The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Shadow of a Sin
A Struggle for a Ring
A Thorn in Her Heart
Prince Charlie's Daughter; or, The Cost of Her Love
The World Between Them
The Sin of a Lifetime; or, Vivien's Atonement
Wife in Name Only; or, A Broken Heart
Two Fair Women; or, Which Loved Him Best?
Lady Castlemaine's Divorce; or, Put Asunder
His Wife's Judgment
Lady Damer's Secret
A Haunted Life; or, Her Terrible Sin
Evelyn's Folly
At War With Herself
For Another's Sin; or, A Struggle for Love
One Against Many; or, Lady Diana's Pride
Her Mother's Sin; or, A Bright Wedding Day
Hilda's Lover; or, The False Vow; or, Lady Hutton's Ward
A Dark Marriage Morn
Diana's Discipline; or, Sunshine and Roses
The Mystery of Colde Fell; or, "Not Proven"
Lord Lisle's Daughter
A Golden Heart
Dora Thorne
A Bitter Atonement
Love, the Victor; or, Reunited
Outside Her Eden
The Old Life's Shadows
The Shadow of Her Life
A Stormy Wedding
Above All Things
Dr. Jack's Talisman
A Golden Mask
When Love Meets Love
Adrift in the World
A Vixen's Treachery; or, Beatrix Rohan
Love's Greatest Gift
Love's Probation
A Poor Girl's Passion
The Last of the Van Slacks
Helen's Triumph
Rosamond's Love
The Bailiff's Scheme
A Case of Identity; or, The Call of the Heart
A Favorite of Fortune
Bound with Love's Fetters
An Angel of Evil
Love's Trials
In Spite of Proof
Love Before Duty; or, Jill, a London Flower Girl