The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The New York Saturday Journal, v. XII, no. 604, October 8, 1881

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: The New York Saturday Journal — v. 12 no. 604
Contents: Maudie's Prayer (Work, page 1)
On the Breakers; or, The Shadow of a Lie (Work, chapters VII-IX, pages 1-2)
A Farewell (Work, page 2)
Jule, the Jewess; or, The Miser Millionaire, A Story of Ill-Omened Lives (Work, chapters XXVIII-XXX, pages 2-3)
My Cross (Work, page 3)
Don Diablo, The Planter-Corsair; or, The Rivals of the Sea, A Romance of the Gulf (Work, chapters XXXVI-XXXVII, page 3)
Deep Sea Yarns: Bianca, The Cabin-Boy [Spun By The Cabin-Boy] (Work, page 3)
Shall I See Them No More? (Work, page 5)
The Chase of Leviathan; or, Adventures on the Oceans (Work, chapters XVI-XIX, page 5)
In Expectancy (Work, page 5)
A Woman's Sorrow; or, The Blot on the Escutcheon, A Story of Envy, Hatred and Malice, and all Uncharitableness (Work, chapters XXXIII-XXXV, pages 5-6)
Brave Kate Shelley, The Girl Heroine of the Desmoines (Work, page 6)
California John, The Pacific Thoroughbred, A Romance of Needle Bar (Work, chapters XVIII-XX, pages 6-7)
Days of Darkness (Work, page 7)
Strange Plants (Work, page 7)
The Distracted Extractor, Teeth Extracted Without Pain (Work, page 8)
Bush and Diggings; or, Wild Life in Australia (Work, XV (conclusion), page 8)
Crystal (Work, page 8)
Aramantha Mehitabel Brown (Work, page 8)
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Bony Ernest Keeps His Oath (Work, page 8)
Date: October 8, 1881
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) -- United States of America
Edition Description: Also includes: Words of Wisdom (department), Beat Time’s Notes (department), Sunshine Papers (department), Foolscap Papers (department), Pepper Philosophy (department), Fashion Notes (department), Topics of the Time (department), Readers and Contributors (department), Ripples (department); plus mission and editorial, publisher's advertisements, and short filler items.
Length: 8 pages

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