The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Wedded for an Hour
The Fair Maid of Fez
The Buried Legacy
The Yankee Champion; or, The Cave Prisoner
Tina, the Little Lace Maker of Brussels
Mavourneen. From the Celebrated Play.
Under Fire
The Cotton King
The Marquis
Willful Winnie; or, A School Girl's Secret
The Spider's Web
Sydney (A Wilful Young Woman)
A Modern Juliet
The Little Cuban Rebel
Witch Hazel; or, The Secret of the Locket
Won by the Sword
Dora Tenney, The Pretty Telegraph Operator; or, She Fell in Love with a Soldier
Lawyer Bell from Boston
Stella Sterling
La Tosca
The County Fair
Gladys Greye
Major Matterson of Kentucky
Rosamond; or, Sundered Hearts
The Dispatch Bearer
Thrice Wedded, But Only Once a Wife
The Old Homestead. From the Celebrated Play.
Woman Against Woman
The Price He Paid
Her Ransom (Paid For)
None But the Brave
Another Man's Wife
The Colonel by Brevet
Off with the Old Love
A Yale Man
That Dowdy
Little Coquette Bonnie; or, Crossed in Love
Katharine's Two Suitors
Her Heart's Desire (An Innocent Girl)
Monsieur Bob
The Colonel's Wife
The Nabob of Singapore
The Heart of Virginia
The Great Mogul
Pretty Geraldine
Mrs. Bob
The Blockade Runner