The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Ellen's Thanksgiving Eve. A Simple Love Story
Thanksgiving On It
Cousin Alice's Chit-Chat. Concerning Fads, Fashions, Novelties, Etc.
Only A Seamstress
You Ask Why I Love Thee
After Harvest
Just One
Josh Billings' Philosophy
A Strange Revenge
The Quiet Fellow
Things A Woman Can Do Best
The Wish
While the Day Lasts
Speak No Ill
Beyond the Gates
An Autumn Song
Buffalo Bill's Determination; or, A Pledge Redeemed
Buffalo Bill and the Mining Shark; or, The "King-Pin" Proposition
Buffalo Bill and the Hatchet Boys; or, A Pledge Redeemed
Buffalo Bill's Fiesta Night; or, At Outs with the Baker's Dozen
Buffalo Bill in Harness; or, The Quest of the Golden Feather
Buffalo Bill in Morenci; or, The Cat of the Copper Crag
Buffalo Bill and the Claim Jumpers; or, The Mystery of Hellgate Mine
Buffalo Bill's Ride for Life; or, Fighting the Border Cattle Thieves
Buffalo Bill's Waif of the West; or, The Peril of Courage
Buffalo Bill and the Basilisk; or, Pawnee Bill's Trail of Mystery
Buffalo Bill's Juggle with Fate; or, Pawnee Bill and the Basilisk
Buffalo Bill's Waif of the West; or, Pawnee Bill's Blackfoot Foes
School-Day Dialogues
Model Dialogues: A Choice Collection of Original Dialogues, Tableaux, Etc.
Sunday-school and church entertainments : designed for anniversaries, celebrations, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Thanksgiving occasions, and the fall round of entertainments
Shoemaker's Best Selections For Readings And Recitations, no. 23
Shoemaker's Best Selections For Readings And Recitations, no. 24
Shoemaker's Best Selections For Readings And Recitations, no. 17
It Worked Like A Charm
Josh Billings' Philosophy
A Curious Crime
A Trying Experience
Tom Edison Jr's electric sea spider, or, The wizard of the submarine world
Tom Edison Jr's electric mule, or, The snorting wonder of the plains
Terry the terror, or, The black eagle of the mountains
Swipes in Boston
Knowing A Good Thing
After the Fray
Sam Ricketty, or, A well planned plot
Hugh Lee, or, The Hawks of the Sound
Star-spangled Dick, or, The boy hero of Wyoming
Love Makes A Change
The belt of gold, or, Old King Brady in Peru