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Item - Beadle's half-dime singer's library no. 24

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Series: Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library — no. 24
Alternate Titles: The hot corn man : and sixty-one other songs in this issue!
Old Simon, the hot corn man and 60 other songs
Singer's library
Subjects / Tags: Popular music
Songs, English
United States
Contents: Old Simon, the hot corn man (Work)
"Once upon a time." (Work)
Think of me, love, in your dreams (Work)
Farewell, Lilly dear (Work)
Ella Leene (Work)
The lone starry hours (Work)
'Twas only one short year ago (Work)
She wept her life away (Work)
Viva l'America, home of the free (Work)
The little drooping flower (Work)
Home and friends (Work)
The girls are not so green (Work)
Jeanie with the light brown hair (Work)
Come up, Comrades! (Work)
Come where the orange trees bloom! (Work)
The glorious reformers (Work)
"Parted from our dear ones." (Work)
Paddy Malone (Work)
Jenny's coming o'er the green (Work)
The dream is past (Work)
Scenes that are brightest (Work)
Hard times come again no more (Work)
Fresh drinks (parody on Sweet by and by) (Work)
I'm thinking of thee, Ellie (Work)
Lost Rosabel (Work)
I'm the queen of the village (Work)
Little Jenny Dow (Work)
The meeting of the waters (Work)
Conrad, the corsair (Work)
'Tis but a little faded flower (Work)
Bonny Eloise (Work)
Words to remember (Work)
Silvery midnight moon (Work)
Good-by, Linda love (Work)
Come down by the silvery brook, love (Work)
Happy be thy dreams (Work)
Nobody loves me (Work)
Songs (Work)
I prize this little tress (Work)
We'll meet in Heaven, Father (Work)
Some one to love (Work)
Maid of Artois (Work)
The sea, the sea, the open sea (Work)
Songs (Work)
Jennie with her bonnie blue e'e (Work)
Brightly o'er lake and shore (Work)
Songs (Work)
What fairylike music (Work)
Oh! If I had someone to love me (Work)
"O'Rooney, you're the stuff!" (Work)
Lieben langen Tag. English (Work)
Bright rays of early morning (Work)
She laughed behind her fan! (Work)
Kitty dear (Work)
I had a dream (Work)
Silent evening (Work)
By the lone river side (Work)
Come, merry birds, in winter (Work)
I'm a pedagogue (Work)
The wild rose (Work)
Kinlock of Kinlock (Work)
The zingarina (Work)
The long, long, weary day (Work)
Date: November 2, 1878
OCLC Number: 173611502

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