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Item - Beadle's Dime Juvenile Speaker

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(Beadle and Company edition - source: NIU Libraries)
(Ivers edition - source: NIU Libraries)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University (Beadle and Company edition)
Northern Illinois University (Ivers edition)
Series: Beadle's Dime Speakers — no. 9
Alternate Titles: Beadle's Dime Juvenile Speaker: Comprising Prose and Verse for the Little Folks, for School and Home Recitation
Dime Juvenile Speaker: Comprising Prose and Verse for the Little Folks, for School and Home Recitation
Subjects / Tags: Recitations
Speeches, addresses, etc., American
Contents: The Boy's Philosophy (Work, page 9)
"Hoe Out Your Row" (Work, page 10)
The Six-Year-Old's Protest (Work, pages 10-11)
The Suicidal Cat (Work, pages 11-13)
A Valediction (Work, pages 13-14)
Popping Corn (Work, pages 14-15)
The Editor (Work, pages 15-16)
The Editor, Treated in Rhyme (Work, pages 16-17)
The Lupracaun, or Fairy Shoemaker (Work, pages 17-19)
What Was Learned (Work, pages 19-20)
Press On (Work, page 20)
The Horse (Work, page 21)
The Snake in the Grass (Work, pages 21-23)
A Tale of the Tropics (Work, page 23)
Bromley's Speech (Work, pages 24-26)
The Fisher's Child (Work, pages 27-28)
A Shakesperian Scholar (Work, pages 29-30)
A Maiden's Psalm of Life (Work, page 31)
A Little Mixture (Work, page 32)
A Plea for Skates (Work, page 33)
Playing Ball (Work, pages 33-34)
Ah! Why! (Work, page 34)
Live for Something (Work, page 35)
Lay of the Hen-Pecked (Work, pages 35-36)
The Outside Dog in the Fight (Work, page 36)
Esop's Fables (Work, pages 37-43)
Man and Woman (Work, page 43)
Home (Work, pages 44-45)
The Lotus-Planter (Work, pages 45-46)
Little Things (Work, page 46)
A Baby's Soliloquy (Work, pages 46-47)
Repentance, A Nursery Lesson (Work, pages 47-48)
A Plea for Eggs (Work, page 48)
Humbug Patriotism (Work, page 49)
The Night After Christmas (Work, pages 50-51)
"Short Legs" (Work, pages 51-52)
Johnny Shrimps' View of Amusements (Work, pages 52-54)
How the Raven Became Black (Work, pages 54-55)
A Mother's Work (Work, pages 56-57)
Who Rules (Work, page 57)
A Sheep Story in Prosy Rhyme (Work, page 58)
A Little Correspondent (Work, pages 58-60)
One Good Turn Deserves Another (Work, page 60)
My Dream (Work, pages 61-63)
Rain (Work, page 63)
"I'll Never Use Tobacco" (Work, page 64)
A Mosaic (Work, page 64)
The Old Bachelor (Work, page 65)
Prayer to Light (Work, pages 65-66)
"Little Jim" (Work, pages 66-67)
Angelina's Lament (Work, pages 67-68)
Johnny Shrimps on Boats (Work, pages 68-69)
Mercy (Work, pages 69-70)
Choice of Hours (Work, page 70)
Poor Richard's Sayings, As Annotated by Lord Dundreary (Work, pages 71-75)
Who Killed Tom Roper? (Work, pages 75-76)
Nothing to Do (Work, pages 76-77)
Honesty is the Best Policy (Work, pages 77-78)
Heaven (Work, page 78)
Ho, for the Fields! (Work, page 79)
Fashion on the Brain (Work, pages 79-80)
On Shanghais (Work, pages 80-81)
A Smile (Work, page 81)
Casabianca (Work, pages 82-83)
Homoeopathic Soup (Work, page 83)
Nose and Eyes (Work, pages 83-84)
Malt (Work, pages 84-86)
A Hundred Years To Come (Work, page 86)
The Madman and His Razor (Work, page 87)
Little Sermons (Work, page 88)
Prof. Snuffles on Electricity (Work, pages 89-90)
The Two Cradles (Work, pages 90-91)
The Ocean Storm (Work, page 91)
Do Thy Littleā€”Do It Well (Work, pages 92-93)
Little Puss (Work, pages 93-94)
Base-Ball (Work, pages 95-96)
Prescription for Spring Fever (Work, page 96)
Dates: April 7, 1868 (Beadle and Company edition)
1898 (Ivers edition)
Publishers: Beadle and Company edition: Beadle and Company (New York (N.Y.): 98 William St.) -- United States
Ivers edition: M.J. Ivers & Co. (New York (N.Y.): 379 Pearl St.) -- United States
OCLC Numbers: 02153940 (Ivers edition)
1078149696 (Beadle and Company edition)
Edition Descriptions: Beadle and Company edition:
Also includes: publisher's advertisements.

Ivers edition:
Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 96 pages

Known Editions

Beadle and Company edition
Ivers edition

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