The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Brunette or Blonde; or, The Struggle for a Birthright
Olivia; or, It Was for Her Sake
Jeanne; or, Barriers Between
The Welfleet Mystery
First Love is Best
For Gold or Soul? A Story of a Great Department Store
An American Nabob. A Remarkable Story of Love, Gold and Adventure
A Woman's Faith
A Siren's Heart
At a Girl's Mercy
By a Golden Cord
An Amazing Marriage
A Martyred Love
Thy Name is Woman
The Little Marplot; or, How Ruth Won Her Heritage
Little Miss Millions
A Fashionable Marriage
A Handsome Sinner
When Love is True
A Woman's Soul
What Love Will Do
Jeanne, Countess Du Barry
Within Love's Portals
True to Herself
A Modern Marriage
A Hoiden's Conquest
His Double Self
Montezuma, the Merciless; or, The Eagle and the Serpent. A Romance of Strange Mystery
The Demon Duelist; or, The League of Steel. A Story of German Student Life
The Three Frigates; or, Old Ironsides' Revenge
Lance and Lasso; or, The Children of the Chaco. A Tale of Four Boys' Summer Vacation on the Pampas of Buenos Ayres
The Marshal of Satanstown; or, The League of the Cattle-Lifters
Top Notch Tom, the Cowboy Outlaw; or, The Satanstown Election
Old Cross-Eye, the Maverick Hunter; or, The Night Riders of Satanta County. A Story of Texas To-day
The Saucy Jane, Privateer; or, The Hunting of Old Ironsides. A Story of the War of 1812
Nemo, King of the Tramps; or, The Romany Girl's Vengeance, A Story of the Great Railroad Riots
The Irish Captain, A Tale of Fontenoy
The Wolves of New York; or, Joe Phenix's Great Man Hunt. A strange story of the Inner Life of the great Metropolis by day and by night; a tale of the wiles of the Human Wild Beasts who have their lairs in the heart of the Great City, and of the Honest Watch-dogs who guard Society against them
Little Charlie, and Pug Billy. A Mystery of the Thames
"Parson Jim," King of the Cowboys
A Wounded Heart
Her Love and Trust
Saved by the Sword
Don C├Žsar De Bazan; or, Maritana, the Gipsy Girl of Madrid
The Other Woman
Woman or Witch?
Her Humble Lover
Gratia's Trials; or Making Her Own Way
His Mother's Sin
Nora, the Irish Charity Scholar; or, The Missing Heir of Callonby