The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Banner Weekly, v. IX, no. 443, May 9, 1891

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: The Banner Weekly — v. 9 no. 443
Contents: Voices (Work, page 1)
Go-Won-Go, the red-skin rider, or, Buffalo Bill and the surgeon-scout (Work, chapters I-IV, pages 1-2)
How Strange! (Work, page 2)
What Was Her Crime? or, The Guilt of the Guiltless (Work, chapters X-XII, pages 2-3)
Amazons of the Border: Geraldine, the Girl Sport (Work, page 3)
The Storm (Work, page 3)
The Conspirator Detective; or, Prince Monte Cristo in New York (Work, chapters XXI-XXII, page 3)
Noah Visits the Patent Office (Work, page 4)
No Legal Advice Necessary (Work, page 4)
Two Flirts (Work, page 5)
"Birdie" (Work, page 5)
Your Roses (Work, page 5)
Flash Lightning, The Mountain Mascot; or, Old Dug-Out's Double Trouble (Work, chapters VII-IX, pages 5-6)
The Awakening (Work, page 6)
The Chemist's Crime; or, Curses that Came Home to Roost (Work, chapters XX-XXI, pages 6-7)
My Love and I (Work, page 7)
Red Butterfly, The Spy of the Overland; or, The Nine Scouts' League (Work, chapters LX-LXIII (conclusion), page 7)
Homer's First Poem (Work, page 8)
An "Infernal Implement" (Work, page 8)
Old Markhead's Bullets (Work, page 8)
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Theory and Practice (Work, page 8)
Boskins Plays Base-ball (Work, page 8)
Date: May 9, 1891
Edition Description: Also includes: short filler items ("Being Too Honest", "From Dan to Elsewhere", "Advice to a Novice in Running"), departments ("Banner Casuals", "Happy-Go-Lucky Papers", "The What-Not Apothegms", "Bannerettes", "Wine of the Wits", "Correspondents' Column", "Telephone Echoes"), advertisements
Length: 8 pages

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