The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Beadle's Weekly, v. III, n. 122, March 14, 1885

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: Beadle's Weekly — v. 3 no. 122
Contents: Wait Till the Trouble Comes (Work, page 1)
The Border Sleuths; or, Kit Bandy and His Chums (Work, chapters I-IV, pages 1-3)
Song (Work, page 3)
Fire Feather, the Buccaneer King. A Tale of the Caribbean Sea (Work, chapters XXXIII-XXXV, page 3)
A First-Class Lie (Work, page 4)
A Loud Call! (Work, page 4)
The Dying Miner (Work, page 5)
The Jew Detective; or, The Beautiful Convict (Work, chapters XVIII-XXX, page 5)
Fire Face, the Silver King's Foe; or, The Mysterious Highwayman. A Tale of Colorado (Work, chapters XXVII-XXIX, pages 5-6)
Poor-House Pete, The Postal-Clerk Detective; or The Secrets of Fisher Farm (Work, chapters XIII-XIV, pages 6-7)
I'd Wish We Had Not Met (Work, page 7)
The Red Queen; or, The Wood Spy. A Romance of Old Fort Duquesne (Work, chapters VII-XI (conclusion), page 7)
Soliciting For The Heathen (Work, page 8)
Tales of Railroad Life: Astonished Freight Thieves (Work, page 8)
Denunciation (Work, page 8)
Old Eph Guarding a Treasure (Work, page 8)
The Worst Man in Lone Pine (Work, page 8)
Date: March 14, 1885
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Edition Description: Also includes: Casual Mention (department), The Wide Awake Papers (department), Happy-Go-Lucky Papers (department), Focused Facts (department), Correspondents' Column (department), Science and Industry (department), Telephone Echoes (department), and filler. There are a few short articles including: Bastard Quartz, Ballot Not Bullet, and The Desert Rovers, as well as untitled short articles.
Length: 8 pages

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