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Item - Beadle's Dime Song Book, no. 34

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Series: Beadle's Dime Song Books — no. 34
Subjects / Tags: Popular music
Songs, English
United States
Contents: The Men of '76 (Work, page 9)
A Hundred Years Ago (Work, page 10)
Star Spangled Banner (Work, pages 10-11)
The Centennial Bell (Work, pages 11-12)
Stand up for Uncle Sam, my Boys (Work, pages 12-13)
The Rock of Liberty (Work, page 13)
The Banner of the Free (Work, page 14)
The Corporal's Musket (Work, pages 15-16)
America (Work, pages 16-17)
The Maids of Dear Columbia (Work, page 17)
One Hundred Years Ago! (Work, pages 18-19)
The Evacuation (Work, pages 20-21)
Viva L'America (Work, page 21)
The Sword of Bunker Hill (Work, page 22)
Where Liberty Dwells, There is My Country (Work, page 23)
Revolutionary Times (Work, pages 24-26)
The Flag of Our Union (Work, page 26)
Our Country and Flag (Work, page 27)
My Own Native Land (Work, pages 27-28)
Our Flag (Work, page 28)
Our Union, Right or Wrong (Work, page 29)
Hail Columbia (Work, pages 30-31)
Centennial Bells (Work, page 31)
The Grave of Washington (Work, page 32)
Washington, Star of the West (Work, pages 32-33)
To The West (Work, page 33)
The American Girl (Work, page 34)
I Love My Native Land (Work, page 35)
Red, White, and Blue (Work, pages 35-36)
The Yankee Boy (Work, pages 36-37)
A Yankee Ship, and a Yankee Crew (Work, page 37)
A National Song (Work, page 38)
The American Boy (Work, page 39)
New England (Work, page 40)
An Ode to Washington (Work, pages 40-41)
A Parody on "Uncle Sam's Farm" (Work, pages 41-42)
Uncle Sam's Farm (Work, page 42)
The Original Yankee Doodle (Work, pages 43-44)
The Marseilles Hymn (Work, page 45)
E Pluribus Unum (Work, pages 46-47)
The Hills of New England (Work, page 47)
Battle of Bunker Hill (Work, pages 48-50)
A National Song (Work, pages 50-51)
Unfurl the Glorious Banner (Work, page 51)
The Yankee Volunteer (Work, page 52)
The Song of 1876 (Work, pages 53-54)
Columbia Rules the Sea (Work, pages 54-55)
Seventy-Six (Work, page 55)
Triumphantly the Morning Dawned (Work, page 56)
Song of "1876" (Work, page 57)
The Army and the Navy (Work, pages 57-58)
Hail to the Chief (Work, page 58)
"Uncle Sam's a Hundred" (Work, pages 59-60)
Little Major (Work, page 61)
Our Grandfathers' Days (Work, page 62)
Hurrah for the White Red and Blue (Work, page 63)
The Yankee Girls (Work, page 64)
Independence Day (Work, pages 65-66)
The Flag of the Brave (Work, page 66)
The Star-Gemmed Flag (Work, pages 67-68)
Date: 1876
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
OCLC Number: 04507481
Edition Description: Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 70 pages

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