The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Our Girls
Words on the Sand
Saved By A Mule
Convicted By His Mouth
Until Thy Task Is Done
Love's Salvation
Little Blue Brodekins
Harps and Hew's-Harps
How To Have A Happy Home
The Old And The New
Josh Billings' Philosophy
"My Mother, Sir"
An Enjoyable Event
A Guess for Life
An Indian Girl's Love
The Prophetic Oil
The Heroic Engineer
Young Men's Sisters
Mrs. Swell
To An Absent Friend
It Matters Not
Why His Pay Was Raised. The Scheme of a Cute Cashier
Josh Billings' Philosophy
A Telegraphic Blunder
Except Mother
Picking Folks To Pieces
The Opportune Moment
Lost Isabel; or, A Hero In Black
The Model Farmer
Rhymes for the New Year
Josh Billings' Philosophy
To Whom It May Concern
The Day When You Forget Me
"Going Where Father Goes"
Seeing After It
A Droll Wooing
Believe In Yourself
Our Baby
Aunt Barbara's Diamonds. A Story for Christmas
A Happy New Year!
Do They Miss Me At Home?
With the Coming of the New Year
Mrs. Grubbs' Railroad Claim
The New York Weekly's Yearly Greeting
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The Home Farm. A New Year's Errand
The Death-Bed Reconciliation. A True Incident
The Test of Love; or, The Beauty of Bonaccorde
The Orphan-Boy On Christmas Day