The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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"A Glorious Privilege"
The Haunted Glen
Specimen Liars
Octavia's Disguise
Presence of Mind
My Little One
Linger Not Long
The Long Dart: A Whaling Incident
A Bunch of Lilies
You Tell Me That My Love Will Fly
Hard Times
The Man of Destiny
Miranda Jane
A Plea for the Little Children
What One Day Brought
A Lover's Quarrel
A Story of the Jim-Jams
My Farming Experience
The Ruined House
One Man At The Beach
Nick, the Steeple-Climber; or, The Naval Detective's Chase. A Thrilling Tale of Real Life
Ere The Twilight Shadows Fall
Blood-Stains From History
Lost Zaidee
The Little Black Dairyman
The House in the Clearing
Plantation Proverbs
"Cooney's Island"
Instantaneous Hydrophobia
Ready Retorts
The Jew
The Father of the Family
Does My Love Love Me?
Mothers, Govern your Sons
Clare Stanhope's Diamonds
Of Thorns, Grapes
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) No. 1096
A Haven of Unrest
Kirk Sheldon's mine; or, The young gold-hunters
How a Jack-o'-Lantern Saved a Train
The Boy That Cannot Cry
International Lesson for Dec. 14: Subject--The Vanity of Worldly Pleasures
Where Fortune Was Found; or, Park Frazer's Quest
Did the Knights All Die of Yore?
The Iguana
Fall Weather
The House-Boat Boys