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Item - Beadle's Dime Song Book, no. 10

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Series: Beadle's Dime Song Books — no. 10
Subjects / Tags: Popular music
Songs, English
United States
Contents: Who Will Care for Mother Now? (Work, pages 5-6)
I Muse on Thee (Work, page 6)
How are you, Conscripts? (Work, page 7)
When This Cruel War is Over (Work, pages 8-9)
My Emma Louise (Work, page 9)
Away Goes Cuffee (Work, page 10)
Dear Mother, I've Come Home to Die (Work, page 11)
Lanigan's Ball (Work, pages 12-13)
Away Down East (Work, page 14)
All Round My Hat (Work, page 15)
Long, Long Ago (Work, page 16)
I Dreamed my Boy was Home Again (Work, page 17)
The Battle-Cry of Freedom (Work, page 18)
Come Back, Massa, Come Back (Work, page 19)
High Daddie (Work, page 20)
Bring my Brother Back to Me (Work, page 21)
Fannie Grey (Work, pages 22-23)
Oh, Sing to Me Those Dear Old Songs (Work, page 24)
The Stars and Stripes (Work, page 25)
Will He Never Come? (Work, pages 26-27)
Why do I Weep for Thee? (Work, page 27)
Gentle Annie Ray (Work, page 28)
I'm Coming Home to Die (Work, pages 28-29)
Roses Lie Along the Way (Work, page 30)
Wouldn't You Like to Know? (Work, page 31)
Gaffer Grey (Work, pages 32-33)
Beggar Girl (Work, page 33)
We Will Not Retreat Any More (Work, pages 34-35)
Nigger, Put Down Dat Jug (Work, page 35)
Werry Pekooliar (Work, pages 36-37)
Mister Hill, Pray, Be Still (Work, page 37)
Keep This Bible Near Your Heart (Work, pages 38-39)
The Sunny Hours of Childhood (Work, page 39)
Stop Dat Knockin' (Work, page 40)
Come, oh, Come with Me (Work, page 41)
Switzer's Song of Home (Work, page 41)
Mother Would Comfort Me (Work, page 42)
The Miseries of Sneezing (Work, page 43)
Bonnie Blue Flag (Work, pages 44-45)
Murmuring Sea (Work, page 45)
Jessie, the Flower o' Dumblane (Work, page 46)
I Know a Pair of Hazel Eyes (Work, pages 46-47)
Call Me not Back from the Echoless Shore (Work, page 47)
Bingen on the Rhine (Work, pages 48-51)
I Know my Mother Weeps for Me (Work, pages 51-52)
Kiss Me, Darling, Ere We Sever (Work, page 53)
The Answer of Ben Bolt (Work, pages 53-54)
Jennie June (Work, pages 54-55)
Tell Mother I Die Happy (Work, page 55)
Alabama Joe (Work, page 56)
Love Me Little, Love Me Long (Work, page 57)
I Love the Merry Sunshine (Work, page 57)
Katie Bell (Work, page 58)
Oh, I Shall Wear a Uniform (Work, pages 58-59)
Make Me no Gaudy Chaplet (Work, page 59)
I'll Tell Nobody (Work, page 60)
Larry's Good-By (Work, pages 60-61)
Buy A Broom (Work, page 61)
Billie Boy (Work, page 62)
Things That Never Die (Work, pages 63-64)
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Work, page 64)
In the Wild Chamois' Track (Work, page 64)
Date: 1863
Publisher: Beadle and Company (New York (N.Y.): 118 William St.) -- United States
OCLC Number: 20768368
Edition Description: Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 66 pages

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