The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Bettina, the Italian Nurse; or, Whose Wife Was She?
Signa's Sweetheart (Lord Delamere's Bride)
A Son of Mars
Carla; or, Married at Sight
Lillian, My Lillian; or, The Queen of the Comic Opera
When London Sleeps
A Proud Dishonor
The Span of Life
Sweet Cymbeline (Bellmaire)
A Goddess of Africa
Alice Blake; or, The Ferry-House Meeting
Audrey's Recompense
Claire (The Mistress of Court Regna)
The War Reporter
The Little Minister
A Willful Maid (Philippa)
Darkest Russia
A Queen of Treachery
Sweet Violet; or, The Fairest of the Fair
For Fair Virginia
A Gentleman from Gascony
Virgie's Inheritance
The Widowed Bride; or, The Mystery of Glenhampton
Lorrie; or, Hollow Gold
A Mental Struggle
The Locksmith of Lyons; or, The Weavers' War
Captain Impudence. A Romance of the Mexican War. From the Highly Successful Play by Edwin Milton Royle.
Wedded for an Hour
The Fair Maid of Fez
The Buried Legacy
The Yankee Champion; or, The Cave Prisoner
Tina, the Little Lace Maker of Brussels
Mavourneen. From the Celebrated Play.
Under Fire
The Cotton King
The Marquis
Willful Winnie; or, A School Girl's Secret
The Spider's Web
Sydney (A Wilful Young Woman)
A Modern Juliet
The Little Cuban Rebel
Witch Hazel; or, The Secret of the Locket
Won by the Sword
Dora Tenney, The Pretty Telegraph Operator; or, She Fell in Love with a Soldier
Lawyer Bell from Boston
Stella Sterling
La Tosca