The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Beadle's Dime Serio-Comic Speaker

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: Beadle's Dime Speakers — no. 19
Alternate Title: Beadle's Dime Serio-Comic Speaker: A New and Choice Collection of Original, Selected and Adapted, Laughable, Enjoyable and Effective Pieces for School, Exhibition and Home Stage
Subjects / Tags: American wit and humor
Humorous recitations
Speeches, addresses, etc., American
Wit and humor
Contents: The American Phalanx (Work, pages 9-12)
The Old Canoe (Work, pages 12-13)
Room at the Top (Work, page 14)
New England Weather (Work, pages 15-17)
Bluggs! (Work, pages 18-19)
Leedle Yawcob Strauss (Work, pages 20-21)
A Fable (Work, page 21)
The Tramp's Views of Life (Work, pages 22-23)
Moral Littleness (Work, page 23)
Yawcob Hoffeltegobblegunst's Treason (Work, page 24)
The Setting Sachem (Work, page 25)
The Street Arab's Sermon (Work, pages 26-27)
Address to a Class of Young Ladies (Work, pages 28-30)
A Little Big Man (Work, page 30)
Test of Friendship (Work, pages 31-32)
The Price of Pleasure (Work, page 32)
Sour Grapes (Work, pages 33-34)
The Unwritten 'Claws' of the Constitution (Work, pages 34-35)
The "Ager" (Work, pages 36-37)
Fish (Work, pages 38-40)
Judge Not Thy Brother (Work, page 40)
The Dog of St. Bernard (Work, page 41)
The Liberal Candidate (Work, pages 42-44)
A Boy's Opinion of Hens (Work, page 44)
The Good Alone Are Great (Work, pages 45-46)
The Great Napoleon (Work, page 46)
The Two Lives (Work, pages 47-48)
The Present Age (Work, pages 48-49)
At Midnight (Work, page 50)
Good-Night (Work, pages 50-51)
Truth (Work, page 51)
A Funny Man (Work, pages 52-53)
The Little Orator. A Parody (Work, page 53)
Pompey Squash on Independence (Work, pages 54-55)
Mr. Lo, According to the New Verison (Work, pages 56-57)
The Midnight Express (Work, pages 57-58)
Morality's Worst Enemy (Work, pages 59-60)
The Silent Teacher (Work, pages 60-62)
The Working People (Work, page 62)
The Moneyless Man (Work, pages 63-64)
Strike Through the Knot (Work, page 64)
An Agricultural Address (Work, pages 65-66)
The New Scriptures (Work, pages 67-68)
The Trombone (Work, pages 69-70)
Don't Despond (Work, page 70)
The Mill Cannot Grind With The Water That's Past (Work, page 71)
What Became of a Lie (Work, page 72)
A Telling Plea (Work, page 73)
Now and Then (Work, page 74)
How Ub Vas Dot For High? (Work, pages 75-76)
Early Rising. A Sad Man's Views (Work, pages 76-79)
A Very Smart Boy's Opinion (Work, pages 79-80)
The Venomous Worm (Work, pages 80-81)
Corns (Work, page 81)
Up Early (Work, page 82)
Not So Easy (Work, page 82)
The "Dead Beat" in Politics (Work, pages 83-84)
War and Dueling (Work, page 84)
Charles Dickens on Horses (Work, page 85)
Excelsior (Work, page 86)
Paddy's Version of "Excelsior" (Work, pages 87-88)
The Close-Hard Man (Work, page 88)
Apples and their Application (Work, pages 89-91)
"Old Scrooge" (Work, page 91)
Man, Generically Considered (Work, pages 92-94)
A Chemical Wedding (Work, page 94)
Date: May 5, 1877
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
OCLC Number: 02512681
Edition Description: Also includes: Publisher's Note (department) and publisher's advertisements.

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