The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Beadle's Dime National Speaker

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(Beadle and Company edition - source: NIU Libraries)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University (Beadle and Company edition)
Series: Beadle's Dime Speakers — no. 2
Alternate Title: Beadle's Dime National Speaker: Embodying Gems of Oratory and Wit, Particularly Adapted to American Schools and Firesides
Subjects / Tags: Recitations
Speeches, addresses, etc., American
Contents: The Union and its Results (Work, pages 11-13)
Our Country's Future (Work, pages 13-15)
The Statesman's Labors (Work, pages 15-17)
True Immortality (Work, pages 17-18)
Let the Childless Weep (Work, pages 19-20)
Our Country's Greatest Glory (Work, pages 21-22)
The Union a Household (Work, pages 22-23)
Independence Bell (Work, pages 23-25)
The Scholar's Dignity (Work, pages 25-27)
The Cycles of Progress (Work, pages 27-29)
A Christmas Chant (Work, pages 29-30)
Stability of Christianity (Work, pages 30-31)
The True Higher Law (Work, pages 31-33)
The One Great Need (Work, page 33)
The Ship and the Bird (Work, pages 34-35)
Tecumseh's Speech to the Creek Warriors (Work, pages 35-36)
Territorial Expansion (Work, pages 36-38)
Martha Hopkins (Work, pages 38-41)
The Bashful Man's Story (Work, pages 41-44)
The Matter-of-Fact Man (Work, pages 44-45)
Rich and Poor (Work, pages 45-46)
Seeing the Eclipse (Work, page 47)
The Beauties of the Law (Work, pages 48-49)
Ge-Lang! Git Up! (Work, page 50)
The Rats of Life (Work, pages 51-52)
The Creownin' Glory of the United States (Work, pages 52-53)
Three Fools (Work, pages 53-54)
Washington (Work, pages 54-60)
Our Great Inheritance (Work, pages 60-61)
Eulogium on Henry Clay (Work, pages 61-62)
Ohio (Work, pages 62-63)
Oliver Hazard Perry (Work, pages 63-64)
Our Domain (Work, pages 65-66)
Systems of Belief (Work, pages 66-68)
The Indian Chief (Work, pages 68-69)
The Independent Farmer (Work, pages 69-70)
Mrs. Grammar's Ball (Work, pages 70-71)
How the Money Comes (Work, page 72)
The Future of the Fashions (Work, page 73)
Loyalty to Liberty Our Only Hope (Work, page 74)
Our Country First, Last, and Always (Work, pages 75-76)
British Influence (Work, pages 76-77)
Defense of Thomas Jefferson (Work, pages 77-78)
National Hatreds Are Barbarous (Work, pages 78-79)
Murder Will Out (Work, pages 80-81)
Strive for the Best (Work, pages 81-82)
Early Rising (Work, pages 82-83)
Deeds of Kindness (Work, pages 83-84)
The Gates of Sleep (Work, pages 84-85)
The Bugle (Work, page 85)
A Hoodish Gem (Work, page 86)
Purity of the American Struggle (Work, pages 86-87)
Old Age (Work, pages 87-89)
Beautiful, and as True as Beautiful (Work, pages 89-90)
The Deluge (Work, pages 90-91)
The Worm of the Still (Work, pages 91-92)
Man's Connection with the Infinite (Work, pages 93-94)
The Language of the Eagle (Work, pages 94-96)
Washington (Work, pages 96-97)
Dates: October 25, 1860 (Original edition)
1863 (Beadle and Company edition)
Publisher: Beadle and Company edition: Beadle and Company (New York (N.Y.): 118 William St.) -- United States
OCLC Number: 879381305 (Beadle and Company edition)
Edition Description: Beadle and Company edition:
Also includes: Introduction (department) and publisher's advertisements.
Length: 97 pages (Beadle and Company edition)

Known Editions

Original edition
Beadle and Company edition

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