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Item - "Hie for School"

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: Miscellaneous Beadle Songbooks — no. 1
Alternate Title: "Hie for School" A Book of Seventy Songs for Schools and Families
Subjects / Tags: Popular music
Songs, English
United States
Contents: A Song for Public Schools (Work, page 5)
Star Spangled Banner (Work, page 6)
Uncle Sam's Farm (Work, page 7)
New England (Work, page 8)
Home, Sweet Home (Work, page 9)
There's a Good Time Coming (Work, page 10)
The Tempest (Work, page 11)
The Old Folks are Gone (Work, page 12)
Dearest Brother We Miss Thee (Work, page 13)
E Pluribus Unum (Work, page 14)
The Lake-Side Shore (Work, page 15)
God is Ever Good (Work, page 16)
Red, White, and Blue (Work, page 17)
What is Home Without a Mother (Work, page 18)
Hard Times, Come Again no More (Work, page 19)
The Sword of Bunker Hill (Work, page 20)
Willie, We Have Missed You (Work, page 21)
The Rock of Liberty (Work, page 22)
Waiting for the May (Work, page 23)
The Farmer's Home (Work, page 24)
Glad to Get Home (Work, page 25)
The Origin of Yankee Doodle (Work, page 26)
How sweet to be allow'd to pray (Work, page 27)
Away Among the Blossoms (Work, page 28)
America (Work, page 29)
The Age of Progress (Work, page 30)
What Shall be my Angel Name? (Work, page 31)
Good-Night (Work, page 32)
My Own Native Land (Work, page 33)
I Miss Thee So (Work, page 34)
The Old Farm-House (Work, page 35)
Blind Orphan Boy's Lament (Work, page 36)
Rosalie the Prairie Flower (Work, page 37)
Hie For School (Work, page 38)
Kansas Emigrant Song (Work, page 39)
Cora Lee (Work, page 40)
Oh! I'm Going Home (Work, page 41)
Do They Miss Me at Home? (Work, page 42)
I've a Home in the Woods (Work, page 43)
Minnie Dear (Work, page 44)
Graves of a Household (Work, page 45)
Row, Row (Work, page 46)
Three Bells (Work, page 47)
Mable Clare (Work, page 48)
Look Aloft (Work, page 49)
Be Kind to Each Other (Work, page 50)
Where the Bright Waves are Dashing (Work, page 51)
'Tis Home Where the Heart is (Work, page 52)
Our Father Land (Work, page 53)
Gently Lord (Work, page 54)
Unfurl the Glorious Banner (Work, page 55)
Away, Away (Work, page 56)
How Cheering the Thought (Work, page 56)
My Mother's Bible (Work, page 57)
The Old Folks we Loved Long Ago (Work, page 58)
Gentle Annie (Work, page 59)
The Maiden's Prayer (Work, page 60)
The Miller of the Dee (Work, page 61)
Some Folks (Work, page 62)
Oh! Scorn Not Thy Brother (Work, page 63)
What Other Name than Thine, Mother (Work, page 64)
The School I Attend (Work, page 65)
Heather Dale (Work, page 66)
The Little Blacksmith (Work, page 67)
The Hills of New England (Work, page 68)
Oh! the Sea, the Sea (Work, page 69)
All's for the Best (Work, page 70)
We Stand Here United (Work, page 71)
Our Father in Heaven (Work, page 71)
Twenty Years Ago (Work, page 72)
Date: 1859
Publisher: Irwin P. Beadle (Firm) (New York (N.Y.): 333 Broadway) -- United States
OCLC Number: 06432437
Edition Description: Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 72 pages

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