-1923
Parry, D. H.
Parry, William Edward, Sir, 1790-1855
Parson Pixley's Sermont
Parsons, Charles A.
Parsons, Frederick T.
Parsons, Gertrude Hext
Parsons, Loreita
Parsons, Mira Clarke
Partington, Lafayette Bigelow, Esq.
Parton, Ethel, 1862-1944
Parton, James, 1822-1891
Pastnor, Paul
Paston, George, -1936
Pastor, Tony, 1839?-1898
Patkanyan, Ṛapʻayel, 1830-1892
Patmore, Coventry, 1823-1896
Patrick, Mary, active 1877-1879
Patten, J. Alexander (James Alexander)
Patten, William G. (William Gilbert), 1866-1945
Patterson, Albert
Patterson, Howard, 1856-1916
Patterson, Nettie
Patterson, Virginia Sharpe, 1841-1913
Paul, Howard, 1835-1905
Paul, Jean, 1763-1825
Paul, Marjorie
Paulding, David
Paulding, Decatur
Paulding, James Kirke, 1778-1860
Pawling, Fred
Pawnee Bill, 1860-1942
Pawnee Jack
Paxton, Archibald J.
Paxton, Ella
Paxton, Mary
Payn, James, 1830-1898
Payne, C. A.
Payne, Dutton
Payne, Harold, 1849-1895
Payne, John Howard, 1791-1852
Payne, Ogden, Naval Cadet, U. S. N.
Payton, Corse, 1866-1934
Peabody, C. E. G.
Peabody, Mark, Mrs., 1831-1885
Peabody, Mark
Peabody, Selim H. (Selim Hobart), 1829-1903
Peach, Arthur W.
Peacock, Ida E.
Peacock, Thomas Love, 1785-1866
Pearce, John Irving, Jr.
Pearce, Samuel W., 1849-1892
Peard, Frances Mary, 1835-
Pearsall, A. C., Miss
Pearson, C. H. (Charles Henry), 1824-1906
Pearson, Clarence H.
Pearson, E. W.
Pearson, Frederick W.
Pearson, H.
Pearson, W. H. H.
Peattie, Elia Wilkinson, 1862-1935
Peck, George W. (George Wilbur), 1840-1916
Peck, Samuel Minturn, 1854-1938
Peck, William Henry, 1830-1892
Pedrose, Lawrence William
Peirce, Grace Howard
Pelham, Prince
Pellico, Silvio, 1789-1854
Pember, J. E.
Pemberton, Clive, 1881-1954
Pemberton, Jeannette
Pemberton, Max, 1863-1950
Pemberton, Woodward
Pen, A.
Pen and Scissors
Pendered, Mary L., 1858-1940
Pendleton, Edmund, 1845-
Pendleton, Louis, 1861-1939
Pendleton, Nancy Nelson
Penn, A. F.
Penn, A. Gould, Esq.
Penn, Hal
Penne, Agile
Penne, Falcon
Pennell, Mary
Penney, William Edward
Penrose, Marshall
Penrose, Richard
Peple, Edward, 1869-1924
Pepys, Samuel, 1633-1703
Percival, Henry
Percival, J.M.
Percival, James Gates 1795-1856
Percival, James O.
Percival, William, Captain
Percy, Adrian
Percy, F. A., Mrs.
Percy, Florence, 1832-1911
Percy, Harry
Percy, Jack
Percy, Mabel
Percy, Stephen
Periam, Jonathan
Perkins, Eli, 1839-1910
Perkins, M. J., Mrs.
Perrier, Amelia
Perriman, Browne
Perry, A.
Perry, Carlotta
Perry, F. C.
Perry, Harry Dennies, Lieutenant
Perry, Henry
Perry, John S.
Perry, M. Elizabeth
Perry, Nora, 1831-1896
Perry, Walter Copland, 1814-1911
Perry, William, Colonel
Peters, Kate A.
Peters, W. A.
Peters, Walter H., Esquire
Peters & Sons (Publisher)
Peterson, Charles J. (Charles Jacobs), 1819-1887
Peterson, Edward S.
Peterson, Henry, 1818-1891
Pettengill, Charlie
Pettus, Maia, 1875-
Petty, Sir William, 1623-1687
Pfeiffer, Emily, 1827-1890
Phelon, W. A.
Phelps, A. O.
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, 1844-1911
Phelps, L. L., Miss
Phelps, M. A.
Phelps, Norman
Phelps, Philip, 1826-
Phelps, S. B., Mrs.
Philip, John
Philips, L.
Philips, Wilton F.
Philkins, Ike
Phillip, Alfred O.
Phillips, Alfred R.
Phillips, Augustus G., 1838-1893
Phillips, Barnet, 1828-1905
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Ernest A.
Phillips, F. C. (Francis Charles), 1849-1921
Phillips, George D.
Phillips, L.
Phillips, Libbie Sprague
Phillips, M. E.
Phillips, N. K.
Phillips, Philip, 1834-1895
Phillips, Roland Ashford
Phillips, W. C., Jr.
Phillips, W. H.
Phillips, Watts, 1825-1874
Phillipse, Robert
Phillpotts, Eden, 1862-1960
Philp, Kenward
Phineas, -1898 or 1899
Physical Director
Picard, George H.
Pichardo, Manuel S.
Picken, L. H.
Pickering, Ellen, 1802-1843
Pickering, Marion E.
Pickhardt, Emile
Picton, Thomas, 1822-1891
Pidgin, Charles Felton, 1844-1923
Pierce, Ella Randall
Pierce, Etta W.
Pierce, Gilbert A. (Gilbert Ashville), 1841-1901
Pierce, Helen Corwin
Pierce, Jo, 1852-1929
Pierce, O. D., Miss
Pierce, Rita W.
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866
Pierson, Ernest De Lancey
Pierson, Harley C.
Pierson, Sylvanus
Pike, Albert, 1809-1891
Pike, L. M.
Pike, Nicholas, 1817-1905
Pinckney, Edward G.
Pindar, Peter, Jr.
Pinero, Arthur Wing, 1855-1934
Pinkerton, Allan
Pinkerton, John, 1758-1826
Pinkerton, Ravell
Pinkerton, William A. (William Allan), 1846-1923
Pinkley, Virgil A.
Pinkney, Francis
Piozzi, Hester Lynch, 1741-1821
Piper, A. G.
Pirkis, Catherine Louisa, 1839-1910
Pitkin, J. R. J., Judge
Pitman, M. B.
Pitman, Norman Hinsdale, 1876-1925
Pitney, A. deFord
Pitt, Chart
Pitt, Franklin
Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, 1708-1778
Pixley, Frank S.
Pixley, J. H.
Plackett, Joseph
Plain citizen
Plains, Scotch
Platt, Don, Col.
Platt, John James
Platt, S. H. (Smith H.)
Platt, S. M. D., Mrs.
Plumb, Annie
Plumley, Ladd
Plummer, Charles S.
Plummer, J. C.
Plummer, Satterlee, Captain
Plunkett, Eugène
Plunkett, Lillian
Pocock, A. D.
Pocock, J.
Podhaski, Harold F.
Poe, A. H.
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849
Poe, Peggy
Poindexter, E. D., Professor
Point, Mittie F. C.
Pole, William, 1814-1900
Police Captain Grant
Police Captains of New York
Pollard, Edward Alfred, 1831-1872
Pollard, Eliza F., 1840-1911
Pollard, J. Percival
Pollard, Josephine, 1834-1892
Pollock, Channing, 1880-1946
Pollock, F. T., Colonel
Pollock, Louise, -1901
Pollock, Walter Herries, 1850-1926
Polo, Marco, 1254-1323?
Polyblank, William E.
Pomeroy, Mark M. (Mark Mills) 1833-1896
Ponsonby, Emily Charlotte Mary
Pont-Jest, René de, 1830-1904
Pool, I. A.
Poole, John, 1786?-1872
Poole, Louella C.
Poole, Mary Belle
Pooler, C. T. (Charles Thomas)
Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744
Pope, Gustavus W., 1828-1902
Pope, William H.
Popular Author, A
Popular Southern Author, A
Porch, H. E.
Porter, Prof.
Porter, Ann E. (Ann Emerson), 1816-1898
Porter, Jane, 1776-1850
Porter, Robert P. (Robert Percival), 1852-1917
Porter, W. L.
Post, A. H.
Post, C. C. (Charles Clement)
Post, Emily, 1872-1960
Post, O. H.
Postance, William
Postgate, John W.
Potapenko, I. N. (Ignatiĭ Nikolaevich), 1856-1929
Potter, Bishop
Potter, George Boardman
Potter, I. Jay
Potter, W. W.
Potts, Eugenia Dunlap, Mrs.
Potts, Potiphar, Esq.
Powell, David Franklin, 1847-1906
Powell, Frank, Dr.
Powell, George E., -1920
Powell, J. C.
Powell, Richard Stillman, 1870-1944
Power, Cecil, 1848-1899
Power, Victor
Powers, George H.
Powers, H. N. (Horatio Nelson), 1826-1890
Powers, Thomas E.
Poynter, E. Frances (Eleanor Frances)
Poyntz, Launce
Practical, Dr.
Practical House Keeper, A
Praed, Campbell, Mrs.
Praed, Evalena, Mrs.
Pratt, A. S.
Pratt, Anges L.
Pratt, Arthur
Pratt, Ella Farman, 1837-1907
Pratt, Florence Evelyn, 1868-
Pratt, J. L.
Precisely Ring
Prentice, George D. (George Denison), 1802-1870
Prentice, George Henry
Prentice, Harry
Prentiss, E. (Elizabeth), 1818-1878
Prentiss, Noble L.
Presbrey, Eugene W. (Eugene Wiley), 1853-1931
Prescott, Harriet E., 1835-1921
Prescott, Margaret
Prescott, Marie
Prescott, Mary N., 1839?-1888
Prescott, Paul J.
Preston, Arthur, 1880-1932
Preston, Dana R.
Preston, Eleanor
Preston, Elizabeth D.
Preston, H. W. (Harriet Waters), 1836-1911
Preston, Margaret J.
Preston, Paul
Preston, Percy
Pretlow, R. E.
Pretzel, Carl, 1841-1892
Prévost, abbé, 1697-1763
Price, Alice
Price, E. D.
Price, E. E.
Price, Eleanor C. (Eleanor Catherine)
Price, Garrett, 1896-1979
Price, P. A.
Priest, Nancy Amelia Woodbury, 1836-1870
Priestly, W. E.
Prime, Paul
Prime-Stevenson, Edward, 1858-1942
Prince, L. Bradford (Le Baron Bradford), 1840-1922
Prince, Stella
Prindle, Louis Carroll
Probyn, May
Proctor, Adelaide
Proctor, Edna Dean, 1829-1923
Proctor, Paul G.
Prominent Stage Manager, A
Proudfit, David L. (David Law), 1842-1897
Provost, Agnes Louise
Pryde, David
Pryor, Paul, 1839-
Pugh, George E. (George Ellis), Hon., 2833-2876
Pullan, Mrs. (Matilda Marian)
Pullen, Vesta
Pullum, F. W.
Pungent Peter
Purcell, Paulina
Purvis, Miller
Putnam, A. P. (Alfred Porter), Rev., 1827-1906
Putnam, Arthur Lee, 1832-1899
Pyatt, Florence E.
Pye, S. A.
Pyle, Katherine

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Quackinthebush, Dr.
Quad, M., 1842-1924
Queen, Johnny
Quiet, Charles
Quigg, Lemuel Ely, 1863-1919
Quiggs, L. E.
Quigley, Ike
Quill, John
Quiller-Couch, Arthur, 1863-1944
Quiller-Couch, Lilian
Quimby, Annie Brownlee
Quince, Peter
Quinn, Arthur Hobson, 1875-1960

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R., A. E., Miss
R., A. G.
R., A. Y.
R., B. A.
R., C.
R., C. R.
R., D.
R., D. G.
R., D. H.
R., D. L.
R., E.
R., E. B.
R., E. W.
R., H. P.
R., Harry A.
R., J. S.
R., Jenny
R., L. K.
R., L. S.
R., N.
R., N. B.
R., O. H.
R., P. F.
R., R. C.
R., S. L.
R., S. W.
R., T. C.
R., T. J.
R., W.
R., W. H.
R. K. M.
Rabusson, Henry, 1850-
Radcliffe, Victor
Radford, Dollie
Raffelock, David
Ragsdale, Lulu
Raimond, C. E.
Raine, William MacLeod, 1871-1954
Rakerd, Tillie J.
Raleigh, Sir Walter, 1552?-1618
Ralph, Julian, 1853-1903
Ralph, Reckless
Ramage, C. M.
Ramrod, Lieutenant
Ramrod, Rube, Uncle
Ramsay, Alicia, 1864-1933
Ramsay, T.
Randall, Paul
Randall Diehl, Anna
Randolph, Edmund, 1753-1813
Randolph, Geoffrey
Randolph, Grace
Randolph, J. H., Lieutenant
Randolph, John
Rankin, Arthur L.
Rankin, J. E. (Jeremiah Eames), Rev., 1828-1904
Ransom, Ruth
Rantoul, Robert
Ranza, S. P.
Rarey, J. S. (John Solomon), 1827-1866
Raspe, Rudolf Erich, 1737-1794
Ratcliffe, Henry
Rath, E. J.
Rathborne, St. George, 1854-1938
Rathbun, Fay F.
Ratlin, Jack
Ratlin, Rob
Rattlehead, David, 1826-1903
Rattler, Corporal Morgan
Rau, Herbert
Rau, Heribert, 1813-1876
Rave, Herman
Rawlence, Guy, 1888-
Rawlinson, George, 1812-1902
Rawson, Maud Stepney
Rawson, S. P.
Ray, Frank
Ray, Mason
Ray, Mat
Raymond, Anna
Raymond, Clyde
Raymond, George
Raymond, P. T.
Raymond, Ralph
Raymond, Rob (Robert Raikes), 1817-1888
Raymond, Ruth
Raymund, Lila
Rayne, M. L. (Martha Louise)
Rayner, Olive Pratt, 1848-1899
Raynor, G.
Razor-strop Man
Read, Chauncey
Read, Opie, 1852-1939
Read, Thomas Buchanan, 1822-1872
Reade, Charles, 1814-1884
Reade, Compton, 1834-1909
Reade, Cordelia
Reade, Phillip
Reaves, John P.
Rebak, Henry
Recent Visitor, A
Redcliffe, Victor
Reddall, Henry Frederic, 1856-1921
Redfield, Martin, 1857-1948
Redlich, Hermann L.
Redpath, James, 1833-1891
Redwing, Morris, 1847-1936
Reed, C. W.
Reed, E. H.
Reed, Enos. B.
Reed, F. W.
Reed, Isaac George
Reed, Laura Coates
Reed, Mary
Reed, P. Fishe (Peter Fishe)
Reed, Rebecca Perley
Reed, Rheta M.
Reed, Wallace Putnam
Rees, Emerine Stratton
Reese, Lizette Woodworth, 1856-1935
Reese, Lowell Otus, 1866-1948
Reeve, Clara, 1729-1807
Reeve, James Knapp, 1856-1933
Reeve, W. B.
Reeves, W. H.
Regan, Dan
Regester, Seeley, 1831-1885
Reichhard, J. F., Mrs.
Reid, Christian
Reid, Hal, 1863-1920
Reid, Isabel H.
Reid, Mayne, 1818-1883
Reid, William
Reifsnider, Anne Cyrene Porter
Rellek, S. H.
Remington, Earle
Renaud, Edward
Rent, James
Resco, Alf
Retired banker
Retired broker
Returned Soldier
Reunnion, Jas. B.
Revenue Detective, A
Revere, Paul
Rexdale, Robert, 1859-1929
Rexford, Eben E. (Eben Eugene), 1848-1916
Rexford, George C.
Reybaud, Charles, Mme, 1802-1871
Reynolds, Beatrice
Reynolds, Farmer
Reynolds, George
Reynolds, George W. M. (George William MacArthur), 1814-1879
Reynolds, Howard
Reynolds, Isobel M.
Reynolds, J. Bolingbroke
Reynolds, J. J.
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, John M.
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, 1723-1792
Reynoldson, T. H. (Thomas Herbert), 1808?-1888
Rhines, Claire Fitzhugh
Rhoades, Howard Philip
Rhode, John, 1884-1964
Rhodes, Harrison
Rice, A. G.
Rice, Alice Caldwell Hegan, 1870-1942
Rice, James, 1843-1882
Rice, Pat
Richard, Brinley
Richards, Gale
Richards, J. P.
Richardson, Albert D. (Albert Deane), 1833-1869
Richardson, Charles F. (Charles Francis), 1851-1913
Richardson, George A.
Richardson, Hale Howard
Richardson, Leander Pease, 1856-1918
Richardson, Major (John), 1796-1852
Richardson, Mary, Miss.
Richardson, S. D.
Richardson, Samuel
Richardson, Sherman D.
Richebourg, Emile, 1833-1898
Richepin, Jean, 1849-1926
Richie, L.
Richmond, E. J., Mrs., 1825-
Richmond, Legh, 1772-1827
Richter, Jean Paul Friedrich
Rickaby, Frank C.
Rickert, Carol
Rickert, Carol
Riddell, J. H., Mrs., 1832-1906
Riddle, A. G. (Albert Gallatin), 1816-1902
Rideing, William H. (William Henry), 1853-1918
Ridenour, William B.
Ridgway, Delaplaine
Ried, T. B.
Rigby, Elizabeth
Rigdon, Elmer
Riggs, E. C.
Riis, Jacob A. (Jacob August), 1849-1914
Riley, Gen.
Riley, James Whitcomb, 1849-1916
Ring, Max, 1817-1901
Ringgold, Barry
Ringwalk, Rosa B.
Ringwood, Captain
Ringwood, Ralph
Riphle, Minnie
Ripley, Emma B.
Ripley, M. A.
Rita, 1860-1938
Ritchie, Anne Thackeray, 1837-1919
Ritchie, Edna Dean
Ritchie, L.
Ritter, John P.
Ritter, Lucy A.
Rivers, Edna L.
Rivers, Guy
Rivers, L. Aiken
Rives, Amélie, 1863-1945
Roach, Abby Meguire
Robbins, E. P.
Robbins, Susan Brown, -1910
Roberts, Alexander, Baron von, 1845-1896
Roberts, Charles G. D., Sir, 1860-1943
Roberts, Lee M.
Roberts, Margaret, 1833-1919
Roberts, Morley, 1857-1942
Roberts, Theodore Goodridge (1877-1953)
Robertson, Alexander, M.D., 1854-1938
Robertson, Beulah
Robertson, Frank C. (Frank Chester), 1890-1969
Robertson, Harrison
Robertson, Muirhead
Robertston, D. J.
Robida, Albert, 1848-1926
Robie, D. Channing
Robins, E. P.
Robins, Elizabeth,1862-1952
Robins, G. M.
Robins, Seelin
Robinson, A.
Robinson, Adelaide Fox
Robinson, Doane, 1856-1946
Robinson, Edward A.
Robinson, Emma
Robinson, F. W. (Frederick William), 1830-1901
Robinson, Frances Mabel
Robinson, George W., 1843-1913
Robinson, Hercules, U.S.A.
Robinson, J. H. (John Hovey)
Robinson, Jack
Robinson, Lella B.
Robinson, Mary A.
Robinson, Solon, 1803-1880
Robinson, Ted
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, Tracy, 1833-1915
Roby, James
Roche, James Jeffrey, 1847-1908
Roche, Jeff
Roche, Regina Maria, 1764?-1845
Rock, Gilbert
Rock, M.
Rockstraw, Ed
Rockstroh, Ed.
Rockwood, Harry, 1832-1873
Rockwood, Roy
Rodenlie, Mary
Rodman, Emerson, 1840-1916
Rodman, Hugh P.
Rodman, Laura Blair
Roe, A. S. (Azel Stevens), 1798-1886
Roe, Alma
Roe, E. T.
Roe, Edward Payson, 1838-1888
Roe, Edward Reynolds
Roe, Egbert G.
Roe, J. Harcourt, Mrs
Roesner, Oscar H.
Rogers, Charles Gordon
Rogers, Ettie
Rogers, Geo. F.
Rogers, George W.
Rogers, Ida E.
Rogers, N. P.
Rogers, W. M.
Rolfe, Maro O. (Maro Orlando), 1852-1925
Rolleston, T. W. (Thomas William), 1857-1920
Rollins, Alice Wellington, 1847-1897
Rollins, Frank West, 1860-1915
Rollston, Addie D.
Romans, H. R.
Romans, Hiram Rice
Rood, Rufus
Rooney, Pat, 1844-1892
Roosevelt, Wyn, 1870-
Root, George F. (George Frederick), 1820-1895
Root & Cady (Publisher)
Roscommon, M. A.
Rose, Lottie M.
Rose, Walter A.
Rose, Walter E.
Rose, White
Rosenberg, C. G. (Charles G.)
Rosenkrans, Jno. J.
Roslyn, Guy
Ross, Albert, 1851-1916
Ross, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1842?-1897
Ross, Clinton, 1861-1920
Ross, Edwin
Ross, Eric St. C. K., active 19th century
Ross, Frank E.
Ross, John D.
Ross, S. B. (Sandra B.)
Ross, Sam Walter
Ross, Stephen B.
Ross, Stephen W.
Ross, William F.
Rosse, Oliver K.
Rosseau, Lovell S., Hon.
Rosseau, Victor
Rossetti, Christina Georgina, 1830-1894
Rossi, Lambouillet, Dr.
Rostand, Edmond, 1868-1918
Roth, Clara B.
Roucolle, Adrienne
Rougemont, Claire, Mme
Rouler, Edouard L.
Rounds, R. A., Mrs.
Rouse, Thayer
Roush, Siegel
Rousseau, Victor, 1879-1960
Rousselet, Louis, 1845-1929
Routledge, Edmund, 1843-1899
Rowcroft, Charles
Rowe, Ida
Rowe, James, 1865-1933
Rowe, James, active 1820-1897
Rowlands, Effie Adelaide, 1866-1936
Rowson, Mrs., 1762-1824
Roy, M. J.
Roy, Ralph
Roy, Rob
Royal, Matt
Royal, Ralph
Royal True
Royle, Edwin Milton, 1862-1942
Rud, Anthony M. (Anthony Melville), 1893-1942
Ruffini, Giovanni, 1807-1881
Ruppius, Otto, 1819-1864
Rushmore, Cecille
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900
Russell, B. Frank
Russell, C.
Russell, C. P.
Russell, Daisy
Russell, Dora
Russell, Ellen T.
Russell, Henry
Russell, Irwin, 1853-1879
Russell, J. (John), 1793-1863
Russell, Lucy May
Russell, M. L.
Russell, Marion Sloan, 1845-1936
Russell, Mrs.
Russell, S. Wright
Russell, Sol Smith, 1848-1902
Russell, W. Clark (William Clark), 1844-1911
Russell, William Clark, 1844-1911
Russell & Patee (Publisher)
Russell & Tolman (Publisher)
Russian of Derzhaven
Rutherford, Philip
Ruthven, Rosalie
Ruttan, Mattie B.
Rutter, Edith
Ryan, Andrew
Ryan, John D.
Ryan, John W.
Ryan, Marah Ellis, 1866-1934
Ryder, E. P.
Ryder, Eliot
Ryder, T. P.
Ryman, Fred S. (Fred Shelley)
Rymer, James Malcolm, approximately 1814-1884

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S., A. M.
S., Addie
S., B.
S., C. F.
S., C. M.
S., C. W.
S., D.
S., E.
S., E. A.
S., E. C.
S., E. L.
S., E. M.
S., E. V.
S., F. D.
S., F. L.
S., G. D.
S., H. J
S., H. O.
S., J., Professor
S., J.
S., J. M., Mrs.
S., J. R.
S., J. W.
S., K. A.
S., K. C.
S., L.
S., M. E.
S., M. H.
S., M. S.
S., N. Y.
S., P. B.
S., P. E.
S., S.
S., St. M.
S., W.
S., Y.
S., Y. T.
S. Brainard & Son (Publisher)
S. G. D.
S. T. Gordon (Publisher)
Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes, 1547-1616
Sabin, Edwin L. (1870-1952)
Sacher-Masoch, Leopold, Ritter von, 1835-1895
Sadler, Mary E.
Safford, Mary J.
Sage, Rufus B., 1817-1893
Sage & Sons (Publisher)
Saint-Mars, Gabrielle Anne Cisterne de Courtiras, vicomtesse de, 1804-1872
Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de, 1737-1814
Sala, George Augustus
Sales, Pierre, 1856-1921
Salmon, Arthur L. (Arthur Leslie), 1865-
Saltus, Edgar, 1855-1921
Saltus, Francis S., 1849-1889
Samlley, Harry J.
Samosata, Lucian of
Samson, Becca Middleton
Samuel, Selma
San Francisco Charlie
Sanborn, Edwin D. (Edwin David), 1808-1885
Sanborn, Kate A. (Kate Ann), 1839-1917
Sand, George, 1804-1876
Sanders, Charles W. (Charles Walton), 1805-1889
Sanders, Emma
Sandford, E. A.
Sanford, Laura
Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth Munson, 1838-1912
Sappington, T L.
Sara, Delle, Colonel
Sardou, Victorien, 1831-1908
Sargent, C. E.
Sargent, Epes, 1813-1880
Sargent, H. S. (Harry S.)
Sarmiento, F. L.
Sartoris, Adelaide Kemble
Saunders, John
Saunier, Bertha Seavey
Sause, Judson
Savage, M. W.
Savage, Minot J. (Minot Judson), 1841-1918
Savage, Richard Henry, 1846-1903
Savile-Clarke, Clara
Saville, E. Faucit, Mrs., -1879
Saville, W. A.
Sawyer, B. F.
Sawyer, Charles Carroll
Sawyer, Eugene T. (Eugene Taylor), 1846-1924
Sawyer & Thompson (Publisher)
Saxby, Howard
Saxe, Burton, 1836-1883
Saxe, John Godfrey, 1816-1887
Saxton, Steve
Sayre, Gordon, 1894-1971
Scadding, S. W.
Scallan, R., Lieut.
Scallard, Clinton
Scalvini, Antonio
Scanlan, Michael
Schackleford, Capt. Jack
Schiller, Friedrich, 1759-1805
Schilling, Rose L.
Schindler, Solomon, 1842-1915
Schneider, Louis
Scholl, Warren
Schrader, Frederick Franklin, 1857-
Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
Schubin, Ossip, 1854-1934
Schücking, Levin, 1814-1883
Schultz, F. W. (Frederick Walter), 1840-
Schultz, Jeanne
Schurz, Carl, 1829-1906
Schuyler, Eugene, Mrs.
Schwartz, William B.
Schwatka, Lieut. Frederick, 1849-1892
Schwerin, Countess
Scobee, Barry
Scobie, George F.
Scofield, Grace
Scollard, Clinton, 1860-1932
Scott, Clement W. (Clement William), 1841-1904
Scott, Donna Reith
Scott, F. N.
Scott, F. T.
Scott, Frederick George
Scott, Genio C.
Scott, H. E.
Scott, H. E., Major
Scott, Henry E.
Scott, J. R.
Scott, Jennie, Mrs.
Scott, Jessie
Scott, Michael
Scott, Sam S., 1849-1924
Scott, Walter, 1771-1832
Scott, Walter C.
Scovil, Jas. M.
Scribbler, Wood B.
Scriven, Alma
Scudder, Edwin S.
Scudder, Henry Martyn, Rev., 1822-1895
Scudder, Philip E.
Scudder, William Henry
Seabury, Edwin D.
Seagrist, John A.
Search, George W.
Seaver, Jane Gray
Seawell, Molly Elliot, 1860-1916
Sebring, L. B., Miss
Sedgwick, Irving M.
See, Willie
Seely, Howard, 1856-1894
Segar, Joseph Eggleston, 1804-1885
Seibe, Hapsburg
Seiver, Julia A. B.
Selden, John, 1584-1654
Self-made man, 1853-1915
Selwyn, Blanche, Miss.
Senarens, Lu
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
Senrac, Ladnar J.
Sep. Winner & Co. (Publisher)
Sergeant, Adeline, 1851-1904
Sergeant, John
Sergt. Lacy
Serrano, Mary J. (Mary Jane), -1923
Service, Robert W. (Robert William), 1874-1958
Seton, William, 1835-1905
Severance, J. T.
Severson, Arthur H.
Sewall, Arthur
Seward, William H. (William Henry), 1801-1872
Sewell, Alice Holmes
Sewell, Anna, 1820-1878
Sewell, Cora
Sewell, Elizabeth Missing
Seymour, H. M.
Seymour, Horace
Seymour, Justine
Seymour, M. F.
Seymour, Macy I.
Shackleford, C.
Shackleford, H. K. (Harvey King), 1841-1906
Shackwell, S. W.
Shade, W. H. T.
Shadow Steve
Shafer, Don Cameron, 1881-1975
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shaler, Robert, Scout Master
Shanly, Charles Dawson
Shannon, Robert Terry
Sharkey, Emma Augusta
Sharkey, T.K.
Sharlette, Lucy A.
Sharp, C.
Sharp, Jack
Sharp, Luke
Sharp, Theodore A.
Sharp, William, 1749-1824
Sharpe, Berry
Sharpe, Frank
Sharron, Trafford
Shattuck, C. F. (Charles F.), -1905
Shaw, D. B.
Shaw, Flora L. (Flora Louisa), 1852-1929
Shaw, J. Verrvalen
Shaw, Jasper
Shaw, Jennie Railey
Shaw, Lizzie L.
Shay, Michael J.
Shea, Cornelius
Shea, Frank
Shedd, George C. (George Clifford) 1877-1937
Sheehan, Perley Poore, 1875-1943
Sheffield, Phoebe
Sheffield, William E.
Shelden, Isabella
Sheldon, Charles M., 1857-1946
Sheldon, Georgie, Mrs., 1843-
Sheldon, Isabella
Sheldon, Louise Vescelius
Sheldon, Lurana W.
Shelley, D. N.
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851
Shelley, Percy B.
Shellman, Harry J.
Shelton, Agnes Mary
Shelton, Manda
Shenstone, N. A.
Shepherd, Thomas
Shepler, Ida M.
Sheppard, Eli, 1868-
Sheppard, Elizabeth Sara
Sheppard, Wm.
Shepperd, E.
Sherard, Louis
Sherard, Robert Harborough, 1861-1943
Sherburne, Harriet
Sheridan, J. F.
Sheridan, Philip Henry, 1831-1888
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, 1751-1816
Sheridan, Thomas, 1719-1788
Sherman, Belle M.
Sherman, Eloise Lee
Sherman, Frank D. (Dempster), 1860-1916
Sherman, John
Sherman, Martha Coleman
Sherman, Robert
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891
Sherwin, Augustus Goodrich
Sherwood, Ada Simpson
Sherwood, Kate Brownlee
Sherwood, Kate M.
Sherwood, M. E. W. (Mary Elizabeth Wilson), 1826-1903
Sherwood, Margaret
Sherwood, Mary Neal
Sherwood, Scott Rathburn, 1842-1910
Shiel, Barry
Shields, G. O. (George O.), 1846-1925
Shields, M. Ozella
Shields, T. Benton
Shillaber, B. P.
Shinn, Charles Howard
Shinn, George Commodore
Shipley, Henry R.
Shippey, A. E.
Shirley, Fred Warner
Shirley, Grace
Shirley, Moses Gage, 1865-
Shirley, Philip
Shoemaker, A.
Shoemaker, W. L.
Short, Truckfull
Shortfellow, A.
Shortfellow, Lowell Holmes
Shorthouse, J. H. (Joseph Henry), 1834-1903
Shoup, Grace
Shoup, Paul
Shuey, Lillian (Hinman), Mrs.
Shurtleff, Ernest W. (Ernest Warburton), 1862-1917
Shute, Celia Eliza
Sibley, Margaret Stewart
Sibold, H.
Siddons, J. H. (James H.), 1800-1885
Sidelinger, Remly S.
Sidner, A.J.
Sidney, Margaret
Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586
Sienkiewicz, Henryk, 1846-1916
Sigourney, L. H. (Lydia Howard), 1791-1865
Sikes, William Wirt, 1836-1883
Silas Honest Money
Silingsby, Maurice
Sill, Edward Rowland, 1841-1887
Sillingsby, M.
Silsbee, L. A.
Silver, Norman
Silvey, Gerald
Sime, William
Simko, Michael V.
Simms, Delos K.
Simms, William Gilmore, 1806-1870
Simpson, Bishop
Simpson, R. Arundel
Sims, A. K., 1854-1936
Sims, George R., 1847-1922
Sims, J., Col.
Sims, Jack C.
Sinbad, 1874-1947
Sinclair, Catherine
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
Sinclair, Walter A.
Sinclair, William A.
Singer, Fred
Sinnett, A. P.
Sinnett, Charles N. (Charles Nelson), 1847-1928
Siringo, Charles A., 1855-1928
Siviter, Anna Pierpont, 1859-1932
Siviter, W.M. H.
Siwell, C.
Sjolander, John Peter, 1851-1939
Skelly, Joseph P.
Skene, Felicia
Skidder, Jack
Skidmore, James H.
Skinner, Charles M. (Charles Montgomery), 1852-1907
Skriggins, Andrew J.
Slab, Jehial
Slade, Alfred
Slade, M. B. C.
Slater, Chas. W.
Slater, John Francis
Sloan, William J.
Sloper, Joel
Slupski, Sigmund C.
Small, A. L.
Small, Alexander
Small, George G.
Small, Samuel W. (Samuel White), 1851-1931
Small Boy
Smart, A. L.
Smart, Hawley, 1833-1893
Smartweed, Willie
Smead, Harriet
Smedley, Frank E. (Frank Edward), 1818-1864
Smiles, Samuel
Smiley, Dick
Smiley, Howard Dwight
Smiley, Joseph Bert, 1864-1903
Smiley, Sam
Smiley, W. H.
Smilie, Augustin
Smith, Aaron
Smith, Anna L.
Smith, Annie L.
Smith, Brainard Gardner, 1846-1930
Smith, C. V.
Smith, Dexter, 1842?-1909
Smith, E. T.
Smith, Edgar Maurice
Smith, Elizabeth Oakes Prince, 1806-1893
Smith, Emeline Sherman, 1815-1894
Smith, Francis Hopkinson, 1838-1915
Smith, Francis S. (Francis Shubael), 1819-1887
Smith, Fred E.
Smith, G. F.
Smith, Gouverneur M. (Gouverneur Mather)
Smith, H. D., Lieut., U. S. R. M.
Smith, H. Holly
Smith, H. V.
Smith, Harrison
Smith, Harry E.
Smith, Horace
Smith, Isabel Pallen
Smith, J. Albert
Smith, J. F.
Smith, John
Smith, Julie P., -1883
Smith, L. A. Jocelyn
Smith, Lee Herbert, M.D.
Smith, Mabel P.
Smith, Mary Stuart, 1834-1917
Smith, Master G. Paul
Smith, May Riley, 1842?-1927
Smith, Mrs. C.H.
Smith, Olive A.
Smith, Robert, Mrs., 1839-1913
Smith, Ronald M.
Smith, Rufus
Smith, S. Decatur, Jr. (Stephen Decatur)
Smith, S. Jennie
Smith, Sara Trainer
Smith, Shirley
Smith, Sydney, 1771-1845
Smith, T. F.
Smith, W. F.
Smith, Wm. Allen
Smythe, Alfred
Smythe, Warren G.
Smythies, Gordon
Snaith, J.C. (John Collis), 1876-1936
Snell, Fannie
Snelling, Fannie
Snelling, Frank
Snelling, Harold H.
Snider, Jow
Snoad, Warner, Mrs.
Snodgrass, J. E., M. D.
Snookes, Jr.
Snow, E.
Snow, Sophia P., Mrs.
Snow, W. H. (William Henry), 1825-1902
Snyder, J. W.
So Slow
Soans, R. G., 1846-1936
Sohn, Wilhelm
Solomons, Maurice
Somers, Anna G.
Somers, Martin A.
South, Edwin
Southern, Julia
Southey, Caroline Bowles
Southey, Robert
Southwick, Albert P. (Albert Plympton), 1855-1929
Southwick, Capt. David
Southworth, Arabella
Southworth, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte, 1819-1899
Souvestre, Émile, 1806-1854
Spalding, Ashley O.
Spalding, Chas. F. (Charles F.)
Spalding, Hariette Mabel
Spalding, Lu Billings
Spalding, Susan Marr
Spanne, L. D.
Sparhawk, Frances Campbell
Spear & Dehnhoff (Publisher)
Spearman, Frank H. (Frank Hamilton), 1859-1937
Spears, John R.
Speight, T. W. (Thomas Wilkinson), 1830-1915
Spencer, A. J.
Spencer, Ambrose E.
Spencer, Carl
Spencer, George E., Mrs.
Spencer, H. L.
Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903
Spencer, Maja
Spencer, Sam
Spencer, T. J.
Spencer, Vickie
Spender, Emily,1841-
Spender, J. K., Mrs.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599
Sperry, Arvilla Sylvie
Sperry, H. S.
Sperry, Raymond
Sperry, Sylvie A.
Spicer, E. N.
Spiecker, Lou.
Spielhagen, Friedrich, 1829-1911
Spindler, Carl
Spofford, Harriet Elizabeth Prescott, 1835-1921
Spooner, Cecil
Sprague, Besse Toulouse, 1893-
Sprague, Charles J. (Charles James), 1823-1903
Sprague, De Witt C.
Springer, J.
Springer, Mary
Springer, Norman
Spry, Paul
Spurgeon, C. H. (Charles Haddon), 1834-1892
Squash, J. Caesar Pompey
Squier, E. G. (Ephraim George), 1821-1888
Sranahan, Waltee S.
St. Clair, Victor, 1851-1930
St. Cyr, Sybil
St. Elmo
St. Félix, Marie, 1864-1943
St. George, Clare-Beatrice
St. George, George
St. George, Harry
St. John
St. John, B., Mrs.
St. John, Ernest
St. John, Henry, Professor
St. John, Lillian
St. John, Mathilde
St. John, Mrs. Horace
St. John, Percy B. (Percy Bolingbroke), 1821-1889
St. John, Warren
St. John II, E. L., Dr.
St. Julian, Pierre
St. L. G.
St. L. R.
St. Leger, Roy
St. Meyer, Ned
St. Mox, E. A., 1840-1916
St. Vrain, E. L., 1852-1929
St. Vrain, Ray
Stables, Gordon, 1840-1910
Stacpoole, H. De Vere (Henry De Vere), 1863-1951
Stacy, Joel
Staël, Madame de (Anne-Louise-Germaine), 1766-1817
Stafford, John K.
Stafford, Wendell Phillips, 1861-
Stager, Anson, 1825-1885
Stagg, Clinton H.
Staley, Frank L.
Stamp, William A.
Standish, Burt L., 1866-1945
Standish, Hal
Standish, Rose
Stanley, Alidan
Stanley, Charlotte M.
Stanley, Clarence
Stanley, Clio
Stanley, Fenton R.
Stanley, H. C.
Stanley, Jane C., 1863-1940
Stanley, Pearl
Stanley, Ralph
Stanley, Sherwood
Stanton, Frank
Stanton, Frank L.
Stanton, Frank Lebby, 1857-1927
Stanton, Joel S.
Stapleaux, Léopold, 1831-1891
Staples, V. S.
Stapleton, Patience
Stappe, Belle Wilson
Starbuck, Roger, 1837-
Starin, J. G.
Stark, Ernest
Stark, Inspector
Starling, Ned
Starr, Allie
Starr, James B.
Starr, M. A.
Stauffer, Frank H., 1832-1895
Stead, W. T. (William Thomas), 1849-1912
Stearns, Frederick A., Jr.
Stearns, I.
Stearns, J.
Stebbins, E. B.
Stebbins, Sarah Bridges
Stedman, C.
Stedman, Edmund Clarence,1833-1908
Stedman, J. Harry
Steel, Edith
Steel, Flora Annie Webster, 1847-1929
Steel, Robert
Steele, Alice Garland
Steele, Dick
Steele, James
Steele, Mrs. A. C.
Steele, Richard, Sir, 1672-1729
Steele, Silas Sexton
Steele, W. R.
Steffey, M. E.
Steinitz, F., Mme.
Stelany, Benjamin T.
Stenton, Louise Malcolm
Stephen, Saint
Stephens, Alexander H. (Alexander Hamilton), 1812-1883
Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886
Stephens, C. A.
Stephens, Frank, Mrs
Stephens, Henry Pottinger
Stephens, Marion Lee, Mrs.
Stephens, Robert Neilson, 1867-1906
Stephenson, B. C. (Benjamin Charles), d. 1906
Stepniak, S., 1851-1895
Sterl the Ranger
Sternberg, Levi
Sterne, Guy Leslie
Sterne, Stuart, 1845-1905
Sterry, J. (Joseph) Ashby, -1917
Stetson, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935
Stevans, C. M. (Charles McClellan), 1861-
Stevens, D. W.
Stevens, G. A.
Stevens, H. L.
Stevens, La Vergne Belden
Stevens, M. M., Mrs.
Stevens, Maurice
Stevens, Robert N.
Stevens, Vesta
Stevenson, Burton Egbert, 1872-1962
Stevenson, Morgan E.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894
Stewart, Anna Bird
Stewart, Charles F.
Stewart, Dick
Stewart, J. J., Esquire
Stiles, Elizabeth, 1838-
Stiles, W. C., Rev.
Stiles, W. C.
Stillman, E. E.
Stillman, Ern E.
Stilson, Charles B. (Charles Billings)
Stinson, Sam S.
Stirling, Adelaide
Stirling, Irving Reid
Stirling, M. C.
Stirling, Marie W.
Stitt, H. B.
Stockton, Cora Mitchell
Stockton, Frank Richard, 1834-1902
Stockton, T. H. (Thomas Hewlings), Rev., 1808-1868
Stocqueler, J. H. (Joachim Hayward), 1800-1885
Stoddard, Charles Warren, 1843-1909
Stoddard, Elizabeth, 1823-1902
Stoddard, Henry B., Major
Stoddard, J. L.
Stoddard, Richard Henry, 1825-1903
Stoddard, William O.
Stoddert, Jeanne
Stoker, Bram, 1847-1912
Stone, Albert William
Stone, Arthur Blake
Stone, Eudora May
Stone, Franc L.
Stone, Miss Mary E.
Stone, S. C., Mrs.
Stone, Whiton, Mrs.
Stoner, Philip
Stong, Phil, 1899-1957
Storey, E. M.
Storm, S. V.
Storm, Theodore
Storms, Richard J.
Storrs, Richard S. (Richard Salter), 1821-1900
Story, Judge
Story, Adelaide E.
Story, James P.
Story, Louisa F.
Stout, Adelaide
Stout, Rex T.
Stout, T. E.
Stovin, Jennie
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896
Stowe, Margaret
Straight, Ned
Strain, E. H. (Euphans H.)
Strand, Ellis
Strang, Robert Russell
Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930
Stratenus, Louise
Stratton, Ella Hines
Stratton, Walter F.
Stratton-Porter, Gene (1863-1924)
Strauss, Yawcob
Stray, Erminie C.
Strayer, Edward
Strayer, O. O. B.
Street, A. B.
Street, Alfred B.
Street, Cecil J. C. (Cecil John Charles), 1884-1964
Street, Mary Barling
Stretton, Hesba, 1832-1911
Stringer, Arthur, 1874-1950
Stringfellow, Franklin
Strong, Bessie P.
Strong, Hero
Strong, Philip Burroughs, Rev.
Strout, Hannah B.
Struthers, Wm.
Stuart, Charles Douglas
Stuart, Esmè, 1851-1934
Stuart, M. B.
Stuart, Ruth McEnery, 1856-1917
Stubbs, Charles William, 1845-1912
Stubbs, Stickey
Sturdevant, Lucy
Sturges, Beatrice
Sturges, Charley
Sturges, Jay S.
Sturgis, Julian, 1848-1904
Sturgis, Rebecca Forbes
Styx, O. Phiddle
Sudermann, Hermann, 1857-1928
Sue, Eugène, 1804-1857
Suffern, Louie J.
Sulley, Morgan T., Colonel
Sullivan, Amelia
Sullivan, Arthur, 1842-1900
Sullivan, F.
Sullivan, I. E.
Sullivan, Pat
Sullivan, Thomas
Sullivan, William
Summers, W. L.
Sumner, Albert E.
Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874
Sumner, Charles Pinckney, 1776-1839
Sumner, George, 1817-1863
Sumner, Vina A.
Sundstrom, Gus
Surbridge, Lillie
Surr, T. S. (Thomas Skinner), 1770-1847
Sutfin, M. A.
Sutherland, Harriet E.
Sutter, Leona Anstine
Suttner, A. Gundaccar, freiherr von, 1850-1902
Sutton, Elisabeth
Swain, Charles, 1801-1874
Swales, David C.
Swales, J. M.
Swan, Annie S., 1859-1943
Swan, Thomas
Swayne, George C. (George Carless), 1818-1892
Swazey, Arthur, 1824-1887
Sweet, A. Rose
Sweet, Alex E., 1841-1901
Sweet, Frank H. (Frank Herbert), 1856-
Sweetzer, M. L.
Swem, Edmond Hez
Swett, Susan Hartley
Swift, Dean, 1667-1745
Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745
Swift, Lewis Jay
Swift, Royal A., Lieutenant
Swinburne, Algernon Charles, 1837-1909
Swineburn, A.
Swinton, William, 1833-1892
Swoboda, Alois P., 1873-1938
Sydeman, Alvin E.
Sykes, E. B., Mrs.
Sykes, George E.
Sylvester, Silas, Jr.

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T., A. M.
T., B.
T., B. F.
T., B. L.
T., B. N.
T., C. A.
T., D.
T., E. E.
T., G. W.
T., H.
T., J. R.
T., L.
T., L. C.
T., M.
T., M. P.
T., N. O.
T., N. Y.
T., P.
T., P. L.
T., T.
T., W. G.
T., W. M.
Tabb, John B. (John Banister), 1845-1909
Taber, E. M.
Tabor, Eliza
Taggard, E. T., 1839-
Taggert, E.T.
Talbot, Frederick, active 1878-1880
Talbot, Jack
Tallman, George Douglas
Talmadge, Rev. T. DeWitt
Talmage, T. De Witt (Thomas De Witt), 1832-1902
Talman, John, 1851-1936
Tannenforst, Ursula
Tarbox, Increase N. (Increase Niles), 1815-1888
Tardieu, Jules, 1805-1868
Tarkington, Booth (1869-1946)
Tarr, Ralph S. (Ralph Stockman), 1864-1912
Tasma, 1848-1897
Taubeneck, H. E.
Tautphoeus, Jemima Montgomery, Baroness, 1807-1893
Taylor, Alfred Bronaugh, 1843-1903
Taylor, Bayard, 1825-1878
Taylor, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1819-1887
Taylor, Charles A.
Taylor, Edward C.
Taylor, Enoch, Mrs.
Taylor, George
Taylor, H. W.
Taylor, Ida A. (Ida Ashworth), -1929
Taylor, J. R.
Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824
Taylor, Jeffrys
Taylor, Jennie, Mrs.
Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667
Taylor, Judson R.
Taylor, Malcolm, Jr.
Taylor, Mamie
Taylor, Mary A. J.
Taylor, Ned
Taylor, R. M.
Taylor, Theo. A. (J. Euaow)
Taylor, W. A.
Teal, Angelina
Teaser, Tom
Teixeira, C. V.
Teller, James H.
Temme, Jodocus Donatus Hubertus
Tempest, Lee, Ensign, U.S.N.
Temple, George, 1840-1907
Temple, Harry
Tenger, Mariam
Tennet, Asa
Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson, 1809-1892
Tennyson, Mary H. (1857-1897)
Terhune, Albert Payson, 1872-1942
Terhune, Mary Virginia Hawes (1830-1922)
Terhune, W. Lewis
Tero, Edward
Terrat, Edmond
Terrill, Elmer Lloyd
Terry, Alice R.
Terry, Grace
Terry, Josie A.
Texas Pat
Thacher, Lloyd
Thackeray, Henrietta
Thackeray, Miss, 1837-1919
Thackeray, William, active 1664-1693
Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863
Thatcher, E. A.
Thatcher, E. M., Miss
Thaxter, Celia
Thayer, Charlotte
Thayer, E.H.
Thayer, Emma Homan, 1842-1908
Thayer, Julia A.
Thayer, Julia M.
Thayer, Tiffany, 1902-1959
Thayer, William M., 1820-1898
The "Arion Detective"
The "Ex-Actor"
The "Ex-Chief"
The Amateur Naturalist
The Battle-ax
The Boy Himself
The City Items Scribe
The Dispatch Man
The Dyersburg Liar
The Ex Sheriff
The Ex-Deputy-Sheriff
The Ex-Parson
The Ex-Prospector
The Ex-Reporter
The Gambolier
The General Himself
The German
The German on Klopstock
The Harvard Cousin
The La Crosse News Man
The Ladies of New Orleans
The Mad Poet
The O'Dowd Troupe
The One-Hand Poet
The Post Man
The Public Speaker
The Quibbler
The Sierra Bard
the Well-read Miner of Ante Bar
The Young Attorney
Their Latest Victim
Theobold, Charles K.
Theuriet, André, 1833-1907
Thinks I Myself WHO?
Thoman, Nellie
Thoman, T., Miss
Thomas, Annie, 1838-1918
Thomas, à Kempis, 1380-1471
Thomas, Bertha
Thomas, Caroline, 1825-1913
Thomas, Edith Matilda, 1854-1925
Thomas, Edwin
Thomas, Henry J.
Thomas, Henry J., Mrs.
Thomas, J. N.
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers), 1830-1896
Thomas, M. L.
Thomas, Samuel D.
Thomas, U. D.
Thomes, William Henry, 1824-1895
Thompson, Basil
Thompson, Bert L.
Thompson, Daniel P. (Daniel Pierce), 1795-1868
Thompson, Denman, 1833-1911
Thompson, Edgar W. (Edgar Wesley), 1871-1963
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, J.
Thompson, Johnny
Thompson, Jule W., Mrs.
Thompson, Launt, 1833-1894
Thompson, Mary E. F.
Thompson, Maurice
Thompson, Phillips, 1843-1933
Thompson, Ray
Thompson, Richard E.
Thompson, Stephen
Thompson, Vance, 1863-1925
Thompson, Walter J.
Thompson, Will L. (Will Lamartine), 1847-1909
Thomson, James Augustus
Thomson, Katharine
Thorn, Emma
Thorn, Kate
Thorn, Nellie
Thorndike, Thaddeus
Thorne, Alfred B., Lieut.
Thorne, Chas. E. (Charles Embree), 1846-1936
Thorne, Grace Evelyn
Thorne, Harley
Thorne, Marie D.
Thorne, R. H.
Thornton, Charles, 1852-
Thornton, Dora
Thornton, Grace
Thornton, Harper W.
Thornton, M. J.
Thornton, Revel
Thornton, Rose
Thornton, Theodore
Thorp, Frank M.
Thorpe, Fred
Thorpe, Kamba
Thorpe, William
Thorton, Grace
Threlfall, James C.
Throop, George E.
Thrope, Rosa, Mrs.
Thurston, Howard, 1869-1936
Thurston, John M.
Thwing, Edward Payson, 1830-1893
Thwing, T. P.
Tibbles, Thomas Henry, 1840-1928
Tiboni, John T.
Tidball, Mildred K.
Tieck, Ludwig
Tierney, John, Jr.
Tildesley, T. C.
Tilford (Salyers), Fannie B.
Tillier, Claude, 1801-1844
Tilton, Theodore, 1835-1907
Timayenis, T. T. (Telemachus Thomas), 1853-
Timbs, John, 1801-1875
Time, Beat
Tinseau, Léon de, 1844-1921
Titmouse, Tittlebat
Titus, Harold 1888-1967
Todd, J. H.
Todd, Marion Marsh
Todd, Mary Ives, 1849-
Tohnson, M.
Toile, George
Told By A Plainsman
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910
Tomahawk, Red
Tomaselli, Nettie P.
Tompkins, E. K.
Tompkins, Edward Staats De Grote
Tompkins, Florence
Tompkins, Helen
Tongue, R. C.
Tony, H. S.
Too Good, Johnny
Toombs, Robert Y.
Toplady, Augustus, 1740-1778
Torr, Jameson, Lieut.
Torrey, Virginia Rhodes
Tourgée, Albion W., 1838-1905
Tovote, Heinz, 1864-1946
Towbridge, J. T.
Towle, Eleanor A.
Towle, George M. (George Makepeace), 1841-1893
Towne, Belle Kellogg, 1844-1923
Towne, Charles Hanson, 1877-1949
Townley, Arthur
Townley, Hattie Fay
Townsend, Alfred
Townsend, Edward W. (Edward Waterman), 1855-1942
Townsend, George Alfred, 1841-1914
Townsend, George Fyler, 1814-1900
Townsend, Mary Ashley, 1832-1901
Tozer, Alfred B.
Tozier, Annie
Tracy, C. M.
Tracy, H. L., Miss
Tracy, J. Perkins (James Perkins), 1853-1915
Tracy, Louis
Traddles, Tom
Trafton, Edwin H.
Trahel, Dr. George
Train, George Francis, 1829-1904
Trainer, G. F.
Trapper, An Old
Trask, Clara Augusta Jones, 1839-1905
Trask, Lee
Travers, Graham, 1859-1918
Travers, J. M., Col.
Travis, Tom, Col.
Treadwell, Augustus
Trebel, George, A.M., M.D.
Trebor, Etoof Yawdro
Tree, W. W.
Tregenza, Lincoln
Tremaine, William B.
Trench, William Steuart, 1808-1872
Trick, X. N.
Triplett, Frank
Tripp, C. E.
Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882
Trollope, Frances Eleanor, 1835-1913
Trollope, Frances Milton
Trollope, Thomas Adolphus, 1810-1892
Trot, Tom O.
Trout, Grace Wilbur
Trovart, Jacob
Trowbridge, Clara B.
Trowbridge, J. T. (John Townsend), 1827-1916
True, Fanny
Trumbull, Annie Eliot, 1857-1949
Tubbs, Andrew G.
Tucker, Benjamin Ricketson, 1854-1939
Tucker, Mary Eliza Perine, 1838-
Tuckingham, John
Tuel, John E.
Tuff, A.
Tufts, William Whittemore, 1832-1901
Tulkinghorn, John
Tullock, R. C.
Tupper, A. L.
Tupper, Edith Sessions
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883
Turk, Paul
Turnas, B. E.
Turnbull, F. G.
Turner, Alice
Turner, Cora Louise
Turner, Elbert
Turner, Eliza Sproat
Turner, Frank R.
Turner, George H.
Turner, Godfrey
Turner, Jerome W.
Turner, Katharine G.
Turner, N. L.
Turner, S. E.
Turner, Sam
Turner, Wm. Mason (William Mason), 1835-1877
Tuthill, Louisa C. (Louisa Caroline), 1798-1879
Tuttle, Hudson, 1836-1910
Tuttle, S. W.
Tuttle, W. C. (Wilbur C.), 1883-1969
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910
Tybout, Ella Middleton
Tyler, Chas. Addison
Tyler, Edna Ione
Tyler, Henry Dunreath
Tyler, Robert Lee
Tyler, Sarah
Tynan, Katharine, 1861-1931
Tynan, William P.
Tyrell, Pat
Tyrell, Viola
Tyrrell, Ada
Tyrrell, Henry, 1865-1933
Tyson, J. Aubrey (John Aubrey), 1870-1930
Tytler, Sarah, 1827-1914

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U., M.
U., S.
U. S. Detective
Ulbach, Louis
Ullman, J. W.
Ulma, Genevieve
Uncle Charlie
Uncle Dan
Uncle Jupiter
Uncle Philo
Uncle Rob
Uncle Ted
Uncle Tim
Uncle Toby
Underhill, Irving S., 1866-1937
Underhill, Sarah J.
Underwood, M. H.
Underwood, Rebekah
Underwood, T. Hulbert
United States detective
Upham, Louis S.
Upward, Allen, 1863-1926
Urban, Septimus R., approximately 1814-1884
Urmy, Clarence T. (Clarence T.), 1858-1923
Urner, Nathan D.
Urtis, E.

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V., Alice C.
V., Bertha
V., E.
V., H. R.
V., L. L., Mrs.
V., M. V.
V., O. J.
V., V.
Vail, John Cooper
Valentine, James T.
Valentine, Jane
Valera, Juan, 1824-1905
Valerio, Katherine
Valley School
Van, Archie
Van Allen, Jane A., A. M.
Van der Naillen, Albert, 1830-1928
Van Deren, Theophilus
Van Derval, Johannes
Van Deusen, A. W.
Van Deventer, Emma Murdoch
Van Dyke, Henry, 1852-1933
Van Gerpen, E.
Van Gieson, H. C. (Henry Clay)
Van Landon, C. L.
Van Namee, J. William
Van Orden, Howard
Van Orden, W. H.
Van Orden, William Howard, 1816?-1894?
Van Tyle, Keturah
Van Zile, Edward S.
Vance, Hart
Vance, Henry C.
Vance, Louis Joseph, 1879-1933
Vance, R. L.
Vancoillie, Emile, Mrs.
Vandegrift, Margaret, 1845-1913
Vandercook, M. C.
Vanderpoel, I. D.
Vandewater, Rosalie
Vane, C.
Vane, Densil
Vane, Derek
Vane, Sutton, 1847-1913
Vane, Violet
Vannah, Kate, 1855-1933
Varden, Dolly
Various, William
Vasili, Paula, Count
Vaughan, Mary C.
Vaughn, Julia
Vaughn, Kate, Mrs.
Vavasour, Capt.
Vee, Percy, Mrs.
Veitch, Sophie F. F. (Sophie Frances Fane)
Veley, Margaret, 1843-1887
Vely, E., 1848-
Venable, W. H. (William Henry), 1836-1920
Venner, Grace
Ver Beck, Frank, 1858-1933
Vere, Adriel
Vere, Julian
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
Verne, Vermilion
Verney, Frances Parthenope
Vernie, Jas.
Vernie, Joseph
Vernon, Fred
Vernon, Ira M.
Vernon, Lutie
Vernor, Max
Verplanck, Gulian C. (Gulian Crommelin), 1786-1870
Very, Jones, 1813-1880
Very, Lydia L. A. (Lydia Louisa Anna), 1823-1901
Vesey, A. H. (Arthur Henry)
Veysey, Arthur Henry, 1869-
Victor, Alice C.
Victor, Bertha
Victor, Frances Fuller, 1826-1902
Victor, Guy
Victor, H. C.
Victor, Lillian
Victor, Lucy
Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller, 1831-1885
Victor, O. Guy
Victor, Orville J. (Orville James), 1827-1910
Victoria, Queen
Vidocq, Eugène François, 1775-1857
Vigus, Mary Spain
Vikelas, Dēmētrios, 1835-1908
Vince, Henry Scott
Vincent, Jacques
Vincent, Lewis
Vinita Jim
Vinton, Arthur Dudley, 1852-1906
Visscher, Will L. (William Lightfoot), 1842-1924
Vogüé, Eugène-Melchior, vicomte de, 1848-1910
Volk, John
Voltaire, 1694-1778
Von, Sergeant
Von Dincklags, E.
Von Ingersleben
Von Splutterman, Hans
Von Spluttermann, Yawcob
Von Thompekrat, Count
Von Ziekursch, Theodore
Vonier, Chester W.
Vose, John D. (John Denison), 1828-1881
Vosmaer, Carl
Vynne, Harold Richard,-1903

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W., A. J.
W., C.
W., C. M.
W., C. W.
W., E.
W., E. L.
W., F.
W., G.
W., G. C.
W., G. H.
W., H.
W., H. H.
W., H. J.
W., J. H.
W., L. C.
W., L. M.
W., M.
W., M. C., Miss
W., M. H.
W., M. J., Professor
W., O. J.
W., P.
W., S. E.
W., W. S.
W. H. Ewald & Bro (Publisher)
W. W. Whitney (Publisher)
Waddell, C. C. (Charles Carey), 1868-1930
Waddy, Frank Vincent
Wade, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), Hon., 1800-1878
Wade, Bernard
Wade, Stuart C.
Wade, William
Wadman, James
Wadsworth, E. Clifford
Waggener, D. B.
Wagner, Charles, 1852-1918
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883
Wagstaff, Major
Waite, Carlton
Wakefield, Edward
Wakefield, Hugh
Wakeman, Edgar L.
Wakeman, H. N.
Walcot, E. C.
Waldau, Erwin
Waldenburg, Julia Fay
Waldo, George
Waldron, J. A. (James Albert), 1852-1931
Walford, Edward, 1823-1897
Walford, Lucy Bethia, 1845-1915
Walford, O. P.
Walk, Charles Edmonds, 1875-
Walker, Agnes Germain (Briggs), 1879-
Walker, George, 1772-1847
Walker, L. P.
Walker, Rette
Walker, Timothy
Walker, W. S.
Wall, A.H.
Wall, George A.
Wall Street Man
Wallace, Caroline L.
Wallace, Edgar 1875-1932
Wallace, Henry
Wallace, L. E., Mrs.
Wallace, W. V. (William Vincent), 1812-1865
Wallace, William Ross, 1819-1881
Waller, John Francis, 1810-1894
Wallingford, Leroy
Wallis, George B.
Walpole, Horace, 1717-1797
Walraven, E. G.
Walsh, G. E.
Walsh, George Ethelbert
Walsh, Harriette Allen
Walsh, J. B.
Walsh, John H.
Walsh, M. C.
Walsh, Marie
Walsh, Maurice C.
Walsh, Rob R.
Walter, H. B. Adams, Dr.
Waltermire, Beecher Wesley, 1858-
Waltermire, E. W.
Walton, Izaac, 1593-1683
Walworth, Bob
Walworth, Jeannette H., 1837-1918
Walworth, Mansfield Tracey
Wambold, D. S. (Dave S.), 1836-1889
Wander, Will
Warburton, Eliot
Warburton, Fred
Ward, Albert H.
Ward, Alice
Ward, Artemus, 1834-1867
Ward, Harold
Ward, Humphry, Mrs., 1851-1920
Ward, J. H.
Ward, Lydia Avery Coonley, 1845-1924
Ward, R. B.
Ward, Robert Plumer
Ward, Samuel
Ward, William
Warde, M. M.
Warden, Ex-Firechief
Warden, Florence, 1857-1929
Warden, Gertrude
Warden, John
Warder, Geo. W. (George Woodward), 1848-
Wardwell, Henry
Wardwell, Will
Ware, Eugene F., 1841-1911
Ware, Willie
Warfield, Catherine A. (Catherine Ann), 1816-1877
Waring, Clark, Mrs.
Waring, Malvina Sarah
Waring, Marcus H., 1852-1929
Warman, Cy, 1855-1914
Warne, Philip S.
Warner, A.
Warner, B. T.
Warner, Harriet Esther
Warner, John S. (Dime novelist)
Warner, M. A. (M. Adeline)
Warner, M. Adeline
Warner, Stewart Edward
Warner, Susan, 1819-1885
Warren, Charles D. (Charles Dudley), Ensign
Warren, Geo M.
Warren, Hugh
Warren, J. Thomas
Warren, Maj. Hugh
Warren, Ned
Warren, Samuel
Washburn, E. M.
Washburn, William
Washington, George, 1732-1799
Waterloo, Stanley, 1846-1913
Waterman, Nixon, 1859-1944
Waters, Robert, 1835-1910
Waters, Will
Waterton, Charles, 1782-1865
Waterworth, Edward B.
Watkins, William
Watkins, Willie
Watson, Evelyn Mabel, 1886-1956
Watson, J. Warren
Watson, J.W.
Watson, John W.
Watson, Sarah A., Mrs.
Watson, Sydney
Watters, Augustus
Wattles, Willard Austin, 1888-1950
Watts, Ralph
Way, E. Z.
Way, W. Scott
Wayde, Bernard
Wayland, Dr.
Wayne, Anthony J.
Wayne, Priscilla, 1893-
Wayne, Sidney, Lieut.
Weatherby, J.
Weatherly, F. E. (Frederic Edward), 1848-1929
Weaver, John H.
Webb, Doris
Webb, Etta J.
Webb, Trego
Weber, Chas. L.
Webster, Augusta, 1837-1894
Webster, C. H.
Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852
Webster, David, 1842-1923
Webster, Edwin J.
Webster, Henry Kitchell, 1875-1932
Weed, J. W.
Weems, M. L. (Mason Locke), 1759-1825
Weil, Samuel
Weir, F. Roney (Florence Roney), 1861-1932
Weir, Harrison, 1824-1906
Weishampel, J. F. (John F.), Jr.
Weismann, Lt. Karl
Weiss, Susan Archer Talley, 1835-
Welch, Deshler, 1854-1920
Welch, Frank B.
Welch, George Theodore, 1845-
Weld, Charles Richard, 1813-1869
Weldon, Dwight
Welles, Charles F.
Wellman, W. F., Jr.
Wellman, Walter
Wells, Carolyn, 1862-1942
Wells, Chas. H.
Wells, Douglas
Wells, Ezra
Wells, Grace S.
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946
Wenborn, E.
Wentworth, Charles
Werner, B. T.
Werner, Carl
Werner, E.
Werner, Mark
Wert, J. Howard
Wertman, A. Olivia Longacre
Weser, Elbe
West, Charles G., Professor
West, George W.
West, L. C.
West, Marvin, 1879-1917
West, Mary Fuller
West, William
Westall, William, 1781-1850
Westall, William, 1835-1903
Westcot, Thomas
Westcott, Mary Brooks
Western, Henry M.
Westgate, Lizzie
Westlake, W. E.
Westland, Lynn, 1899-1986
Westley, George Hembert, 1865-1936
Weston, Lilla B. N. (Lilla Belle Norton), 1880-
Weston, Minnie
Westwood, Bert
Westwood, Best
Wetherby, Henry
Wetherell, Elizabeth, 1819-1885
Weyman, Stanley John, 1855-1928
Weymouth, George
Wharton, Edith (1862-1937)
Wharton, Julian G.
Wheeler, Captain, U.S.A.
Wheeler, A. C. (Andrew Carpenter), 1835-1903
Wheeler, Carrie F. L.
Wheeler, Cora Stuart
Wheeler, E. G.
Wheeler, E. W.
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton), 1854 or 1855-1885
Wheeler, Harriet Clement
Wheeler, Henry A.
Wheeler, Ida Worden
Wheeler, Mary H.
Wheeler, R. L.
Wheeler, William Wallace, 1853-
Whelan, W. T.
Whetstone, Claude O.
Whipple, Content
Whipple, Ezra
Whipple, Henry Benjamin, Bishop, 1822-1901
Whipple, Wade
Whiston, John H.
Whitby, Beatrice, -1931
Whitcher, Frances M., 1814-1852
White, Babington
White, Clarence M.
White, Edgar
White, Edward Lucas, 1866-1934
White, Fred M.
White, G. G.
White, Gilbert, 1720-1793
White, Grace Miller
White, Helena Ballard
White, Henry Kirke, 1785-1806
White, James T. (James Terry), 1845-1920
White, Lawrence, Jr.
White, M. R.
White, Margret E.
White, Matthew, 1857-1940
White, Percy, 1852-1938
White, Samuel Alexander (1884-1956)
White, Stewart Edward, 1873-1946
White, Will A.
White, William Patterson, 1884-
White, Smith & Perry (Publisher)
Whitefield, Charles T.
Whitehead, Captain
Whitehead, L. (Lewis)
Whitehorn, Washington
Whiteing, Richard, 1840-1928
Whitelock, L. Clarkson (Louise Clarkson), 1851-1928
Whiting, Robert Rudd, 1877-
Whiting, Sam
Whitington, Rev., Dr.
Whitlock, William T.
Whitman, Sarah Helen, 1803-1878
Whitman, Walt
Whitney, A. D. T. (Adeline Dutton Train), 1824-1906
Whitney, Hattie
Whitney, Helen M.
Whiton, L. C., Mrs.
Whitson, Barbara
Whitson, J. M.
Whitson, John Harvey, 1854-1936
Whittaker, Frederick, 1838-1889
Whittemore, Benjamin B., of Boston
Whittemore & Stephens (Publisher)
Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892
Whittle, Jacob
Whittlesey, Elsie Leigh
Whittlesey, Sarah J. C. (Sarah Johnson Cogswell), 1825-1896
Whytal, A. Russ
Whytal, Russ
Whyte, Violet,1856-1911
Whyte-Melville, G. J. (George John), 1821-1878
Wichert, Ernst, 1831-1902
Wick, Edward
Wickham, Henry, of Richmond, Va
Wickham, Susan E.
Wicks, Alden
Wicks, Ed A.
Widdemer, Margaret
Wiggs, Anna Oldfield
Wight, Emma Howard
Wightwick, Mary Grace
Wigram, W. Knox
Wilbour, Charles E. (Charles Edwin), 1833-1896
Wilburn, Cora
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1850-1919
Wild, Angie
Wild, Fancy
Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900
Wildenbruch, Ernst von, 1845-1909
Wilder, Frank
Wilder, Marshall P. (Marshall Pinckney), 1859-1915
Wilder, William West, 1866-1945
Wildfire, Nicodemus, 1840-1916
Wildwood, Blanche
Wilford, Florence, 1836-1897
Wilkesbarre News Dealer
Wilkeson, Frank, 1848-
Wilkins, Frances
Wilkins, Mary E.
Wilkins, William
Wilkinson, Prof.
Wilkinson, Andrews
Wilkinson, Janet W.
Wilkinson, Marguerite, 1883-1928
Wilkinson, R. A.
Willard, Constance Beatrice
Willard, Kate Livingston
Willett, Edward, 1830-1889
Willetts, A. A., Rev.
Willey, Day Allen
Williams, Police Capt.
Williams, Anna M.
Williams, Ben Ames, 1889-1953
Williams, E. Ida.
Williams, Ellen
Williams, Francis Howard, 1844-1922
Williams, Frank
Williams, Frank A.
Williams, G. H.
Williams, Gus, 1847-1915
Williams, Henry C.
Williams, Henry Llewellyn, b. 1842
Williams, John B., M.D.
Williams, Julia A.
Williams, Lew
Williams, Llewellyn J.
Williams, M. C., Mrs.
Williams, M. H.
Williams, Mary E.
Williams, Rhoby S.
Williams, Robert Folkestone
Williams, Rosser
Williams, Russell
Williams, W. A.
Williams, W. Mattieu (William Mattieu), 1820-1892
Williamson, C. N., Mrs.
Williamson, D. Brainerd
Williamson, Emma Sara
Willig, G.
Willis, C. W.
Willis, Dorothy
Willis, Richard Storrs, 1819-1900
Williston, H. C.
Willits, Rev., Dr.
Willoughby, F. J.
Willoughby, George
Willoughby, Phil
Willow, Bessie
Wills, C. J. (Charles James), 1842-1912
Wills, W. G. (William Gorman), 1828-1891
Wilmer, Richard Hooker,1918-
Wilmot, Cora
Wilson, A. T.
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Anna May
Wilson, Annie Henri
Wilson, Ed. D.
Wilson, Fred
Wilson, George
Wilson, George B.
Wilson, Gertrude Treat
Wilson, Harry Leon (1867-1939)
Wilson, Henry, Hon.
Wilson, J. Wyman
Wilson, John Fleming, 1877-1922
Wilson, Latimer J.
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Nick
Wilson, Robert Burns, 1850-1916
Wilson, T.E.
Wilson, Thomas H., Captain
Wilson, Violette
Wilton, Annie
Wilton, M. J.
Wilton, Mark, 1852-1929
Winch, Will
Windle, C. F. (Catharine F.), Mrs.
Windolph, J. F.
Windsor, Fannie
Windsor, William, 1857-
Wines, Mary J.
Winesburg, Maggie
Winfield, Arthur M.
Winfield, Edna
Wing, W. Everett
Wingate, Charles E. L. (Charles Edgar Lewis), 1861-
Wingate, Myra A.
Wingfield, Lewis, 1842-1891
Winne, Francis
Winner, Septimus, 1827-1902
Winner, Will
Winner & Kerk (Publisher)
Winslow, John, 1825-1898
Winslow, W. H. (William H.)
Winslow's Wife, Jonh
Winter, Elizabeth C.
Winter, John Strange, 1856-1911
Winter, William, 1836-1917
Winter, William West, 1881-1940
Winterton, Gale
Winthrop, Essex
Winthrop, Frank S.
Winthrop, James
Winthrop, Robert C. (Robert Charles), 1809-1894
Winthrop, Theodore, 1828-1861
Winton, Harry
Winton, J. M., Mrs.
Wintringham, Sidny
Wintzer, Lulu
Winwood, Rett
Wise, H. A. (Henry Augustus), 1819-1869
Wise, Thomas A.
Wiseman, Walt
Wister, Owen, 1860-1938
Withers, George
Withers, Lucius
Withington, H.
Witt, Fannie May
Witt, May de
Wittrock, Fred
Wm. A. Pond & Co. (Publisher)
Wm. B. Bradford (Publisher)
Wm. Hall & Son (Publisher)
Wolcott, Barry
Wolcott, Dixie
Wolcott, Richmond
Wolfe, James, 1727-1759
Wollstoncraft, Mary, 1759-1797
Wonder, Tom
Wong, Ching Foo, 1847-1898
Wood, Charley
Wood, Floyd T.
Wood, G. Rene
Wood, H. F. (H. Freeman)
Wood, Hazel
Wood, Henry, Mrs., 1814-1887
Wood, J. G. (John George), 1827-1889
Wood, M.
Wood, Marshall C.
Wood, Mort
Wood, N. S.
Wood, R. R.
Wood, Sam
Woodbury, Augustus, 1825-1895
Woodbury, I. B. (Isaac Baker), 1819-1858
Woodford, Jack
Woods, Rev., Dr.
Woods, J. H.
Woods, Kate Tannatt
Woods, Margaret L. (Margaret Louisa), 1856-
Woodsworth, Dempster
Woodward, Katharine Shepherd
Woodward, R. Pitcher (Robert Pitcher)
Wooldridge, Detective
Woolf, Philip, 1848-1903
Woolfolk, Josiah Pitts, 1894-1971
Woolley, John G. (John Granville), 1850-1922
Woolner, Thomas, 1825-1892
Wooster, Varian
Wopkins, A.
Worcester, J. R.
Worcester Spy
Worden, A. T.
Worden, Wilbertine Teters
Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
Work, Henry C. (Henry Clay), 1832-1884
World's Parliament of Religions (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
Worth, Thomas, 1834-1917
Worthington, Elizabeth Strong
Worthington, John
Worthington, Slack
Wray, Ada, Miss.
Wren, Jenny
Wresden, Elinor
Wright, Caleb E.
Wright, E. V.
Wright, Emma H.
Wright, Julia McNair, 1840-1903
Wright, Rowland, 1862-1942
Wrighton, W. T. (William Thomas), 1816-1880
Written by Himself
Wurzel, G. Friedrich,1820-1895
Wyatt-Wolf, Annie C.
Wyckoff, Ellen Frizell
Wycoff, Ellen Frizell
Wykoff, Ellen Frizell
Wylde, Katharine, 1854-
Wylder, Lennox
Wylie, A. M'Elroy, Rev.
Wylie, Lollie Belle
Wyman, Ellen Lee
Wyman, Maud
Wynne, Catherine Simpson
Wynne, Faith
Wynne, Katharine
Wynne, M. Edessa
Wyoming Will
Wyss, Johann David, 1743-1818
Wyss, Johann Rudolf, 1782-1830

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Y., T. S.
Y., W.
Yankee Blade
Yards, Jo
Yasmar, Avran
Yates, Edmund, 1831-1894
Yates, John Henry, 1827-1892
Yeiser, James
Yeiser, John O. (John Otho), 1866-1928
Yendis, Reyd
Yexter, William J.
Yonge, Charlotte M. (Charlotte Mary), 1823-1901
Yore, Clem (Clement), 1875-1936
York, A. Curtis
York, Griffith
Youmans, E. E.
Youmans, W. A. (William A.)
Young, Art, 1866-1943
Young, Arthur, 1741-1820
Young, Burton
Young, Charles
Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936
Young, George M.
Young, Gordon 1886-1948
Young, Grace D.
Young, J. Fletcher
Young, James S.
Young, Marion Kershaw
Young, Rida Johnson
Young, Vida Virginia
Young, Virginia Durant
Youngs, Florence E. (Florence Evelyn), 1868-1950
Yours Truly

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Z., X. Y.
Zane, Zalo
Zee, Exx Y., Cousin
Zeen, Ben
Zeigler, W. G.
Zim, B.
Zime, Edwin
Zimmerman, H. E.
Zimmerman, Mary, 1869-1953
Zobeltitz, Fedor von, 1857-1934
Zola, Émile, 1840-1902
Zouaves, Anderson
Zschokke, Heinrich, 1771-1848
Zubof, Roman Ivanovitch, 1866-
Zumstein, Ida Mcintosh
Zurelli, Yola
Zuri, Colonel