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Item - Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library no. 13

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Series: Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library — no. 13
Subjects / Tags: Popular music
Songs, English
United States
Contents: The Rollicking Irishman (Work, page 1)
St. Patrick's Day (Work, page 2)
O Irish Molly (Work, page 2)
The Swell of the Day (Work, page 2)
Kiss Me! Would You? (Work, page 2)
The Black Hussars (Work, page 2)
The Hat My Father Wore (Work, page 3)
That's Where You Make the Mistake (Work, page 3)
He Kissed Her and She Kissed Him (Work, page 3)
Vive La Bacchanal (Work, page 3)
The Gipsy's Warning (Work, page 4)
Do Not Heed Her Warning (Work, page 4)
Yankee Doodle (Work, page 4)
The Italian Guinea-Pig Boy (Work, page 4)
Toss the Turk (Work, page 5)
Never Go Back on Your Friend (Work, page 5)
The Modern Belle (Work, page 5)
The American Boy (Work, page 5)
The Irish Jaunting Car (Work, page 6)
I Think of Old Ireland Wherever I Go (Work, page 6)
Sometimes (Work, page 6)
His Deeds Be Forgotten (Work, page 6)
I Thought She was an Angel (Work, page 7)
The Dearest Spot of Earth (Work, page 7)
"Rival Frogs" (Work, page 7)
Come Sit by My Side, Little Darling (Work, page 7)
Come Into the Garden, Maud (Work, page 7)
Tapping at the Garden Gate (Work, page 7)
The Land of St. Patrick Forever (Work, page 8)
It's Just My Style (Work, page 8)
"You'll Sometimes Think of Me" (Work, page 8)
My Rattling Mare and I! (Work, page 8)
The Waterford Boys (Work, page 9)
Then You'll Remember Me (Work, page 9)
She Tossed Her Curls at Me (Work, page 9)
Oh! Susannah (Work, page 9)
Colinette (Work, page 10)
The Kiss in the Street (Work, page 10)
I Wish He Would Decide, Mamma (Work, page 10)
The Dear Little Damsel (Work, page 10)
Oh, Barney Avourneen, I Will Let You In (Work, page 11)
Our Grandfathers' Days (Work, page 11)
Limerick Races (Work, page 11)
Charlie De Rogers (Work, page 11)
The Harp that once thro' Tara's Halls (Work, page 12)
We Met By Chance (Work, page 12)
"Sweet Love, When You are Near" (Work, page 12)
'Tis Home Where'er the Heart is (Work, page 12)
Blue Glass (Work, page 12)
Farewell, Darling (Work, page 12)
Polly Perkins of Washington Square (Work, page 13)
Still so Gently o'er Me Stealing (Work, page 13)
The Dying Californian (Work, page 13)
See that My Nose is Kept Red (Work, page 13)
Thou Hast Wounded the Spirit (Work, page 14)
"The Colored Waiters" (Work, page 14)
The Dutch Drum Major (Work, page 14)
Erin is My Home (Work, page 14)
"Keep Studying" (Work, page 14)
I Want To Go Home (Work, page 14)
Date: August 17, 1878
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
OCLC Number: 1090678818
Edition Description: Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 16 pages

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