The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Her Heart's Desire (An Innocent Girl)
Monsieur Bob
The Colonel's Wife
The Nabob of Singapore
The Heart of Virginia
The Great Mogul
Pretty Geraldine, the New York Salesgirl; or, Wedded To Her Choice
Mrs. Bob
The Blockade Runner
A Siren's Love
Baron Sam
Miss Caprice
Estelle's Millionaire Lover; or, The Prettiest Typewriter in New York
Captain Tom
A Little Southern Beauty; or, Tortured Hearts
A Wasted Love (On Love's Altar)
Miss Pauline of New York
Mabel's Fate
The Senator's Bride
Mr. Lake of Chicago
Dr. Jack's Wife
Leslie's Loyalty (His Love So True)
The Fatal Card
Doctor Jack
Parson Jim. King of the Cowboys; or, The Gentle Shepherd's Big "Clean-Out." A Story of the Colorado Cattle Trail
Ida Chaloner's Heart
Larry Locke, the Man of Iron; or, A Fight for Fortune. A Story of Labor and Capital
The Little Widow; or, The Fortune Hunter's Doom
Edrie's Legacy; or, From the Street to the Stage
The Gypsy's Daughter
One Eye, the Cannoneer; or, Marshal Ney's Last Legacy. A Story of the Exile of St. Helena
Little Sunshine; or, The Working Girl's Oath
The Mad Huzzars; or, The O's and the Macs. A Story of Four Irish Soldiers of Fortune
The Red Rajah; or, The Scourge of the Indies
The Virginia Heiress
Beautiful But Poor; or, Only a Bindery Girl
Two Keys; or, Margaret Houghton's Heroism
The Death's Head Curassiers; or, the Brave of all Braves. A Legend of the Old Guard
Sumter's Aide. A Story of the American Revolution
The Twin Boy Scouts. A Story of the Wyoming Massacre
The Phantom of the Waves
Young Lynx, the Amateur Detective
"27;" or, The House of Many Doors
The League of Blue
The Unknown Scout
Locomotive Bill, the Giant Engineer
Joe Phenix, The Police Spy