The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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In the Clouds with a Maniac; or, The Jockey's Peril
Jeppo, the Hunchback; or, The King of Torturers
The Cavern of Death; or, The Maiden Avenger
Dick Darnley, the Switch Boy
The Secret Den; or, The Mississippi Pirates
Detective Sleuth's Son
Iceberg Jack, the Hero of the Arctic
No. 202; or, In League with the Secret Service
Tracked By a Fiend
Foxy and Brother, the Invincible Detectives
The Crimson Cowl; or, The Bandit of San Basilio
Lost Under Ground; or, A Week in the Dark
The Black Band of New York
The Island Captive; or, Donald Kane's Victory
The Fiends of Paris; or, The Conspirator's Secret
Danger Signal Dave, the Dashing Boy Engineer of the West
Lives of the Ford Boys
The Thugs of New Orleans
Simple Silas Among the Moonshiners
The League of Fate
The Secrets of the Diamond Island
The Renegade's Doom
Frank James, the Avenger
The Magic Rifle; or, Fighting for the Lone Star
The Boss of the School; or, Around the World for Fun
Ebony Eph, the Colored Detective
The Black Bravos
Life and Death of Jesse James
Among the Thugs; or, Two Yankee Boys in India
A College Widow
A Splendid Man
A Woman's Way
Lady Kildare
Her Sweet Reward: What Happened in the House by the River
A Sweet Little Lady
The Other Woman
An Insignificant Woman
Brave Barbara
Down in Dixie
A Girl's First Love; or, Spanish Treasure
Were They Married?
The Love That Lives
Fettered and Freed; or, The Mystery of the Hotel Brichet
Miss Mischief
A Girl's Kingdom
On a False Charge
Esther, the Fright; or, The Romance of a Pair of Rubies
Felipe's Pretty Sister
The Haunted Husband