The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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He That Will Not When He May
Rachel Gray
The Benefits of Reading
Concerning the Fashions
A Letter from a Cross Old Man: Addressed to Kate Thorn
The Busy Train Boy
A Valentine
Peculiarities of the Gipsies
Texas Gleanings: A Sinful Old Darkey
What I Saw in My Thousandth Year
The Fop's Lesson
The Prodigal Daughter
La Grande Florine
No. 3 Grove Road
Grace Fleming's Husband
In the Clouds
From the Wings
An Eye For an Eye
Waste Not Thy Life
The Maid of Florence
Advice to a Widow
A Fine Country
Letter from an Editor: Addressed to Kate Thorn
Saved By Whom? A Romance of 1782
The Rev. Alfred Simmons' New Year's Gift
The Family Entrance
"The Blessed Three"
John Milton
The Plague Stone of Aberford
What Shall We Read?
From A Childless Wife
Jackson's Inauguration: His Ways in the White House
The Story of Henry C. Alladin: A New Arabian Night
Editing A Newspaper
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Musik
A Dream
Daisy Delcourt. A Romance of a Female Boarding-School
On Being Presented With A Purse
A Safe Course
Christmas Facts
The Acquitted Cashier
Wagon-Spoke Jim's Mistake
The Barmecides
The Ways of Sin
Be Provident
A History of the English People
The Hour Will Come