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A city in the clouds; or, The balloon that came down on the farm
Tons of luck; or, The boy of many good fortunes
The boss of the camp; or, The boy who was never afraid
Al, the boy acrobat; or, Flip flopping into fame and fortune
Hustling Bob; or, The smartest boy in town
The smugglers of the Shannon; or, The Irish Meg Merriles
The rival nines; or, The boy champions of the Reds and Grays
Rolly Rock; or, Chasing the mountain bandits
Big Bone Island; or, Lost in the wilds of Siberia
The gold queen; or, Two Yankee boys in Never Never Land
The Star Athletic Club; or, The champions of the rival schools
Daniel Boone's best shot; or, The perils of the Kentucky pioneers
Josh Billings' Philosophy
A Dear Lesson
The Wound May Be Healed, But The Scar Will Remain
"It Is Well With The Child"
The sealed despatch; or, The blind boy of Moscow
The Mother's Altered Prayer
Dick Turpin, the Highwayman
The Leap for Life
Haunted; or, The Curse of Gold
People We All Know
What We Expect
Another's Quarrel
Ida's Choice
A Foreglimpse
Summer's Last Link
Dead In The Street
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The Husband's Lesson
A Case of Circumstantial Evidence
What Does It Matter?
Think Of Me
The Ivy Wreath
As an American He Fought the Duel
Folly As It Flies
Off Thor Head. An Old Captain's Yarn
"Time Will Tell!"
A Parisian Thief
Meet Me All Alone
A Dog Hero
Josh Billings' Philosophy
In A Queer Fix
The Crimson Plume
Give Me Peace
My Friend
Did You Ever Know Good Come By Grumbling?

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