The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Dashing Diamond Dick; or, The Tigers of Tombstone

Combined Summary

Series: Boys' Comic Library no. 1 — chapter I
Diamond Dick, Jr. — no. 104
New York Five Cent Library — no. 88
Nugget Library — no. 16
Author: Lawson, W. B. (pseudonym used by Schwartz, William B.)
Dates: 1889 (Boys' Comic Library edition - best guess)
December 12, 1889 (Nugget Library edition)
July 7, 1894 (New York Five Cent Library edition)
October 8, 1898 (Diamond Dick, Jr. edition)

Known Editions

Boys' Comic Library edition (chapter I in Boys' Comic Library, no. 1)
Nugget Library edition
New York Five Cent Library edition
Diamond Dick, Jr. edition

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