The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Dime School Speaker

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Series: Beadle's Dime Speakers — no. 13
Subjects / Tags: Recitations
Speeches, addresses, etc., American
Contents: Fanny Butterfly's Ball (Work, part I, pages 9-11)
The Tropics Uncongenial to Greatness (Work, part I, pages 12-13)
Live For Something (Work, part I, pages 13-15)
Civil and Religious Liberty (Work, part I, page 16)
Second Review of the Grand Army (Work, part I, pages 17-18)
The Dishonesty of Politics (Work, part I, pages 19-20)
The Great Commoner (Work, part I, pages 21-22)
Character and Achievement (Work, part I, pages 22-24)
"I Can't" (Work, part I, pages 24-25)
"It Might Have Been" (Work, part I, pages 25-27)
Don't Strike a Man When He's Down (Work, part I, pages 27-28)
On Keeping At It (Work, part I, pages 28-31)
The Treasures of the Deep (Work, part I, pages 31-33)
Keep Cool (Work, part I, pages 33-34)
The Precious Freight (Work, part I, pages 34-35)
A Sketch (Work, part I, pages 35-37)
The Sword the True Arbiter (Work, part I, pages 37-39)
Aristocracy (Work, part I, pages 40-41)
Baron Grimalkin's Death. A Parody (Work, part I, pages 41-44)
Obed Snipkins (Work, part I, pages 44-46)
A Catastrophe (Work, part I, pages 46-47)
Cheerfulness (Work, part I, pages 47-48)
Mountains (Work, part I, pages 49-51)
The Last Lay of the Minstrel (Work, part I, pages 51-53)
The Unlucky Lovers. A Tale of Japan (Work, part I, pages 54-55)
The Dread Secret (Work, part I, pages 56-57)
Civil Service Reform (Work, part I, pages 58-59)
The True Gentleman (Work, part I, page 60)
The Tragic PA (Work, part I, pages 60-62)
A Cry for Life (Work, part II, pages 63-64)
The Sabbath (Work, part II, pages 64-65)
Gnarled Lives (Work, part II, page 66)
A Good Life (Work, part II, pages 66-67)
To Whom Shall We Give Thanks? (Work, part II, pages 67-69)
Resolution (Work, part II, pages 69-70)
Never Mind (Work, part II, page 70)
The Bible (Work, part II, pages 71-72)
Christianity Our Bulwark (Work, part II, pages 72-73)
The Want of the Hour (Work, part II, pages 73-74)
The Midnight Train (Work, part II, pages 75-76)
The Better View (Work, part II, pages 76-77)
Do Thy Littleā€”Do It Well (Work, part II, pages 77-78)
Jesus Forever (Work, part II, pages 78-79)
The Heart (Work, part II, pages 79-80)
The World (Work, part II, pages 80-81)
Beautiful Thoughts (Work, part II, pages 81-83)
A Picture of Life (Work, part II, pages 83-86)
Be True To Yourself, Young Man! (Work, part II, page 86)
Time is Passing (Work, part II, pages 87-88)
The Gospel of Autumn (Work, part II, pages 88-91)
Speak Not Harshly (Work, part II, pages 92-93)
Courage (Work, part II, page 93)
The Eternal Hymn (Work, part II, pages 93-94)
Live for Good (Work, part II, page 94)
The Silent City (Work, part II, pages 95-96)
Date: November 25, 1871
Publisher: Beadle and Company (New York (N.Y.): 98 William St.) -- United States
OCLC Number: 1078221400
Edition Description: The items are broken up across two parts: Part I - The Popular and Dramatic Orator and Part II - Sabath School Orator. Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Notes: The items are broken up across two parts: Part I - The Popular and Dramatic Orator and Part II - Sabath School Orator.

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