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Item - Beadle's Dime Dialogues no. 17

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Series: Beadle's Dime Dialogues — no. 17
Alternate Title: Little Folks' Speeches and Dialogues. Expressly for Little Folks
Subject / Tag: Dialogues, English
Contents: Give Us Little Boys A Chance (Work, page 9)
To Be Happy You Must Be Good (Work, pages 10-11)
The Story of the Plum Pudding (Work, pages 12-13)
Evanescent Glory (Work, pages 14-16)
I'll Be A Man (Work, pages 16-17)
A Girls' Rights Speech (Work, pages 17-19)
Johnny's Opinions Of Grandmothers (Work, pages 19-20)
The Little Peacemaker (Work, pages 20-23)
The Boasting Hen (Work, pages 23-24)
He Knows Der Rest (Work, page 24)
A Small Boy's View of Corns (Work, page 25)
Robby's Sermon (Work, page 26)
Nobody's Child (Work, pages 27-28)
What Keeps Friends Apart (Work, pages 28-30)
Nutting At Grandpa Gray's (Work, pages 30-31)
Honor (Work, page 31)
How Columbus Discovered America (Work, pages 32-35)
A Little Boy's Pocket (Work, page 36)
Martha Washington Tea Party (Work, pages 37-40)
The Midnight Murder (Work, page 40)
Robby Rob's Second Sermon (Work, page 41)
How The Baby Came (Work, pages 42-43)
Boy's Observations (Work, pages 44-45)
The Evil There Is In It (Work, pages 45-47)
The New Slate (Work, pages 47-48)
A Mother's Love (Work, pages 48-49)
A Wise and Foolish Little Girl (Work, pages 49-50)
Funny Thing A Baby Is (Work, pages 51-52)
The Crownin' Glory (Work, pages 52-53)
A Child's Inquireies (Work, pages 53-54)
Baby Lulu (Work, pages 55-57)
Nuggets of Wisdom (Work, pages 57-58)
Died Yesterday (Work, page 58)
The Heir Apparent (Work, pages 59-60)
The Chicken's Mistake (Work, pages 60-61)
Deliver Us From Evil (Work, page 61)
Don't Want To Be Good (Work, page 62)
Only A Drunken Fellow (Work, page 63)
Two Little Robins (Work, pages 64-65)
The Cooking Club (Work, pages 65-67)
Be Slow To Condemn (Work, page 67)
A Nonsense Tale (Work, pages 68-69)
Declamation (Work, page 69)
How To Do It (Work, pages 70-71)
A Child's Desire (Work, pages 72-73)
A Hundred Years To Come (Work, pages 73-74)
A New Year Greeting (Work, page 75)
Bogus (Work, page 76)
The Goblin Cat (Work, pages 77-78)
Rub-a-dub (Work, page 78)
Don't Trust Faces (Work, pages 79-81)
Calumny (Work, page 81)
Above The Skies (Work, page 82)
Adjuration (Work, page 82)
A String of Beads (Work, pages 83-88)
True Heroism (Work, pages 89-92)
What I Love (Work, pages 92-93)
Then And Now (Work, page 93)
Date: March 25, 1876
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
OCLC Number: 123249624
Edition Description: Also includes: publisher's advertisements and short filler items.
Length: 93 pages

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