The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Legends of the Missouri and Mississippi

Combined Summary

Series: Beadle's Sixpenny Tales — no. 9
Beadle's Sixpenny Tales — no. 10
Beadle's Sixpenny Tales — no. 11
Author: Hopewell, M. (Menra)
Dates: October 15, 1862 (Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition)
March 2, 1863 (Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition)
July 1, 1863 (Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition)
Edition Descriptions: Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition:
Part I

Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition:
Part II

Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition:
Part III

"Nos. 9, 10, and 11 are also found bound in one volume, bearing on the verso of the title page the imprint "Clayton & Co., Printers," Bouverie Street, London." On the concluding page of the third part, the author says: "At a future day, the author intends issuing another volume of these legends: but, for the present, he bids a hearty farewell to his readers. It is impossible, from the busy elements of decay continually working on the stamina of life, that we all should ever meet again; if not, 'this parting was well made'." E. F. Beadle & Co., are given as the publishers.

Hopewell published several books in this country describing the same region, but I have not been able to find one to compare with this English edition, which is undoubtedly a reprint of his "Legends of the Missouri," which appeared in the Missouri Republican, beginning in the issue for April 12, 1858. The dates of appearance of the different sketches are given in an article by Franklin J. Meine in The Westerner's Brand Book (Chicago Posse), VI, June, 1949."--Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams

Known Editions

Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition
Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition
Beadle's Sixpenny Tales edition

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