The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Fancies In The Firelight
Jesus On The Shore
The Old Man's Ideas
Josh Billings' Philosophy
How I Sold 'Em. A Story for the First of April
Your Boy
A Detective's Love Story
"Know Thyself"
Two Lives
Bachelor and Benedict
How He Saved The Farm
Josh Billings' Philosophy
"I'm The Man!"
Some Unsolicited Advice
Lady Christabel; or, The American Wife
The Better Way
Mamma's Good-Night
Hunting For Quail
March Weather
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Pride, the Vice of Fools
A Pull
The Old, Old Story
Roll Tranquilly, Oh, Sea!
Tender and True
Tom's Wife
My Light-Colored Overcoat
Josh Billings' Philosophy
A Knot of Pansies
The Toy Cheat
Give Us A Rest
All Things New
Wheat and Tares
After the matineƩ : a comedy in one act
The reformer reformed : a comedy sketch
A duel to the death : a farce in one act
A well preserved gentleman : a farce in one act
A question of honor : a dramatic sketch in one act
A Family affair : a comedy in 3 acts
In the toils : a melodrama in 5 acts
The Ghost of an idea
Barbara : a play in one act
A pair of gloves, a farce in one act
Botany Bay, an original melo-drama in three acts
The Wheel of Time
Just Do Your Best
The Gold-Seekers
Trust In Mother
His Grandson

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