The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Border Reminiscences: A Life for a Life

Combined Summary

Series: Beadle's Weekly v. 2 no. 83 — page 8
The Banner Weekly v. 12 no. 601 — page 7
New York Saturday Star Journal v. 3 no. 106 — page 8
Alternate Titles: A Life for a Life
Around the Camp-Fire: A Life for a Life
Subject / Tag: Sketch
Author: Ringwood, Ralph

Known Editions

The Banner Weekly edition (page 8 in Beadle's Weekly, v. II, n. 83, June 14, 1884)
The Banner Weekly edition (page 7 in The Banner Weekly, v. XII, no. 601, May 19, 1894)
The Saturday Journal edition (page 8 in The New York Saturday Star Journal, v. III, no. 106, March 23, 1872)

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