The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Allen Gang, Outlaws of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Greatest Sensation and Boldest Crime of the Twentieth Century. A Graphic and Interesting Account of the Hillsville Tragedy, Moonshiners and Mountaineers Life in the Mountains of Virginia

Combined Summary

Series: Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 1st Series) — no. 11
Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 2nd Series) — no. 3
Bandit Series (Royal) — no. 3
Alternate Title: The Allen Gang
Author: Reynolds, J. J.
Date: 1912 (Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 1st Series) edition)
Edition Description: Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 1st Series) edition:
Copyright 1912 by Kerner & Getts.

Known Editions

Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 2nd Series) edition
Bandit Series (Royal) edition
Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 1st Series) edition

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