The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Saturday Journal, v. XIII, no. 648, August 12, 1882

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: The Saturday Journal — v. 13 no. 648
Contents: How Far? (Work, page 1)
Tick Tick; The Telegraph Girl; or, The Messenger Detective (Work, chapters I-V, pages 1-2)
Sunset Rock, Princeton, Mass. (Work, page 2)
A Man's Sin; or, His Lawful Wife, A Woman's Heart History (Work, chapters XXIII-XXIV, pages 2-3)
Riverview (Work, page 3)
Tales From Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (Work, (conclusion), page 3)
Charc's 'Sperience, A Humorous Sketch (Work, page 3)
Ebb and Flow (Work, page 3)
In Sickness (Work, page 3)
Wrecked (Work, page 3)
Deserted (Work, page 3)
"How Much I Love Thee?" (Work, page 3)
Through And Through (Work, page 3)
Hearth and Home Ballads: Garibaldi and the Bird (Work, page 5)
Gaspar, the Gaucho; or, Lost on the Pampas: A Tale of the Gran Chaco (Work, chapters XXXIV-XXXVI, page 5)
Rose-Leaf (Work, page 5)
Clouded in Mystery; or, The Enemy Between Them (Work, chapters XIII-XV, pages 5-6)
Hunting the Swordfish (Work, page 6)
A Castle On The Rhine (Work, page 7)
Helen Home; or, The Adventures of a Poor Girl, A Mystery of Central Park (Work, chapters XXXVII-XXXVIII (conclusion), page 7)
Curious Wills (Work, page 7)
A Terrible Insult (Work, page 8)
Sunny South Sketches: A Conch Shell (Work, page 8)
Date: August 12, 1882
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) -- United States of America
Edition Description: Also includes: Beat Time’s Notes (department), Sunshine Papers (department), Cottage Housekeeping (department), Freelance Dashes (department), Fashion Notes (department), Foolscap Papers (department), Items of Current Interest (department), Notes and Answers, To Readers and Correspondents (department), Illustrated Enigmas, Charades, Etc. (department); plus mission and editorial, publisher's advertisements, and short filler items.
Length: 8 pages

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