The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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An Honest Man
The Escape
A Plea for Landladies
Whisperings of a Sea-Shell
A Rolling Stone
"Country Best Rooms"
Lake Champlain Game-Cocks
A Visit to Mrs. Peaslee
The Silly Man
Build Right
A Game of Croquet
Zach Chandler. An Interview with the Great Michigander-His Views on "The Policy" "and Civil Service Reform"
A Pack of Cards, Almanac, and Prayer-Book
The Cross
The Queen of Tragedy
"Making the Farm Attractive"
A Twist of Flax
Send the Bill to PA
The Matinee
The Closed Gentian
Mrs. Mills
Rattlesnakes. A Temperance Sketch
Noah and the Musquito
Where's Bessie Barcus?
Led Astray
Take Them to Jesus
Grand Scares
Love in August
The Mechanic
The Buried Secret; and How It Came to Light
The Double Scare
The Old Widower
Out with the Tide
The Desire to be Beautiful
The Artist's Love
The Corner-Stone of the Mansion
Love and Labor; or, The Perils of the Poor. A Tale of the Present Great Strike
To Miss Emma F. M-. On the Death of her Father
Nature's Weather-Bureau
Who Will Bring It Out?
Lovers' Vows
Christian Charity