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The "Coarse" of True Love Never Runs Smooth
The Grammar Lesson
The Silver Hatchet; or, A Ten Years' Quest: An Exciting Story of Frontier Life. In Three Parts
The Anvil
I Would I Were
Star Eyes, the Flower of the Sioux. A Story of the Minnesota Massacre
A Pressing Affair
Signal Lights; or, The Cavern of Mystery
Young Ivan the Terrible; or, Fighting Against the Tartars. A Thrilling Romance of the First Invasion of Siberia by the Russians
That Man Who Knows It All
A Price on His Head; or, The Rival Lovers
On the Qui Vive
A Russian Claude Duval
Only Once
The Musical Bore
A Desperate Outlaw
Payment by Proxy
A Practical Objection
An Irishman on Osculation
Through the Darkness; or, The Conquest of Angola
The Awful History of a Bleached Skull
The Two Spies; or, A Game at Cross Purposes
The Old Stone House on the Bluff; or, The Strange Story of Detective Dyke
A Hundred Years from Now
Cecil's Ride; or, The White Lily of the Sioux
A Wish
You Kissed Me
Oh, Emmet Dear
The Sea Shell
She Surprised Him
Good Night
The Bootblack's Bon Mot
Sweet Sixteen
What is a Year?
The Monsieur Midnight; or, The Man with the Iron Eye
A Peep hole Prophecy
For His Life; or, The Fugitive Earl: A Story of the Early Days of Jamestown. In Four Parts
What a Bicycle Did
Saved by a Drove of Hogs
Why We Don't Marry
The Rival Heirs; or, A Yankee Boy in Scotland
He Could, But Can Not
The Modest Maid
Adelphi Series, no. 20