The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Old Red Store
Our Boarding-House
The Social Prophet
The Old Songs
The Omen
Unwritten Tragedies
A Daring Robbery
Speculations on the Clothes-line
"Interesting" Children
The Two Bears
The Difference
The Bold McShane. A Legend of the Sixth Ward
Falling Leaves
Kind Words
A Woman at the Bottom of It
Susie Ray's Lovers
Horrors of War
In the Hayfields
The Paragrapher's Niche
A Rainy Day
A Singular Breach of Trust
The Willful Dreamer
Up on a Torpedo. A Turco-Russian War Story
The Mormon's Escape
Burial Eccentricities
Pertinent Parallels
The Old Girl
Plain Talks
Consistent Christianity
Drive Slowly
A Story-Teller's Secret
Making a Show
"A Horrid Bad Boy"
Apoplexy Versus Pride; or, An Old Lady's Love-Story
The Musquito
To My Friend
Oh, Joyous Child!
Things Too Good
The Blue Velvet Pelisse
Twelve Men with Twenty-Four Hundred Dollars
The Tricks of the Trades
Too Late
Historical Sketches: Incidents in our Civil War
An Open Letter to Charity Grinder
"The Crushed Tragedian". Gatling Guns and Coffee for Two-What might have Happened at High Bridge one morning
A Case of Identity
The Spithead Mutiny
Not Lost