The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The 'Frisco Swells
Abe Celebrates the Fourth
The Fellar that Looks Like Me
The Dublin Dip
When You Are a Boy
Apples Fall
Mother's Way
Jack Wright's "Rapid Transit"; or, Trailing the Cattle Punchers
Trailing A Country Highwayman. In Two Parts
Oh, Yes, When I Put on My Golden Shoes
Uncle Sam's Powder Store
The Same Things Occur Every Day
Pardonnez Moi
An East Indian Legend
Dunderbeck's Machine
Neatly Done
The Scarlet Seal; or, The Robbery of an Actress
Over the Brooklyn Bridge
The Old Corner Grocery Store
Betrayed by Mexican Joe
You Should See My Mary Ann
A High Old Time
Billy Brass; or, Making His Living by Cheek
Bound to Go to Boston; or, The Boy from Loon Lake
The Price of Success
To Learn To Shoot Birds
The Dutch Galoots
My Bright-Eyed Sweet Elaine
Barnum's Bowery Boy; or, The Actor Who Saved New York
Double-Breasted Micks
Two Little Waifs; or, The Perils of New York
She's the Image of Her Mother
I'll Think of Thee
Old Sixty-Four; or, Bound to Be on Time
Rube; or, A Hayseed from Pumpkin Hollow
Dickering Dick; or, The Lucky Boy Trader
The Hawarde Silk Robbery. A Tale in Two Parts
Dancin' for the Cake
We Go Gunning
Matt Merry's Money; or, Fooling Away a Fortune
The Frozen Frigate; or, To the North Pole After a Million. A Story of Thrilling Adventures
Larry Lane's Luck; or, Fighting the Malay Pirates
Little Vox; or, The Tricks of a Boy Ventriloquist
Tom Tarrant's Triumph; or, How He Led the Fire Laddies
Be True to Yourself
Pretty Bright Eyes of Blue
The Dragon Handkerchief. A Story in Two Parts
Harry Braham's Old Village Blacksmith Shop
We Ought to Be Thankful for That
Casey's Awful Grub