The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Beadle's Weekly, v. II, n. 79, May 17, 1884

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: Beadle's Weekly — v. 2 no. 79
Contents: The Wizard Brothers; or, White Beaver's Red Trail (Work, chapters XII-XIV, pages 1-2)
Resurgam! (Work, page 2)
A Knight of Labor; or, Job Manley's Rise in Life. A Story of a Young Man from the Country (Work, chapters XVIII-XX, pages 2-3)
Do We Miss Thee At Home? (Work, page 3)
Plains and Mountain Men: "Peg-Leg" Smith (Work, page 3)
The Righteous Slugger (Work, page 3)
A Case of Conscience (Work, page 3)
Blending (Work, page 5)
Ragged Bob, the Young Tramp; or, The Heir of the Cedars (Work, chapters VII-IX, page 5)
Boyhood's Days Again (Work, page 5)
Ocean Guerillas; or, The Planter Midshipman. A Romance of Southern Shores and Waters of the Eighteenth Century (Work, chapters XXXIV-XXXVI, pages 5-6)
The Shattered Stranger (Work, page 6)
Dolores (Work, page 6)
White Beaver, the Exile of the Platte; or, A Wronged Man's Red Trail. A Romance founded upon Incidents in the Border Life of Frank Powell, the "Doctor Scout," Late Surgeon in the United States Army, and now the "Mighty Medicine Chief of the Winnebagoes." (Work, chapter LIII-conclusion (conclusion), pages 6-7)
Bandits of the Bad Lands (Work, page 7)
"In a Quandary" (Work, page 7)
My Wife to Be (Work, page 8)
How Crockett was made a Colonel (Work, page 8)
What I Taught My Wife (Work, page 8)
Date: May 17, 1884
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Edition Description: Also includes: Casual Mention (department), The Wide Awake Papers (department), Happy-Go-Lucky Papers (department), Focused Facts (department), Correspondents' Column (department), Personals (department), Science and Industry (department), Telephone Echoes (department), and filler. There are a number of short articles including: Origin of Cards, An Old Trapper's Reward, Race With a Whirlwind, A New School for Indians, What It Costs Them, Pioneer Girls of the Plains, and What Might Happen.
Length: 8 pages

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