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The Country Cousin
In the Garden: How to Raise Plants from Cuttings
The Fern Leaf
Sentenced for Life
The False Guardian: A Romance of Tudor Wharf
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Long Range
The Hotel Clerk
Long Abel, the Scout; or, The Indian-Killer of the Miami
In the Garden: How to Preserve Flowers
Kittie's Adventure
Blossom-Nose Jim
The Sure Paymaster
A Happy Family***
Painting on the Rocks
Do Animals Reason?
A Step-Mother
Old Age Creeps on with Stealthy Tread
Where Shall We Go This Summer?
My Old Dresses
My Dream
Mr. McPherson's Predicament
Gilbert Hartnett's Choice
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Spiders' Webs
Speak Well of Each Other
Which of the Two?
Richelieu's Recollections: Truth Stranger Than Fiction- A Pious Flirtation
Will Morton in Trouble: Addressed to Kate Thorn
The Latin Ghost
Elsie's Battle; or, The Factory Girl's Warning
The Nymph
The Island of St. Louise
"Some Day"
The Battle of Life
A Frontier Funeral
Fighting Death
The Philosopher's Stone
Concerning Amateur Entertainments
Pursuing Shadows
Cologne Cathedral
The Voyage of Life
The lover's quarrel
The dashing charger; or, The gallant black horse cavalry
The wounded brothers; or, The meeting on the battle-field
Mercy asked
Marian's surprise; or, Cousin Harry's deception
Love's sacrifice
A martyr to liberty
The snow storm
Bell Clifton's valentine

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