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Item - The Star Journal, v. X, no. 475, April 19, 1879

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The Star Journal edition

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: The Star Journal v. 10 no. 475
Item: The Star Journal, v. X, no. 475, April 19, 1879
Contents: Remembrance Flowers (page 1)
The Locked Heart; or, Sir Caryl's Sacrifice, A Romance of English Society Life (chapters I-III, pages 1-2)
My Old Cottage Home (page 2)
A Fair Face; or, Guy Fenton's Espionage (chapters VIII-X, pages 2-3)
Cobwebs (page 3)
The Fresh of Frisco; or, The Heiress of Buenaventura, A Story of Southern California (chapters XXXVII-XXXVIII (conclusion), page 3)
That Dreadful Dinner (page 3)
The Maiden and Her Beau (page 5)
Dick's Stinginess (page 5)
Gold Bullet Sport; or, The Knights of the Overland (chapters XI-XV, pages 5-6)
"Old Rocky's" Opine of Buffalo Bill (page 6)
Bowie, The Knight of Chivalry; or, What a Women Will Do (chapters XXI-XXIII, pages 6-7)
My Little Rival, Jo (page 7)
Merle, the Mutineer; or, The Brand of the Red Anchor, A Romance of Sunny Lands and Blue Waters (chapters LI-LIII, page 7)
So Fair And Yet So False (page 8)
Snow-Shoe Tom; or, The Wild White Woods of Maine (V, page 8)
Walt Ferguson's Cruise: A Tale of the Antarctic Sea (XI (conclusion), page 8)
A School-Girl's Reverie (page 8)
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Sunday in Paris (page 8)
Date: April 19, 1879
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Description: Also includes: Sunshine Papers (department), Foolscap Papers (department), Topics of the Time (department), Readers and Contributors (department), A Strange Re-Union (department), Ripples (department); plus mission and editorial, publisher's advertisements, and short filler items.
Length: 8 pages

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