The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Tenant of Greenough House. A Story of Two Christmas Eves
The Children's Christmas Letter
Christmas Cheer
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Another Christmas
"If I Were Rich." A Christmas Wish
My Christmas Belle
Toff's Wife. A Christmas Sketch
Christmas Bells
The Woman Of His Choice. A Tale of Real Life
Who Keep Christmas Best?
Christmas Night
How The Award Was Made
My Bed
Old Letters
The Wife
The Little Soldier
Josh Billings' Philosophy
A Quadroon's Story
His First Watch
Out of the Mist
The Weather
The Pet of the Nursery
The Tiger's Head Mystery; or, The Crime of the League. A Strange Tale of San Francisco
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The Way To Woo Thee!
A Slight Mistake
Do Good
A Southern Tramp
Stop When You Are Done
You'll Be Glad
His Lawful Wife; or, Paul Aubrey's Secret
Remember the Children
Water Saved Him
A Wyoming Toboggan Slide
The Bonnet's Beauty
Can You Tell Me?
The White-Cross Army
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Making Money
The Pioneers of Ascott
A Man Can't Do Them
Struck By Lightning
Better Never Love
What Did You Come For?
Josh Billings' Philosophy
On Point Lookout*
The Rose of Cuba
Thanksgiving Day