The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Bag of Diamonds

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Combined Summary

Series: American Detective Series — no. 11
American Series — no. 37
American Series — no. 210
The Bijou Series — no. 37
Calumet Series (Homewood) — no. 37
Fireside Series (Hovendon) — no. 13
Golden Gem Library — no. 4
Happy Thought Library (Optimus Printing) — no. 17
Ivers' Detective Series — no. 44
The Keystone Library — no. 296
Lovell's Household Library — no. 75
Majestic Series — no. 25
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition — no. 1694
Author: Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909
Dates: 1890 (American Series edition)
May 9, 1892 (Bijou Series edition)
November 15, 1893 (Golden Gem Library edition)
1896 (Majestic Series edition)
July, 1903 (Ivers' Detective Series edition)
OCLC Number: 35366391 (American Series edition)
Length: 174 pages (American Series edition)

Known Editions

American Detective Series edition
American Series edition
Calumet Series (Homewood) edition
Fireside Series (Hovendon) edition
Happy Thought Library (Optimus Printing) edition
Keystone Library edition
Lovell's Household Library edition
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition edition
American Series edition
Bijou Series edition
Golden Gem Library edition
Majestic Series edition
Ivers' Detective Series edition

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