The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Fatal Duel
At Nightfall
Two on a Tandem
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Of One Blood
How To Go To Sleep
In the Danger Zone
He Shot the Dam
A Woman's Deception
At the Call of Love
Across His Path
A Terrible Scandal
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The True Aim of Life
An Amateur Farmer
A Neapolitan Bravo
A Kitchen Romance
The Wistful Days
The Messenger to Jernyngham's
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Your Word is Your Credit
Strive for the Crown
Leaving the Old Homestead
A Labor-Saving Machine
The Thirty Years' Compact
A Criminal Detected
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The League
My Kingdom
The Storm-Waif; or, Sister Josepha's Charge
Yesterday And To-Morrow
Mr. Dickson's Bump
The Story of Two Maids and a Man
The World
His Reason Why
After Forty Faithful Years
A Broken Engagement
A Murderer Curiously Cleared
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Wealth=makers, the
The Old Man's Funeral
The Spider and the Fly
The Lass of Six-or-Seven
A False Scent
Melrose's Temptation
My First Patient
Mrs. McIntosh Causes A Rumpus
A Friend in Need

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