The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Mysteries of Chicago
Life of Ben Hogan, the Ex-wickedest Man in the World
The Love That Lives Always
The Black Venus
The Black Speck
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) No. 1077
Avon Charles Van Rheyn
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) No. 1076
A Woman's Faith; or, The Mystery of a Bunch of Pansies
Making Bread
A Queen Amongst Them
The Luck of the Lynwoods
Feathered Songsters: How They Must Be Treated To Have Them Sing
The Wreck of the Mill
Home Music
Merryweather's Philosophy: A Powerful Motive
Todhunters' of Loan' Head, and Other Stories
The Clerk of Portwick
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Fuel
A Novel Novelette
A Bar-Room Tragedy
Eat and Drink to God's Glory
For All Time
Madame de Savigne
The Family Doctor
Live An Open Life
Old Sayings
For An Album
The Peace-Maker
Little Mr. Bouncer and His Friend, Verdant Green
The Alice Bridge of Norwich
Lutaniste of St. Jacobi
The King of the Gambler's
Buried Alive
A Tale of Sin
With Costs
My Little Lady
Cousin Clara
Northanger Abbey
In Trust
The Violin Player
Avalon's Angel
Our Jonesville Folks
The Woman Who Saved Him
Miss Hurricane
The Letters of Madame de Ramusat

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