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Item - Beadle's Dime Song Book, no. 9

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Series: Beadle's Dime Song Books — no. 9
Subjects / Tags: Popular music
Songs, English
United States
Contents: The Basket Maker's Child (Work, pages 5-6)
Mine Own (Work, page 6)
My Old Kentucky Home, Good-night (Work, page 7)
The Canadian Boat Song (Work, page 8)
Star of the Twilight (Work, page 8)
Not a Star From Our Flag (Work, page 9)
Do they Think of Me at Home? (Work, page 9)
Johnny's So Bashful (Work, page 10)
'Way Down in Maine (Work, page 11)
Joys That We've Tasted (Work, page 12)
I Breathe Once More My Native Air (Work, page 12)
No One To Love (Work, page 13)
Come Where the Moonbeams Linger (Work, page 14)
The Grave of Kitty Clyde (Work, page 15)
Down at de Barbecue (Work, page 16)
Bright Moonlit Sea (Work, pages 16-17)
Widow Malone (Work, page 17)
Nettie Is No More (Work, page 18)
List! to the Convent Bells (Work, pages 18-19)
Silver Moonlight Sea (Work, page 19)
Jockey Hat and Feather (Work, page 20)
The Household Clock (Work, page 21)
Eulalie (Work, page 21)
"Our Laddie's Dead, Jem" (Work, page 22)
Sleeping, I Dreamed, Love (Work, page 23)
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Work, page 23)
Come to the Ole Gum Tree (Work, page 24)
Teddy O'Neale (Work, page 25)
Cruiskeen Lawn (Work, page 26)
Oh, Call Me Not Unkind, Robin (Work, page 27)
Silence and Tears (Work, page 28)
Hark! the Vesper Hymm (Work, page 29)
My Mountain Home (Work, page 29)
The Negro Boatman's Song (Work, page 30)
Oh, Boys, Carry Me 'Long (Work, page 31)
Gentle Bessie Gray (Work, page 32)
The Landlord's Pet (Work, page 33)
Rouse! Brothers, Rouse! (Work, page 34)
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming (Work, page 35)
Harp of the Wild Wind (Work, page 36)
The Old Schoolhouse (Work, page 37)
"That's What's the Matter!" (Work, pages 38-39)
Nancy Till (Work, page 39)
Kissing Through the Bars (Work, page 40)
Jamie's on the Stormy Sea (Work, page 41)
Be Quiet, Do, I'll Call My Mother (Work, page 42)
I'll Be No Submissive Wife (Work, page 43)
The Bowld Sojer Boy (Work, page 44)
Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon (Work, page 45)
The Three Fishers (Work, page 46)
Ever Be Happy (Work, page 47)
Woman's Resolution (Work, page 48)
Mary Blane (Work, page 49)
There's a Sigh in the Heart (Work, page 50)
Miller's Song (Work, page 51)
Hannah's at the Window (Work, page 52)
Shall we Know Each Other There? (Work, page 53)
Juanita (Work, page 54)
The Blarney (Work, page 54)
Bonnie New Moon (Work, page 55)
I Dream of My Mother (Work, page 56)
Kiss Me Good-Night, Mother (Work, page 57)
Once More Upon the Sea (Work, page 57)
Do You Remember, Tom? (Work, page 58)
The Captain (Work, page 59)
I'm Not Such an Ugly Man (Work, pages 60-61)
Jennie With Her Bonnie Blue E'e (Work, page 61)
A Maiden's Prayer (Work, page 62)
Kind Words Can Never Die (Work, page 62)
Castles in the Air (Work, page 63)
The Female Smuggler (Work, page 63)
Mother, Dear, I'm Thinking of You (Work, page 64)
Date: 1862
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
OCLC Number: 1098213893
Edition Description: Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 66 pages

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