The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Beadle's Dime Humorous Speaker

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(Original edition - source: NIU Libraries)
(Ivers edition - source: NIU Libraries)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University (Ivers edition)
Northern Illinois University (Original edition)
Series: Beadle's Dime Speakers — no. 6
Alternate Title: Beadle's Dime Humorous Speaker: A New Collection of what is Amusing and Droll, American Wit, Humor and Burlesque
Subjects / Tags: American wit and humor
Humorous recitations
Speeches, addresses, etc., American
Wit and humor
Contents: Hans Schlackenlichter's Snake (Work, pages 9-10)
Hun-Ki-Do-Ri's Fourth of July Oration (Work, pages 11-13)
Ego and Echo (Work, pages 13-14)
How the Money Goes (Work, pages 14-15)
The Cockney (Work, pages 15-16)
Scientific Lectures (Work, pages 17-21)
The "Ager" (Work, pages 22-24)
A Tragic Story (Work, page 24)
The Shoemaker (Work, pages 25-26)
Lot Skinner's Elegy (Work, pages 26-27)
Ze Moskeetare (Work, page 27)
A String of Onions (Work, pages 28-32)
Debt (Work, pages 33-34)
To the Bachelors' Union League (Work, pages 34-35)
Nothing to Do (Work, pages 36-37)
Gottlieb Klebcyergoss Again (Work, pages 37-39)
Lay of the Henpecked (Work, page 39)
Old Caudle's Umbrella (Work, pages 40-42)
A Sad Story (Work, page 42)
Right Names (Work, page 43)
The Waterfall (Work, page 44)
Poetry Run Mad (Work, pages 44-48)
Jo Bows on Leap Year (Work, pages 48-50)
If You Mean No, Say No (Work, pages 50-51)
The Last of the Sarpints (Work, pages 51-53)
The Feathers' Quarrel (Work, pages 53-54)
Old Grimes's Son (Work, pages 54-55)
What I Wouldn't Be (Work, pages 55-56)
Fern Thistles (Work, pages 56-59)
The Secret (Work, page 59)
The Codfish (Work, pages 60-61)
The Fate of Sergeant Thin (Work, pages 61-62)
"Paddle Your Own Canoe" (Work, pages 62-63)
Dow, Jr.'s Lectures (Work, pages 63-67)
The Mysterious Guest (Work, pages 67-70)
United States Presidents (Work, pages 70-71)
Devils (Work, page 71)
The Harp of a Thousand Strings (Work, pages 71-73)
The Sea-Serpent (Work, pages 73-76)
Yankee Doodle Aladdin (Work, pages 76-77)
The Useful Doctor (Work, page 78)
Parody on "Araby's Daughter" (Work, pages 78-79)
The Pump. A Fable (Work, pages 79-81)
Vagaries of Popping the Question (Work, pages 81-83)
Fashionable Women (Work, pages 83-84)
The Hamerican Voodchuck (Work, pages 84-85)
Good Nature (Work, page 85)
1933 (Work, page 86)
The March to Moscow (Work, pages 87-89)
Matrimony (Work, pages 89-90)
Courtship (Work, pages 91-94)
Hosea Biglow's Opinions (Work, pages 94-95)
Cats (Work, page 96)
Dates: April 30, 1866 (Original edition)
1899 (Ivers edition)
Publishers: Ivers edition: M.J. Ivers & Co. (New York (N.Y.): 379 Pearl St.) -- United States
Original edition: Beadle and Company (New York (N.Y.): 118 William St.) -- United States
OCLC Numbers: 09137766 (Ivers edition)
1062951585 (Original edition)
Edition Descriptions: Original edition:
Also includes: publisher's advertisements.

Ivers edition:
Also includes: publisher's advertisements.
Length: 96 pages

Known Editions

Original edition
Ivers edition

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