The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Beyond Pardon

Combined Summary

Series: Aldis Series — no. 37
The Bertha Clay Library — no. 87
Bertha M. Clay Books — no. 8
The Braeme Stories — no. 21
The Charlotte M. Braeme Series — no. 28
Charlotte M. Braeme's Works — no. 2
Clover Series — no. 31
Crown Series — no. 16
Dearborn Series — no. 59
Electric Series — no. 99
Electric Series — no. 356
The Elite Series — no. 59
Favorite Library — no. 16
Granite Series — no. 14
Hawthorne Library — no. 30
The Ivy Series — no. 65
The Keystone Library — no. 120
Majestic Series — no. 43
New England Series — no. 39
New York Weekly
Primrose Series (Street & Smith) — no. 11
Railroad Series — no. 87
Sea Shore Library
Sunset Series — no. 202
Authors: Author of "Dora Thorne" (pseudonym used by Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884) (New England Series edition; Electric Series edition)
Braeme, Charlotte M. (pseudonym used by Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884) (The Braeme Stories edition; Charlotte M. Braeme's Works edition; Charlotte M. Braeme Series edition; Charlotte M. Braeme Series reprint edition; Aldis Series edition; Crown Series edition; Hawthorne Library edition; Majestic Series edition; Ivy Series edition; Sunset Series edition; Sea Shore Library edition)
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884 (The Elite Series edition)
Clay, Bertha M. (pseudonym used by multiple people) (The Bertha Clay Library edition; Clover Series edition; Dearborn Series edition; Favorite Library edition; Keystone Library edition; Granite Series edition; Primrose Series (Street & Smith) edition; Railroad Series edition; New York Weekly edition; Bertha M. Clay Books edition)
Dates: November 3, 1884 (Charlotte M. Braeme Series edition)
January 1, 1891 (Primrose Series (Street & Smith) edition)
November 19, 1892 (The Elite Series edition)
March 8, 1894 (Charlotte M. Braeme Series reprint edition)
January 19, 1895 (Clover Series edition)
1896 (Majestic Series edition)
April 14, 1900 (Hawthorne Library edition)
April 26, 1901 (The Bertha Clay Library edition)
1902 (Charlotte M. Braeme's Works edition)
1905 (The Braeme Stories edition)

Known Editions

Aldis Series edition
Bertha M. Clay Books edition
Crown Series edition
Dearborn Series edition
Electric Series edition
Electric Series edition
Favorite Library edition
Granite Series edition
Ivy Series edition
Keystone Library edition
New England Series edition
New York Weekly edition
Railroad Series edition
Sea Shore Library edition
Sunset Series edition
Charlotte M. Braeme Series edition
Primrose Series (Street & Smith) edition
The Elite Series edition
Charlotte M. Braeme Series reprint edition
Clover Series edition
Majestic Series edition
Hawthorne Library edition
The Bertha Clay Library edition
Charlotte M. Braeme's Works edition
The Braeme Stories edition

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