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Item - Beadle's Weekly, v. I, n. 4, December 9, 1882

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The Banner Weekly edition

Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University
Series: Beadle's Weekly v. 1 no. 4
Item: Beadle's Weekly, v. I, n. 4, December 9, 1882
Contents: Life's Happiest Day (page 1)
Lion-Hearted Dick; or The Gentleman Road-Agent. A Wild Tale of California Adventure (chapters V-VII, pages 1-2)
Not Free From Temptation (page 2)
John Armstrong, Mechanic; or From the Bottom to the Top of the Ladder. A Story of How a Man Can Rise in America (chapters X-XII, pages 2-3)
A Man With Two Lives (page 3)
Dat Schmall Leetle Baby (page 3)
Good-By to Summer (page 3)
Love's Language (page 3)
The Norman's Death (page 5)
The League of Three; or Buffalo Bill's Pledge. A Story of a Trail Followed to the Bitter End by the Three Famous Scouts, Buffalo Bill, wild Bill and Texas Jack, the "Princes of the Plains" (chapters XVI-XIX, page 5)
Won't Birdie Sing Again? (page 6)
The Counterfeit Son; or The Enemy in the Dark (chapters IX-XI, page 6)
The Home of a Scout (page 6)
A Dream (page 7)
A Remarkable Struggle (page 7)
A Rocky Mountain Fire (page 7)
An Oysterman's Gossip (page 7)
Ethiopian Ethics: "And Ruth Went, and Gleaned in the Field of Boaz" (page 7)
Too Utterly Too Sad (page 8)
The Chase in Assam; Being Real Experiences of a British Officer (IV. An Encounter with Arnees, page 8)
A Race for Life (page 8)
The Specter of Legion Smith, A College Story
Date: December 9, 1882
Description: Also includes: Telephone Echoes (department), Popular Poems (department) with 5 poems, The Wide Awake Papers (department), The Owl Papers (department), Correspondents' Column (department), Focused Facts (department) and filler. There are a number of short articles including: A Gambling-Room Bravo, A Battle Royal, "Don't Leave the Farm, Boys", Railway Salaries, Reverence for Wild Animals, A Terrible Fight, A "Goose" Nuisance, Cheap Literature, Noteworthy Trees, and The Newer Arithmetic.
Length: 8 pages

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